Bella U C1

Bella POV

Jacob and the wolves had crossed a line today. A huge line, the kind of line that you would never cross if you valued your life. You think you know a person, like know them really well, and they do something to completely change everything you used to think about them! Something that would in essence, make you hate them. I would never forgive him for this, why change what we had? He was my best friend and now he was nothing but a pain in my neck. God damn mutts.

It was late, I had been staying up way to much of late, having a superhuman boyfriend who never slept did that to a girl, and I was falling asleep; it was one of those hard evenings when Edward had to go hunting, he needed to hunt and I needed to sleep. It was the first time since we had got back from Volterra. His eyes were so black, deadly black so I had put on a brave face and booted him out the door, for my own safety and his. I would never have been able to do it alone (yeh, a small human girl weighing 115 pounds kicking a superhuman vampire out the door...) luckily I had the help of Jasper and Emmett who had been trying to get him to go hunting for the past three weeks but only to be met by his refusal as he didn't want to leave me, not for one minute, one second. He had missed me that much. It was the same for me to but I knew that he had to hunt. It would be good for him to spend some time with the guys

I could see the pain in Edward's eyes when he had to leave, but I kept my brave face and promised him that I would be here waiting for him, I would always wait for him.

As I curled up in bed and attempted to drift to sleep, counting sheep I started to get agitated. It didn't work... I sat up in bed, I was in a pale blue vest top and bottoms set, the top had a pink trim on the v-neck. I padded over to my desk where a CD player probably as old as my father sat. I put on a Debussy CD and went to lay back down. I began to feel myself drifting to sleep; good, I didn't want to be Miss Baggy-Eyes when I saw Edward tomorrow. Debussy reminded me of him, making me feel safe.

I did have one thought on my mind though, eating away at the back of my head. Edward had left me once before – what was to say that he wouldn't do it again? I tossed restlessly and battered my pillow abit. Before setteling down for what was garanteed to be a restless night.

Edward. I would see him soon. That comforted me. I was so close to sleep, that stage when you're so close to sleep that you hear and see things but your mind doesn't compute. I didn't notice when a pair of large arms picked me up. I muttered something, I think it was "Edward?", I wasn't aware of who was carrying me... I was beginning to feel more awake having been disturbed, my brain began to register some things, like, one, I wasn't in bed anymore, two, I didn't know who was carrying me, and three, the person who was carrying me had boiling hot skin that felt like it had been in an oven for several hours, that defiantly wasn't vampire skin! I had gotten used to Edwards cool touch.

It hit me all of a sudden, despite the fact that I was in a slight daze. A werewolf, I knew it. Lord! Why was I being taken by a werewolf and a more pressing question- where? I opened my eyes slightly. I knew this guy, I think… I was beginning to wake up properly now. But I was still sort of out of it. I didn't understand. I was really to tired to care about being carried out of bed, I could have been dreaming for all I knew... I looked up.

Quil? I recognised the thin face and short black hair. I attempted to look around; I was being carried toward a car, Jacob's Rabbit. Jared was in the driver's seat. Okay. I was confused. I was placed in the back seat of the car. I murmured "Quil? Jared?" the other two were instantly on edge, but I was to out of it to notice.

"We better get back to La Push before she's fully awake." I heard Quil whisper quietly.

I liked the Rabbit, ever since Jake had built it. I inhaled the familiar musky sent. I instantly felt my eyelids getting heavier. Jake was still my sun after all. I fell asleep. Stupid, idiotic, unintelligent me.

I vaguely remember being lifted from the car. But not much else, I was so tired. I shouldn't have stayed up all night with Edward. I heard some chatter but decided to ignore it, let's face it I hadn't been sleeping much because I had been awake with Edward every night.

I heard a few words of the conversation, but not enough to piece together what was happening.

"No problem, it wasn't too hard."

"She'll get used to it"

"It's for the best" I knew that voice… it was Jacob. I stirred, trying to get my mind to clear, but unsuccessfully.

"She'll come round, so what if she takes a little bit of time?" Somebody asked him.

I let myself fall into unconsciousness. Edward would be here soon, that's all that mattered.

I woke up in a different bed. A different room. This room was pale blue with a double bed and a wardrobe and desk. Nothing else. I sat up so quickly it made my head spin. Where was I? What's was going on? I looked franticly round the room. It was plain, unassuming. Where was Edward? Why on earth wasn't I in my own bed? Surely Charlie would have noticed that I was kidnapped? Who was i kidding, Charlie slept like a grizzly in hibernation, he would think I just went school early.

The door opened, I jumped up, and grabbing the first thing I could reach which just happened to be a lamp to use as a weapon. Quil and Jacob popped their heads round the door. I gaped at them, frozen, lamp forgotten.

"J-Jake? What are you doing here?" I stammered, my mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

"Bella…" Jake came and sat on the edge of my bed. "okay, Bells, you can put the lamp down... this is me..." Jake gently took the lamp from me "Bells, I can't let you spend time with the Cullen's; the entire pack has agreed that it's way too dangerous. That's why we're keeping you on the reservation, where none of the Cullen's can come." He looked at me cautiously.

I gaped at him. No! How could he do this to me! What was going through his brain?

"Jake! No! Why? Why would you do that, you can't keep me on the reservation forever you know!" I yelled at him, his face remained placid.

"Bella," He was trying to sooth me, so not working. "We're an entire pack of werewolves, we can keep you here, you will go to school on the reservation. It all works out quite well..." he smiled at me, but that smile which used to make me feel so warm and happy now only made me feel scared.

"And where the hell am I?"

"At Sam Uley's" I couldn't believe this. I would kill Jake, well, attempt to... murdering a werewolf wasn't easy but I'm sure there's ways.

"Well if you don't mind I would like to go home." I made to leave the bed and go past Jacob, towards the door, only to have him grab me by the wrist. Jake shook his head. I made to get off the bed again, flinging my legs over the side; before I could stand up though Jake had grabbed my waist, locking me in place.

"No, you've got to understand bells" he whispered. "Bella, it's not safe we've all agreed, okay so deal! I know it may be a bit hard but it's in your best interests!"he pleaded with me.

"My best interests? Taking me from my family and friends, my life and the man I love! Oh, yes that's in my best interests all right!" Sarcasm dripped off of my tongue, saturating every word, but not completely hiding the panic.

"It is Bells," Jacob was trying to get me to see sense "being with a vampire will only cause problems, ether you will end up as one of them, or get eaten by them and if they don't he'll have to leave again!"

"You don't understand! Jake you have it warped it your head! Your infatuation with me has taken over your mind and all you see is that I'm not safe! But have you thought maybe it's you I'm not safe with. I road motorcycles, hiked through woods, I flung myself off a cliff for goodness sake!" I screamed at Jake. I could see his face twisted up in anger at my proclamations. I changed tactics, "Jake, think about Charlie, he's all alone. He'll be frantic with worry! Don't hurt him like that; don't take me away from my dad. Take me home Jacob. Let me go home." I whispered, I could feel my face soften with sadness. I missed Edward. I wanted my Edward.

Jacob's face was still bitter; my earlier comments had struck deep. His skin shivered and shock as he shrugged to contain his anger. He pinned my upper arms in his large hands and pushed me down, flat on the bed, hovering over me.

"You're staying here." He growled, lips pulled back over his glistening teeth.

And with that he got up and left the room.

I sat on the bed, tears beginning to well over. How could my best friend do this to me? I felt like I didn't even know the man who had just came into this room and spoke to me. Running my hands through my hair I did the best to quell the tears. My upper arms and wrists hurt where he had grabbed me, upon inspection of the skin I realised that there were red marks from his violence marring my skin. What had happened to my sun? The guy who made me feel better and looked after me? Because that certainly wasn't him.

Ransacking the room for anything useful I found my clothes in the wardrobe. The wolves must have gone and got them. I wondered if Edward would know that I was missing yet. Alice must have seen my future disappear. That enough would have sent Edward into a frenzy. I didn't realise what I had changed into, I think it was an old t-shirt and jeans. Not that I cared overly much.

It was slightly sunny outside a forks rarity, it was probably around midday I couldn't see a clock anywhere. I went over to the window and tried to open it; it was locked shut. I felt the anger swelling over. I tried to open the window, my weight pushed down into the floor, hands gripping the edge of the sill, when a voice came from the door.

"You know that won't work, even if it did we would catch you in seconds." I jumped round startled. Jacob was standing in the door way. His eyes cold, I turned from him so he couldn't see the tears starting to spring up.

"Me and the others are gonna go patrol, Quil is staying to keep an eye on you." I sighed, they wouldn't leave me alone. Jacob walked over to me, putting his hand on my shoulder attempting to turn me around to look at him but I shrugged him keeping my arms crossed. "You know I don't want to hurt you Bella, it's me, trust me. I care for you that's why I'm doing this. You'll see sense, think one day you'll be just as much a part of the pack as Emily. I-I love you Bells. You'll see."

I turned round to face him, my face showing just how much I hated him right now. It doesn't matter if he's delude himself into thinking he loves me! I declared three words that I knew would hurt him.

"Go to hell."

His face fell and his hand dropped from my shoulder. I could see in his eyes that had really hurt him. He quickly turned and stormed out the room.

Now how to get out of here?

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