They knew. How could I have been so idiotic? For the past few days i had been spending so much time in th ecomputer lab that Jared had gotten suspicious. I had quickly left the room to get a drink and when I came back I found the mutt sitting at my computer reading through the emails.

"Bella" he snarled,his face contorting angrily "We are going home. Don't you bloody dare fight me on this!" with that he had grabbed my by the hand and dragged me out of the Computer Lab. We were given a few odd looks from the others int he computer lab but I really was a bit frightened by Jared in that moment.

That was how I found myself sitting in Sam Uleys living room getting a real lecture off of him. He actually looked hurt and knowing that I caused it kind of upset me. Well it didn't upset me that much. Mutts. Jacob wasn't home yet, and im guessing that when he did come home I was in for an earfull. Sam had stopped berating me and I was now I was being glared at by three pissed of wolves and Emily. I was actually more scared of the small Quiliute girl than the huge buff werewolves, her face wasn't murderous it was betrayed. I kinda felt bad.

"How could you do this to us Bella?!" he screamed, "We trusted you is it to hard to ask us to trust us aswell?!" I crossed my arms like an angry five year old.

"Considering that you kidnapped me while I was alseep in bed and kept me away from my family and boyfriend, yeh I do find it kind of hard to trust you!" I yelled back with equal anger. These stupid mutts, they had to stick their nose where it wasn't welcome! Now it would take me even more time to get back to Edward.

"I'm going to my room, I'll see you mutts later, you can't blame me for wanting to go home!" I fumed over my shoulder as I walked out of the room to my little prision cell, throwing myself down on the bed closing my eyes.

I must have fell asleep because the next thing I heard was Jacob yelling my name and storming up the stairs. He barged into my room without even knocking, I sat up in bed.

"What the hell have you done?!" He thundered. He was so big that he almost took up the entire room.

"I want to go home!" I yelled back with just as much anger. His eyes were black and steeley he didn't even look betrayed, he just looked pissed off, very pissed off. And you can tell by looking at the remains of Emily's face that being arround a really mad werewolf wan't a good thing.

"Isabella Marie..." Jake began to shake with anger. Oh Shit... He was going to phase. We were in a tiny room and he was going to phase.

"Calm down Jacob," I warned him. trying to back away but my back hit the wall.

"NO! Isabella!" He looked like he honestly hated me, and in that moment I was truly scared.

He phased. I felt claws at my shoulder and the sould of shredding clothes, it hurt, oh god it hurt so badly. The wolf ran our of the room quickly but the damage was done, I was bleeding, badly. Oh god I was going to die.

I ran into the bathroom, locking the door and sobbing holding my good hand to my shoulder in an attempt to slow the blood flow. The room began to spin and fade out. So much for loving me, Jake must have really hated me to do that. My last thoughts were what Edward would think when he found out. With my back against the door I slowly slid to the ground, forgetting everything arround me and letting myself fall asleep.

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