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Note: This is just an idea that crossed my mind. It's just supposed to be a oneshot, though if I ever finish all my other stories and have nothing else to do, I might turn it into something more.

Android Seventeen struggled with his tie. He was getting ready for a blind date with a girl he had been set up with through a dating service. He hadn't seen his sister in over a year now and decided that it was time to move on and get a life.

He was excited since the service had told him that this girl was nearly a one hundred percent match for his personality.

"Ah...finally." After a solid hour of trying, Seventeen finally tied his tie properly. He had started getting ready extra-early because he wasn't used to putting on formal clothes. He had to wear them though because, to his unease, they were going to meet and have a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Looking himself over in the mirror, Seventeen smiled at his handy work. He was wearing a formal suite, with a white undershirt and black slacks. He decided to keep his hair in its normal style, though he used extra shampoo to make sure it was clean. I guess I look alright in a suit and tie, well I better get going. First impressions are everything so I can't be late.

Seventeen took his bouquet of white roses as he exited his apartment. After locking the door, he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and looked at it. Seventeen had written down the meeting point to avoid forgetting and being late as a result.

After reading it over, he confidently strode out of the building and toward the restaurant. The sun was starting to set and it would be dark by the time he got there.

The city was already starting to light up as the sun set. This was a nice, clean city, with little traffic. It wasn't particularly popular, which meant there weren't any annoying tourists to get in Seventeen's way. There were also few muggers, which meant fewer annoyances for Seventeen and less chance that his suit would get messed up.

Seventeen's path took him to the waterfront. The restaurant had a perfect view of the harbor and there would be a full moon tonight. Seventeen breathed in and sighed, taking in that wonderful ocean air. The restaurant was coming into view.

As he approached, Seventeen took out his paper and read it again. The paper had details on how to know who his date was. When he arrived, he noticed a blonde who had just arrived. She was exactly where the paper said his date would be.

She was wearing a wonderful red dress, which left her shoulder and back exposed and only went three quarters of the way down her legs. Her blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail with the exception of a few strands, which hung in front of her face, like bangs. She was turned away from him though, so Seventeen could not tell who she was, though it didn't really matter since this was a blind date.

Taking a deep breath, Seventeen summoned up the courage to approach her. Walking up to her he cleared his throat, and spat out a well rehearsed line. "Excuse me, but are you here for a blind date?"

She thought she recognized the voice, but shrugged the feeling off. "Why yes, I am." A smile graced her lips as she turned around to see who she had been matched up with.

They came face to face and when their eyes met they recognized each other instantly. All the romance instantly vanished, to be replaced by shock and awkwardness.

"Eighteen? Is that really you?"

"Yeah…so you're my match?"

They were both gaping at the realization. Blushing and turning away from each other, they both contemplated what to do. This would have been a lot happier if the circumstances where different.

Seventeen cleared his throat, and attempted to break the tension. "So...um…I guess that's the trouble with blind data matches right?"

"Uh huh." Eighteen nodded in agreement as she turned back to her brother. Looking him over, a devious grin crossed her face. "Wow Seventeen, I would never expect you to dress up like this. Guess you're not a slob after all."

"Ha-ha, very funny," replied Seventeen sarcastically. He then noticed Eighteen staring at the flowers. "Oh, these…I got them…I guess you could keep them, or I could just chuck them."

"I just love white roses." Eighteen took the flowers from her brother and smelt them.

"I guess we should, forget about this dating thing…for now."

Eighteen looked up at her brother with a frown. "Oh no, you're not getting off the hook that easily." She latched onto Seventeen's left and walked him towards the restaurant.

"Um…Eighteen! What're you doing?"

"I came here for a romantic dinner and I'm going to get one."

"But we're siblings!"

Eighteen stopped and turned to her brother with a mischievous glint. "I don't really care."

Seventeen felt himself go cold as he accompanied Eighteen into that restaurant. Though he was able to conceal it with deceptive smile, he was freaking out on the inside.

I know that the title might not be fitting, but for any male readers with sisters, imagine your sister forcing you to date her, wouldn't that at least disturb you. Anyway, whatever happens during the date will be up to the reader. Feedback would be appreciated