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"Down you go," boomed King Yemma, his gavel striking the giant mahogany desk. Cell stared wide-eyed at the giant towering over it. "Your actions have been unforgiveable and while I know it was your programming, that's still not excuse! You're going to hell!"

King Yemma, while imposing was nowhere near strong enough to boss Cell around "You can't be serious. There's no way you can enforce your decision!" The imperfect bio android leapt towards the ogre, who to its confusion remained fixed in his seat, undaunted. Moments before it's fist connected, Cell felt a sharp pain as something struck it from the side, sending it back to the floor.

"You were saying," said Goku as he hovered near the ogre, looking down at Cell with one of his rare, serious faces. His sharp, super saiyan eyes were trained on the bio android, ready to strike it down if it tried anything again.

"Thank you Goku," replied King Yemma. It's a good thing I called him here. "Now as I was saying! There is no excuse for what you did while on Earth! You killed millions in your quest for power, and would've killed many more if Trunks hadn't stopped you from stealing his time machine! As punishment, you will spend eternity in hell with the rest of your kind!" He struck the desk a second time, causing a hole to open up below Cell.

Cell only had enough time to glance bitterly at both Goku and King Yemma before the darkness enveloped it. The world it woke up to was bleak and resembled a desert with networks of jagged peaks snaking across the land. Rising into the air allowed for a greater view, exposing several blood-colored pools dotting the landscape.

"It looks like we've got company," came a voice behind Cell, who turned to see two beings hovering several feet away. One was short with bright red skin and long white hair, while the other was very tall with purple reptilian skin and no hair whatsoever. "Well Burter, should we fill him in on the situation?"

"Off course, now that Freeza and his father had been destroyed…again, this place has…gone to hell." The large purple alien knew the awkwardness of his statement. They turned their attention back to Cell who was now staring at them, intrigued by what they had to say. "I should warn you that a few years ago, couple of…delinquents, who call themselves Seventeen and Eighteen showed up here and turned this place upside down. Freeza was op dog until that point, but these two, they don't care about any of that, they're just torturing everyone they see. Apparently they used to do this when they were alive as well."

Cell fought the urge to smile at that statement. So they're here? This is perfect…perfect! "Could you tell me where these two are?" The two aliens seemed taken aback by this. "I think I might be able to bring them under control. I know who they were when they were alive so I'm sure I'll be able to handle them."

Jeice shrugged before he and Burter pointed towards a distant mountain. Cell hoped that it would eventually be able to notice any differences between the seemingly identical mountains. Having received the directions, paid the two back by promptly stabbing Burter with its tail, absorbing him within seconds while his partner watched on, speechless and in horror. By the time Jeice decided to make a run for it, Cell had finished with Burter and his fate was now sealed.

"Guess hell isn't so bad after all," said Seventeen gleefully as he blasted another alien into oblivion. "The best part is that as people keep dying there will always be bad guys coming down here for us to kill! It's an endless supply!"

Eighteen looked significantly les amused, but played along, obviously enjoying the game more than she would admit. "I still can't believe that kid was able to beat us," she said as another alien died from her ki blasts. "He wasn't nearly as strong the time before that! How did he manage to power up that much? I just can't figure it out!"

"Try not to dwell on it sis," replied Seventeen nonchalantly as his next blast hit another unfortunate victim. "There's no way he can ruin our game now." They stopped firing upon realizing that everyone in their current vicinity was killed (except for one). "Anyway, I've got 565 points, how many did you get?"

Eighteen sighed. "Only 543, guess you win," she said, smiling at her brother's almost childlike happiness. "So what should we do now? There's no one here left to kill."

"I'm sure we'll find more," replied Seventeen. "We just have to go looking for them."

"Look no further," said Cell as he stepped out from his hiding place. He had remained perched on a nearby mountain, hidden from their view, watching them dispatch their victims, savoring his coming moment of triumph. "I'll be happy to oblige you both."

Seventeen and Eighteen exchanged dumbfounded glance before turning to look at the unusually confident creature. "And who are you?" Seventeen raised an eyebrow and approached him. "Surely you've seen what we did to the others. Who are you, and why are you in such a hurry to die?" Eighteen couldn't help emitting an amused chuckle.

"My name is Cell," it said, pointing its tail at Seventeen eagerly. "Unfortunately for you, I won't be dying any time soon. He rushed at Seventeen, who instinctively tried to counter with a punch, but teleported behind him moments before the android's fist could make contact. "Now I'll absorb you," exclaimed Cell gleefully as the end of its tail opened out to engulf the android.

Eighteen rushed to her brother's aid, but Cell anticipated the maneuver and caught her fist, holding her away at arm's length as it finished absorbing her brother. Eighteen backed away, staring in horror as the bio-android transformed.

Several hour later, Cell stood atop one of the many mountains in hell, reveling in its now perfect form. However, it soon realized that it had no equal, at least not in hell, and would therefore never be able to test its full strength. With crossed arms and closed eyes, Cell fell into a deep slumber, while standing, waiting for any opponent it deemed worth fighting.