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Pairings: Harry x Hermione

Summary: Unsatisfied with the way the war is turning out and determined to fix everything that has been done wrong, Harry creates a portal back to his tenth birthday, a year before he'd leave for Hogwarts. Upon returning to the past he finds his experience will set many things off from their original course- some things that weren't quite counted for.

Author's Note as it applies to the whole story: None of the characters become super powerful or super smart or anything. Harry has more knowledge than he would have because he's from the future, but he isn't going to have the answer to everything, and I do love causing characters problems. The first year sticks closely to the book, but it starts getting more AU after that. Also, this story may have slight Ron or Dumbledore bashing, but I try to keep it realistic/ acceptable. This story has been posted to my personal website as well, which you can check out by viewing my profile.

This is the first fanfiction I've ever actually posted somewhere. I've written some before this- they may be posted later, actually- but this is the first one to see the light of day. There are some lines taken directly from or closely resembling the text, but as fanfiction, I'm sure everybody reading will know what they are.

This is, in case you didn't notice, a time meddling fic. Normally I despise this type of fanfiction, but in Harry Potter it kind of fits after third year, so it doesn't bother me so much. And I won't deny it might not be an entirely original idea - "Harry goes back in time to change stuff"...it's been used a million times- but I did it my way, so it's personal.

Any long passages in italics are altered states of conciousness (ie, dreams, visions, flashbacks, etc). Also, this will be the last time the Author's note is directly at the top, from now on they'll be posted at the end of a chapter. Sorry it was so long, the notes will be shorter from now on. Read and review please!

Chapter One. Jump Through Time


The small wizard stepped onto the platform of the Hogwarts Express and looked around cautiously. He had made sure to get there early to avoid the same problem he had encountered the last time, and quickly went off in search of an empty compartment. He saw faces he knew and tried to ignore them, walking forward determinedly. No one looked at the short, raven haired boy as he walked down the platform and he finally stopped when he came to the end of the train. Glancing around Harry pulled out his wand and waved it silently to hover his trunk onto the locomotive, making sure no one would see his silent spell work. While Wingardium Leviosa wasn't a difficult spell to master, it would still look suspicious for an eleven year old to be pulling it off on their first train ride to school.

Harry climbed into the space after it, putting down Hedwig and pulling on his school robes before the train departed. Sitting down, he quickly dragged a book out of his trunk and began reading it in hopes that it would scare off any prospective interference. Shortly after he began leafing through his book- The Healer's Helpmate, which he figured he should brush up on- the train began filling with students as more families appeared on the platform. He glanced at his watch impatiently. 10:46. He smiled as he realized there was less than fifteen minutes before he'd be returning to the only home he'd even known. he'd always gotten there late, so the amount of last minute arrivals surprised him slightly. As he was watching outside his window- his book laying momentarily forgotten- he noticed a family of redheads come through the barrier. He quickly glanced away, not wanting anyone to notice him watching them, even if he was at the end of the train and safely hidden out of sight.

There were noises coming from the hall way as the train whistle blew and everybody scrambled to get onto the train. He listened to the various doors closing and the children leaning out the windows to say goodbye to their parents. The train began slowly moving out of the station, Harry watched as a ten year old Ginny ran a short distance after the train crying and laughing at her brother's antics before it sped away, leaving her behind waving. He tried to pick out other faces as they went by and he briefly thought he saw the Grangers further up the platform but they were gone before he could make sure. Hearing the door behind him slide open he turned away from the window to see who'd entered- even if he already knew the answer.

"Anyone sitting there?" the youngest male redhead asked, gesturing to the empty window seat. "Everywhere else is full."

Harry shook his head without saying anything and turned back to his book. Ron sat down, glancing around awkwardly, but before he could try to start a conversation the twins opened the door and looked over at their brother.

"Hey Ron. We're going down to the middle of the train- Lee's got a giant tarantula down there." George looked curiously at Harry, but the raven-haired boy stayed immersed in his book. Ron muttered a quiet "Right" and the two brothers bid their farewell and left. Silence descended again on the compartment, and Ron glanced for a moment between Harry and the window.

"Hey, I'm Ron Weasley." Ron said, breaking the ice. "Who're you?"

Harry looked up calmly, still unsure of how he wanted to handle this situation. Besides the amount of times Ron had abandoned him he really had nothing against the redhead. He chose to start off as acquaintances, and hoped he could avoid spreading his 'celebrity status' until they had actually reached Hogwarts. "Harry."

There was a moment of silence between them as they each tried to think of something else to say. If Ron noticed the lack of a surname he chose to ignore it. "So," He tossed out casually. "What's your Quidditch team?"

Harry thought for a moment, of course that would be the topic Ron started. "I don't have one." He said finally. Shrugging, he continued, "I haven't really watched much Quidditch before."

"Oh." Ron said, looking disappointed. Harry decided to take pity on him, waiting for the next intrusion that should have been coming soon.

"You're a fan?"

"Oh, yeah." Ron said, brightening a little. "Chudley Cannons, they haven't been doing to well lately, but hopefully this year-"

He was interrupted by a smiling woman opening their door with a large food cart behind her and asking in a cheery voice, "Would you like anything, dears?"

Harry put his book down and went out into the corridor to view the cart, feeling his stomach grumble slightly. Ron muttered something about sandwiches and looked away. Harry bought some Chocolate Frogs, Cauldron Cakes, and a drink before going back inside and hearing the cart roll off back down the train. He returned to his seat quietly as Ron took out some sandwiches, and they both began eating while casually returning to their conversation on Quidditch. Harry would have liked to have shared some of his candies but didn't want to start implying any strong friendship between them, so he simply kept the small pile neatly between him and Hedwig. The scenery outside slowly shifted to woods and hills and their conversation ended. Harry had gone back to reading his book and Ron was staring lazily out the window when the next interruption occurred. A round faced boy entered their compartment, and Harry perked up. Neville, while never having been a close friend, was still one of the people whom Harry liked to see. It amazed him how much the boy had changed in the seven years of schooling from his original time line. Hopefully the two of them could at least talk a little more than they had previously.

"Excuse me," The boy started nervously, "have either of you seen a toad? I lost mine."

Both Ron and Harry shook their heads and the boy dropped his eyes to the floor. "I've lost him!" He wailed.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll show up." Harry said, smiling kindly. Ron nodded his agreement and the boy thanked them and walked out. As soon as the door was closed Ron shook his head.

"Don't know what he's bothered about. I never would have wanted to bring a toad. Of course, I have Scabbers so I can't really talk." Ron pulled out a sleeping rat from his pocket and Harry tensed immediately. He hadn't forgotten this little fact, but he hadn't been prepared for seeing the traitor so soon. Ron continued on witlessly. "I tried to turn him yellow yesterday to make him more interesting, but it didn't work. Look…"

He pulled out his battered wand, but as soon as he raised the wood the door opened again and a girl stepped in with the boy from earlier behind her. She had bushy brown hair and like Harry was already wearing her new robes. "Has anyone seen a toad? Neville's lost one."

"We already told him we haven't." Ron said, annoyance underlying his voice. Hermione didn't notice, intent on the wand in his hand. "Oh, are you doing magic? Let's see it then."

She sat down to watch, and Ron paused, taken aback. Muttering something under his breath he paused and said a quick rhyme while flicking his wand at the rat. Nothing happened.

"Not a very good spell, is it?" Hermione asked after seeing the effects. Ron's ears went red, but she continued. "I tried some spells at home already and they all worked for me. No one else in my family's magic, it was a huge surprise when I got the letter. I've memorized all of our course books for this year- I hope it'll be enough, and of course I read some books for background reading. I'm so happy to be going away to this school, it's supposed to be one of the best you know. My name's Hermione Granger, by the way. Who're you?"

Ron looked frozen at her words and Harry bit back a laugh, knowing he was probably beginning to panic at not having learned everything. Finally he snapped out of it enough to answer her question. "Ron Weasley."

"Harry." Harry replied also, looking at Hermione closely for the first time since she came into the compartment. Hermione was a friend he wanted to keep and made a mental note to get to know her better this year than he had the first time around. There would be no troll-in-the-bathroom scenario if he could help it. She didn't seem to be sharing his friendly thoughts however, and turned her eyes to him with a small glare.

"It's impolite not to include your surname, you know."

The boy cringed, and he noticed Ron and Neville both look over at him. He should have realized the bushy haired girl wouldn't have been so lenient as to let him get away with it. "Potter." He muttered quietly. "Harry Potter."

"Are you really?" She asked while both of the other boys suddenly became more attentive. "I've read all about you, of course, you're in a lot of books."

"I know." Harry said. He glanced around the compartment before his flicking his eyes over to the window. "That's why I don't like saying it. I'm not really fond of the attention."

"Oh, of course." Hermione said. "Sorry about that." Then, without missing a beat she asked, "Do either of you know what house you're going to be in? I've been asking around, I hope I get put into Gryffindor, it sounds like the best house. Of course, Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad... Anyway, we have to go look for Neville's toad. Be seeing you."

Hermione and Neville left, and Ron threw his wand back into his trunk, muttering about the spell. He glanced up at Harry, and after a moment of silence asked, "Are you really Harry Potter?"

Harry sighed and nodded his head.

"And do you have, you know…?" He motioned toward Harry's forehead.

Harry sighed again. His hair was covering the scar he knew, he had purposefully made it that way before going to Platform 9¾ that morning. "Yes, but I don't like people gawking at it so I keep it covered."

"Oh…" Ron stared at him for a moment. Harry waited for the next question he knew was coming, and sure enough, Ron asked with an eleven-year-old tactlessness, "That's where You-Know-Who…?"

"Yes, but I don't like talking about it."


The compartment fell into silence, and Harry picked his book back up from where he'd put it down on the seat. Ron seemed to struggle to find something of interest to say now that he knew who his compartment companion was, and blurted out, "My brother's in Romania working with dragons."

Harry looked up. This was…unexpected. A blush had appeared on Ron's face, but he plowed on now that he had Harry's attention. "Yeah, Charlie, he went there straight after graduating from Hogwarts. He was also the best seeker for the Gryffindor house while he was still in school, he probably could've gone professional if he wanted."

Harry tried to find something to say. Finally he settled with an interested sounding "Really?"

Ron nodded. "Yeah, I have another older brother who's graduated, Bill, he's a curse-breaker for Gringotts. Did you hear, someone tried to break in?"


The door sliding open interrupted Harry from finishing, and both of the boys turned to look at the newcomers for the fourth time that trip. Three boys stood in the doorway who Harry recognized immediately. He briefly wondered how they knew he was here since the twins hadn't noticed him and he doubted Hermione was running around telling everybody. Neville might've, Harry decided, or they had simply known because a parent told them he would be in their year.

"I heard Harry Potter was here." Malfoy said, looking at Harry with interest. "It's you, is it?"

Harry nodded, keeping his face neutral. The blonde boy extended his hand, "This is Crabbe and Goyle." He said, seeing Harry glance at them. "And my name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

"Harry Potter, but you already know that." Harry spoke just as he noticed Ron about to snigger. One thing he had never liked about the redhead was how he tended to drag Harry into family matters so much- like the feud with Malfoy. "I'm sorry, but could I ask where you heard I was here? I was under the impression only two people outside the compartment had noticed." He looked at Malfoy's extended hand, and reached forward cautiously to shake it while maintaining his unreadable expression. He had already decided what he was going to do in this situation. There was no need to make an enemy already, and was there really anything wrong with being polite? Even if Malfoy was still a prat at eleven, Harry knew he would at least get a little more civil later.

Ron was glaring as they shook hands, but Malfoy's eyes had lit up. "My father mentioned you would be here this year." He said carelessly. "Do you know what house you'll be in yet?"

Harry shook his head politely. "No, but I don't think Ravenclaw would be so bad." He almost wanted to laugh at the expressions on the others faces- all of them. Ron's mouth had dropped open in horror and the three soon-to-be Slytherins exchanged shocked glances.

Malfoy was the first to recover, "Ravenclaw wouldn't be the worst, but I think you could do better Potter. Slytherin is the best of the houses, of course."

Ron snorted, which caught the attention of the three intruders. Malfoy sneered. "I suppose you'll be in the house of the brainless and reckless, Weasel? Or maybe you'll end up in Hufflepuff, that's a right fit to."

Harry frowned, but said nothing as he glanced over at Ron's flush. He had no intention of coming to the other boy's aid unless things started to get violent, and even then he was unsure.

"You'll find, Potter," Malfoy continued icily, "that some wizarding families are better than others. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort, I can help you there."

Harry glanced back at Malfoy, cursing the redhead silently in his mind. Ron just had to make things complicated for him already. Suddenly footsteps were heard approaching their door and Harry let out a quiet sigh that they'd been interrupted.

Malfoy looked at Harry a final time, saying "Think about my offer Potter." And walked out with the other two. Just after they'd left Hermione reentered, looking around.

"It wasn't either of you who were running around the corridors, was it?" she sniffed. "There are some people behaving very childishly around here."

"No." Ron said shortly, glaring at her. She looked at them both before turning away and saying, "You should get changed, I was just speaking to the conductor and he said we'd be there soon."

With that she was gone and Harry sighed, picking his book back up from where he'd put it down again. It seemed like he wouldn't get that much reading done. Ron pulled on his cloak angrily, and glanced over at Harry multiple times.

"Slytherins are all Dark Wizards you know." He said at last. "You'd be better going into Gryffindor, it's really the best house."

Harry didn't say anything, he simply put his book back into his trunk and stood up as a voice echoed throughout the train telling them they were reaching their destination and to leave their belongings behind. The students began emptying the train and Ron gave him a few more suspicious glances as they made their way off.

"Firs' years this way! Firs' years follow me!" Harry looked over at the groundskeeper who was waving his massive hand to get the attention of the youngest students. Seeing Harry approaching Hagrid gave him a quick hello before looking around for more first years. "Any more firs' years? Alright, follow me."

He led them down a path where that led to a batch of boats, and Harry heard the other students gasp as the first view of Hogwarts appeared. Hagrid called for everyone to get into a boat, and Harry quickly entered one with Ron following, and Hermione and Neville joined them. He looked around at all of the other boats, more interested in the people than the castle at the moment. He noticed everybody looking at the towering school in front of them except for a pair of eyes that were fixed on him. Quickly recovering from the moments shock he noted that they belonged to Malfoy who spent another moment watching him before he looked away. Harry was suddenly worried as to whether or not his approach on the train had been the best one to take.

The boats pulled into an underground harbor where everyone climbed out onto rocks. Hagrid went around checking the boats, and after finding Trevor, went out to the front lawn to knock on the large doors. They were opened immediately to reveal a woman in emerald colored robes with a stern expression. Hagrid left, and she led them off to wait in a small chamber. After giving them a brief speech about the houses and her expectation in them she left, and everybody began fidgeting nervously.

Harry looked around and began wondering what house he truly wanted to be in. Gryffindor wouldn't be terrible, he had had a lot of fun in it the first time around, but repeating his last life wasn't what he wanted. As for Slytherin…after the hat had first suggested he should be in it he had always wondered, but that was also the first step to alienating everybody else around him. Harry knew that would happen enough as it was, he didn't think he needed to be pushing it. He tried to ignore the idea that Hufflepuff was an option. Throughout his Hogwarts career the only notable event from Hufflepuff was Cedric Diggory getting into the Tournament. Harry didn't feel like he could be pushed enough if he joined that house. Ravenclaw did seem like a good option- but they had a reputation for being smart in theory, he had noticed in his classes that during actual spell casting they were level with every other house on how fast they got spell to work. Harry shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. He had changed, he knew that much. Maybe he would just listen to what the Hat wanted this time around.

Suddenly people behind him screamed. Harry spun around getting read to draw his wand when he realized it was just the ghosts making their appearance. Nobody noticed his actions in the excitement the spirits caused, and everybody was staring at the arguing ghosts in awe. McGonagall came back as they took notice of the students and slowly the spirits left. Once they were gone the professor led the children into the Great Hall.

Everybody's eyes turned to look at the new first years, and Harry heard Hermione make a comment about the enchanted ceiling. Everyone turned their attention to the front of the room as the professor placed an old, frayed hat on a stool. Harry leaned forward to get a look at the artifact and the Sorting Hat opened its mouth-like rim and began singing. Everybody applauded as it finished, and McGonagall began calling forward names. Nothing changed from what Harry remembered. Hermione was sorted reasonably quickly, and Neville's turn took a bit longer than some other students, but they were both put into Gryffindor. Malfoy went straight into Slytherin, as before. Harry started feeling nervous as he watched the rest of the list go. Any minute he'd be called forward and he hadn't decided on a house. He knew if he had a preference the hat would let him have it, but he was torn on what he should decide. Finally the choice was taken out of his hands as "Potter, Harry" was called.

The entire hall started buzzing with whispers as people began edging around to view him. Before the hat fell over his eyes he cast his sight in at three people: Ron- whom he didn't really care for the opinion of but was still curious, Hermione- a friend who he'd hate to lose, and Malfoy- for a reason unknown even to him. All he could guess was that he wanted a better chance of winning Slytherin support this time around. As the fabric fell over his eyes he vision was blocked by blackness. It seemed like he waited longer than the last time for the hat to speak.

"Isn't this…interesting…" The voice said inside of his ear slowly. "Not your first time being sorted I see. How peculiar. Apparently we've done this before, not that I remember. It was Gryffindor last time I see, against my better judgment. Any preference this time around?"

Harry thought for a moment. No. he said finally. I can't seem to find out what would be best, although I've given Ravenclaw a lot of thought.

"I'm not quite sure if you're Ravenclaw material." The voice said quietly.

Harry stiffened slightly, and for some reason felt insulted. What? But I'm smarter than everyone else in my year already! Smarter than any of the students here at all probably!

"How intelligent you are isn't what matters in Ravenclaw. Anyone can learn, it's how much you thirst for knowledge that counts."

I've thirsted for plenty of knowledge. Harry thought back, trying to be polite but noticing a bit of a sulky tone entering his thoughts anyway. The Sorting Hat seemed more amused than annoyed and thought back to him quietly.

"Yes, but only when you've needed to know something. You've never learned for the sake of learning, only out of self-preservation. Very Slytherin like."

Harry frowned. He wasn't sure if he quite liked that. A thought occurred to him. You know the bit of Riddle's soul that's in me isn't mine, right? You're not including that in your judgment, are you?

There was a small pause. "Hmm. Honestly Mr. Potter, I didn't notice that. My, my. What to do with you. Even taking away Salazar's influence, you still have many Slytherin qualities. Very brave as well, and not afraid to do the right thing. But you're not blind to reason, not anymore…"

Are you going to tell Dumbledore about this?

"Hm? No, no. Student confidentiality. He doesn't need to know you've deiced to jump through time, however you managed to do it. Oh, a portal, I see." Harry smirked as the hat sought his own answer. "But alas, I need to sort you now."


"Mr. Potter, the only reason you want that house now is because I refused to give it to you. So no."

You let me choose the first time.

"Your reasons were reasonable the first time."

Harry and the Sorting Hat both fell silent. Harry desperately tried to refrain from arguing further, knowing the hat was right. The hat on the other hand, still seemed to be taking it all in good humor. "I believe I know what to do with you. Slytherin would help you to greatness, but that's not exactly what you want, now is it? For your own sake, it had better be GRYFFINDOR!"

Harry sighed and pulled the hat off his head. Gryffindor again. He almost felt a little disappointed, but he quickly brushed the feeling aside as he went to sit over at his table, ignoring the loud cheering he was receiving. Amidst the cheers and Percy shaking his hand he heard a few whispers that hadn't existed the first time around, with a few of the students wondering why it had taken so long. He realized that he had been on the stool for longer than before and felt a small pink tinge appear on his cheeks and sat down, watching the rest of the sorting. It didn't take very long for everyone to be seated- Ron taking the empty seat next to him to his frustration- and Dumbledore stood from his spot to address the students. After his few words ("Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!") which Harry still didn't understand, the feast appeared. He remained out of the conversations, choosing to eat and listen to the familiar chatter of the other students. Once he glanced up to the Slytherin table, but none of them were looking past their own tablemates. Finally the feast ended and Dumbledore stood to make his final speech, warning them against the third floor corridor and forbidden forest as well as mentioning Quidditch practices.

The school song was sung and everybody left heading to their common rooms, the first year Gryffindors following behind Percy. They went along the familiar path of hidden door and staircases with only one interruption of Peeves before reaching Gryffindor Tower. The boys all climbed into their beds after quickly getting changed. None of them spoke, and Harry felt a wave of wariness wash over him after the first day there. So far he felt he'd handled everything right and nobody was the least bit suspicious. Except the hat. But he had gotten his word that the Sorting Hat wouldn't be telling anybody about that, so Harry brushed it off into the back of his mind and let himself drift to sleep, quickly squashing the urge to throw Scabbers out the dormitory window.

"You have to be careful with that Harry, it won't work if you're reckless and mess it up."

"Merlin Hermione, you'd think I was doing this blindfolded. Look, it's fine, see?"

The bushy haired girl studied his potion carefully, looking for anything that would be wrong with it. It was no secret that Harry's worst subject was potions, and she wasn't about to let their project fall apart because of his lack of skill. Grudgingly accepting that there was nothing wrong with the mixture Hermione stepped back. Harry grinned and walked over to stand beside her.

"How much longer, you think?" He asked, motioning toward a cauldron on the other side of the room that was brewing quietly. It had been there for the last two months, and he was getting impatient and excited as he thought of what was coming.

The brunette bit her lower lip in concentration. "Well, we still need to brew it for another month- don't complain, it's a very complex potion- and then there are two more we have to make to match up with it's ending time. Then there's another three months for the scroll to sit…And then we have to wait for the blue moon, which will be a month after that."

"Five more months. Seven overall."

"Yes." The girl agreed. "You do realize how lucky we were to have a blue moon so soon, right? We could have been waiting a lot longer to get this done."

Harry nodded in understanding. They both looked at the cauldron in silence for a long minute engrossed in their own thoughts. The door behind them opened suddenly, making both Harry and Hermione jump. The two turned and looked at the twenty year old witch who entered, a year younger than Harry, two behind Hermione.

"Luna." Hermione said, letting out a long breath. The blond girl looked up with her large silvery eyes and smiled dreamily.

"Hello Hermione, Harry." She said, going over and putting a bag down next to the bubbling pot. "No Wrackspurts today?"

"No…" Harry said as Hermione went to look into the ingredients the girl had brought over. "How was Diagon Alley? Did you run into any of the Order?"

The blond shook her head. Harry sighed as he ran his hand through his messy hair. After breaking her free of Death Eaters at Malfoy's Manson she had gone to live with the two of them in their headquarters. Her father had left the country with their help for his own protection, but the ex-Ravenclaw refused to go with him. Instead she joined the two of them, running the errands they couldn't and helping them follow through with their plans. Luckily the Order of the Phoenix had taken back control of the wizarding shopping center, and she could go there without being bothered. None of the Order knew of her involvement with the two sorcerers standing beside her. Occasionally she had been pulled aside by the Order anyways for recruitment, but she always turned them down as she preferred to be doing what she was.

"Listen, Luna." Harry began. Hermione looked over her shoulder at the two of them, raising her eyebrows in a 'are you going to try it again?' manner. He ignored her. In turn, Luna ignored him.

"Hermione, how much loner with this all take?" she asked curiously, looking around the room dreamily as though she couldn't care less. She didn't even acknowledge that Harry had spoken to her, already knowing what he had to say on the matter. She was the only one who would tune out the wizarding 'Golden Boy', and it amused and irritated him all at the same time.

The older girl bit back a smile at her 'family' and replied, "Five more months."

"You know I don't want you doing this." Harry continued. Neither of the girls made any motion to answer him. He sighed, closing his eyes and brushing his hand through his hair more forcefully. He was about to open his mouth again to press the issue when he opened his eyes and found himself all alone, standing in a ring of darkness. "Wha-"

He saw a flash of green light and dove to the side, avoiding it. He heard a high, cold laugh and swerved around to view where the voice was coming from. A shadow appeared just outside of his range of sight, and Harry cursed. Quickly calming down, he closed his eyes and concentrated on waking up.

Harry snapped his eyes open, feeling a layer of sweat covering his forehead. Punching his pillow noiselessly in annoyance he glanced at his watch and let out a soft sigh. It was only around one in the morning, and he doubted he'd be able to get back to sleep. Glancing around at the other four poster beds he saw that all the curtains were closed and the other dorm mates sleeping. He slipped over to his trunk and pulled out his clothes for the next day and got dressed quickly. He then removed his school bag and a pouch that he threw around his neck before getting up and walking out of the dormitory silently. When he reached the common room he began walking over to his favorite chair next to the fire which had extinguished itself and pulled his school bag toward him. He figured he could start reading up on some of the first year lessons so he wouldn't be unprepared for how much he supposed to know. He muttered a Lumos spell and waved his wand a bit so the light at the tip broke free of the wood and hung in the air beside him so he could put his hand back into his holster.

After a short while he got bored of reading the course books and had switched over to a book he had brought back with him- The Art of Illusions: Hidden Arts that Wizards have Forgot- when he heard a noise coming from the girls dormitory. Jerking his head up he waved his hand and the light beside him went out. The noise paused before continuing, and in a moment the outline of a short female appeared at the foot of the girls staircase.

"Hello? Is somebody already down here?" the voice asked uncertainly. Hermione. What was she doing up?

"Oh, hey." Harry replied, and pulled out his wand to cast the Lumos spell again, making it bright enough to see her. Hermione was holding a book of her own and was blinking rapidly at the sudden light. Harry lowered his wand and muttered a quick "sorry."

Regaining her composure the bushy haired girl walked over to him. "What on earth are you doing up? It's two thirty in the morning!" She exclaimed.

Harry grinned sheepishly. "Couldn't sleep, what about you?"

"Couldn't sleep." Hermione repeated. She sat down on a chair opposing him and looked at the light on his wand. "What spell is that? Lumos?" At Harry's nod her face brightened. "I've tried that spell already, back at my house. It wasn't as bright though. How did you make it shine more? Did you just put more effort into it? I read somewhere that the intent of magic helps shape how a spell turns out. Fascinating, isn't it?"

Harry grinned, he'd forgotten how much Hermione had learned before even stepping foot into Hogwarts. Hermione was looking down at the battered book in his hand, obviously not expecting him to answer. She frowned, and said "That's not one of our course books. Is it yours?"

"Yeah." Harry said, lifting it up so she could see it better. "Just something I'm curious about."

"You were reading another book on the train. The Healer's Helpmate, wasn't it? Do you like reading?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah." he repeated, "I tried getting the hat to put me in Ravenclaw, but it thought Gryffindor was better."

"Really?" Hermione asked. For some reason she looked extremely happy. "It considered putting me into Ravenclaw, but decided for Gryffindor to." She beamed at him. "Have you learned any of the course work yet? It's so exciting, isn't it? I'm really looking forward to starting classes."

"I've learned some of it." Harry answered, trying to sound modest. He decided to try and become friends with her now- it was already the perfect opportunity, and he had to briefly wonder if she had come down into the common room the first year as well. "You said on the train you were Muggle-born. What are your parents like?"

"They're both dentists." Hermione replied happily, never having had someone to really talk to and take an interest in her before. They continued speaking, and at some point Harry noticed the fire had been re-lit and he was able to wave his spell off and put his wand away. It was only an hour or so later that Hermione began yawning and they both made their way back to their separate dormitories with tired 'goodnight's.

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