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*During The Meadow Scene With Laurent*

"Do they visit often?" Laurent asked, referring to the Cullens.

Lie Edwards voice whispered in my subconscious. I was about to say "Yes," like the voice had said, but then I thought. Why should I lie? If I say yes, Laurent might kill me. So? I had no reason to live. Edward was gone. He didn't love me. My reason for being was gone. So why shouldn't I accept death? It's not like fate hadn't tried to wipe me out before. It was as if right as my hourglass was on its last pebble of sand, Edward would flip it back over. Maybe this time, I should let my hourglass run out completely. Bella, LIE! The voice said, a little harsher. No. I wasn't going to lie, no matter what the voice said. I didn't care. Edward didn't want me; didn't love me, so I didn't care.

"No," I said to Laurent, "They're all gone and are never coming back." Tears came, but I fought them back. Laurent's eyes softened a small bit.

"Surely not even Edward." Laurent said, half questioning. "He risked his life for you. He would never leave you."

"N-n-no," I stuttered. I was crying now, "He l-left with the r-rest of them. H-he d-d-doesn't l-lo-v-ve me anym-more."

"Poor child. You know, I met up with Victoria. She wants to kill you. But you are in so much pain already." Laurent said. We just stood there for a few minutes before anyone spoke.

"So, I will try to make you where she can't kill you." He said.

Before I realized what he was doing, he rushed over to me, shoved me to the ground, and bit my hand. If he had been trying to change me, then he must have lost control. Everything started spinning as I felt the blood escape from me. Then, just as I knew I was going to die, something jabbed into Laurent, knocking him from my arm. When I suddenly realized what it was, I gasped. It was five HUGE wolves ripping Laurent to pieces. How was that possible? My train of thought was abruptly stopped by a pain in my arm. It felt as if someone had set my arm on fire! I turned to look at it, and amazingly, it wasn't. How could my arm burn like this and not be in flames. I jammed my eyes shut, hoping and praying that it was all a dream that I would soon wake up from. But the pain didn't stop. Then I hit me that I could still scream. Maybe someone would hear me and maybe someone would come and douse me in water and put out the fire. Or if that worked, just kill me. Death would be so much better than this. So I screamed. I screamed at the top of my lungs over and over and over. Then my lungs wore out and I opened my eyes just a bit to see if anyone was coming. All I saw were the wolves that had killed Laurent. Maybe they would kill me to and put me out of my misery. They all looked at my arm, and then ran off. Great. My only way out it seemed had ran away. I slammed my eyes back shut and screamed again. About half-way through my scream, something was shoved over my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Jacob. Oh my gosh! Thank goodness! He can help me. He of all people could do something, couldn't he?

"She's been bit!" Jacob yelled. Yeah, I already knew that. NOW DO SOMETHING! I wanted to say, but when I opened my mouth to speak, all that came out was a scream.

"Calm down, Bella. Please try not to scream." Jacob said. Try not to scream?!?!? Obviously, he had NO idea of how much immense pain I was in.

"What can we do?" A voice said from behind him. I looked over Jacob's shoulder to see four other boys. I recognized two of them, Sam Uley, the boy that had rescued me from the woods, and Embry, Jacob's friend. Embry was the one that had spoken.

"We can't do anything." Sam said, "The venom would kill us if we tried to suck it out of her. Plus, she's already lost so much blood, she would die from blood loss if we somehow got it out."

"But it's Bella!" Jake screamed. It looked like he was crying now. "There has to be a way!"

"I think we should just kill her now. We all know what she's gonna be like at first." One of the boys I didn't know said.

"What the heck is you're PROBLEM, Paul?!?" Jacob screamed. "We are NOT, get that, NOT killing Bella!!!" He was shaking horribly from anger.

"Why not, Jake? She gonna be a bloodsucker, a newborn, at that, and it's our job to kill bloodsuckers." Paul said.

"That it!" Jacob yelled. He charged at Paul and jumped into the air. When he was midair, he started changing. He turned into a giant wolf. Wow. Didn't see that coming. Sam jumped in between Paul and the wolf.
"Jacob, control yourself!" Sam yelled. A few seconds later, Jacob changed back into a human.

"Okay, we are NOT killing Bella, for Jacob's sake." He said to Paul. "But Jacob, I you want to save her, then you've got to do something with her. We can't just leave her here in the middle of the woods."

"I'll take her back to my house. She can stay there until she stops… changing." Jake said to Sam. I opened my mouth to protest, but all that came out was a horrible, bloodcurdling scream. Jacob winced.

"You better hurry up and get her out of here. I hear someone coming. They must have heard her screaming," the only boy I didn't know the name of said. Then Jacob picked my up. I shut my eyes again, hoping to feel some relief from the burning that was now beginning to consume the rest of my body. I got the smallest bit, but any relief was enough so I didn't reopen them. I felt being carried through the woods in Jacob arms. Then I heard the noise of a truck, MY truck crank. I hadn't even noticed being put down. I guess I had been to preoccupied by the fire that now consumed every part of my body. I tried to reopen my eyes, just to see where we were, but as my muscle twitched, I screamed again. I guess I wasn't going to open my eyes anytime soon. Then I heard Billy's voice. Again, I hadn't even notice the truck stopping or Jacob picking me back up.

"What's wrong with Bella?" Billy asked. He sounded concerned.

"She was bitten by… one of them." Jacob said.

"Oh Jacob," Billy said, "I'm so sorry."

"She's going to stay here until she stops…changing." Jacob said.

"Jacob," Billy said, "If she smells me after she first wakes up…"

"I know. Could you stay with Charlie for a while? I'm sure he'll need the company when his daughter… goes missing…" Jake said. I didn't hear anything, but I assumed Billy nodded.

"But what about all the other human scents around? And she'll be so thirsty…" Billy said.

"Yes, but she'll also think the smell of werewolf is repulsing. I'll get the rest of the pack to run all over the place and cover human scents." Then I felt Jacob walking again. I heard a door shut, and I was laid on something soft; what I guessed was Jacob's bed. And there I lay; fine on the outside (apart from the occasional scream) but burning so immensely on the inside.

"Bella," I heard Jacob say, "I'm not sure you can here me, but if you can, I'm going to tell you something. First of all, I am a werewolf. So are Sam, Embry, Paul, and Jared. I'm sure you already knew that since you saw me change, but I still think I should tell you. Anyways, werewolves are made able to kill something nothing else can. Vampires. That's what you're going to be when your transformation is complete." On that last sentence, he winced. "Of, course, I won't kill you, and none of my pack will either. I won't let them. I just wish I could have gotten there sooner. Then maybe we would have been able to kill that leech before… before it… got to you. Then you wouldn't be like this. You'd be at your house with Charlie fast asleep. But you'll never sleep again. And Charlie… gosh, this is gonna kill him. He'll probably lead the search party, then someone will find some of your blood. Then some story will come out in the paper about Chief Swan's only daughter being killed by an animal. Gosh, this'll kill him." That was the last thing he said.

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