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Giving it Away

They found their reason to be together.


Sixteen year old Kairi is pregnant with her best friend's child, Roxas hasn't talked to Naminé for five months, and Xion has a drinking problem. Not only that, but Naminé has resorted to extreme measures to help cure her depression. Riku just wants to help. So where does this leave Sora?
Can the bringing of a new life reunite the group?

The place I used to live made me feel like a tourist
I couldn't co-exist with the cold and suspicious
When the last remaining light was starting to filter,
It seemed the perfect time to step into the future.

Your heart is a grave to be perfectly hones
Your mouth's a smoking gun
And you smile while you're twisting the knife in my stomach,
'Til everything is gone
Take all you can from me
I've got weak constitution
I'm led so easily, so easily.

I left it all behind
in the dead of last winter
I left it all behind
but the question still lingers
So long forgotten friends.
No you don't know the difference,
Between love and submission
and I'm not that obedient.

July 14th


A very pregnant Kairi Jacob sat on the balcony, staring out over the industrial buildings of Radian Garden. She rested her chin on the palm of her hand, allowing yet another sigh to escape her lips. Five months. She reminded herself. Five months since she had left.

Yes, it was true. Today marked Kairi's five month anniversary since she left Destiny Islands. Since she left Roxas, Naminé, Xion, Sora, and her past behind. It was on a night like this. Dark and raining... It all seemed so much more frightening back then.

Kairi had confessed to Sora that she was going to have his child, but she knew she wouldn't be able to tell him everything. At least, not in person. So before she left, she shoved a simple note in his hand. And of course, on that simple note held her most intimate secret.

Goodbye, I love you.

She prayed to god that Sora looked at note. She didn't stay to see his reaction, obviously. She ran away like the coward she knew she was. She didn't really regret doing that. She wasn't strong enough to actually face him so... She decided to space herself the embarrassment and just leave. That same night, she called her cousin Tifa, who booked her a flight to Radian Garden.

So, that lead Kairi to where she was today. A single, pregnant, teenage girl. I'm pathetic. She reminded herself, walking over to the couch she now called home. For the past five months Kairi had been staying with the very generous Tifa. Without her... She didn't know what would have became of her. All she knew was that she had royally fucked up.

Kairi was due to have her child in little under a week. She was so nervous it was hard too bare. She knew that it was going to hurt like hell... But there was no going back. Perhaps if Kairi was smart enough to at least used a condom nine months ago she wouldn't be in such a situation. Actually, she shouldn't have taken advantage of Sora at all.

Kairi rolled her eyes. She was annoyed with herself for always thinking about Sora. But she couldn't help it. She glanced over to the picture that was on the table beside the couch. It was framed, and on the photo was Kairi, Sora, Naminé, Roxas and Selphie, all doing goofy faces. She smiled at the memory. Things were so simple back then...

Her cell phone rang, startling her. She quickly grabbed it and flipped it open, only to find a text message that didn't surprise her.

Kairi, where are you? Please reply. Just let me know you're okay.

It was Naminé, of course. Kairi simply shut the phone and carelessly chucked it. She never replied to her texts. Ever since Kairi left, she had been getting nonstop texts from Naminé and Roxas, the occasional from Xion. Not a single one from Sora, though. Which upset her. He had probably moved on by now... She assumed that he had another girlfriend and another life. Kairi was just a simple phase... Sora tended to go through those. She hoped that it wasn't true, but it most likely was.

She was very curious on how her old friends were doing. She wondered if Roxas and Naminé had ever worked things out. Knowing them, probably not. She also hoped that Xion was doing well. Her raven haired friend had once been dating Riku, an friend of Kairi's from childhood. Sadly, they didn't work out.

Not wanting to live in the past anymore, Kairi picked herself up off of the couch and decided to go out and get some fresh air. Yes, it was past eight o'clock, and yes, it was raining... But did she care? No. She wasn't supposed to move so much now that she was so pregnant, but again, she didn't really care. She hopped into Tifa's car and headed for the grocery store. She was having mad cravings for Nutella.

Tifa was out with her boyfriend that evening, and never really minded if Kairi's borrowed the car. As long as she was careful. Nowadays, Kairi was extra careful not to make mistakes.

As she drove, she thought about what was going to happen to her. She was going to be giving birth... Well, of course she wasn't keeping the child. She would put it up for adoption. She couldn't manage on her own with a baby. Hell, she was scarcely seventeen! It was a hard choice for her to make, but she had to do it. She just had to.

She parked the car and squeezed out of the vehicle. Kairi used to be way too skinny, back in the day. She wanted a body like Selphie's; Curvy. She looked down at her giant stomach.

Perhaps you really should be careful what you wish for.

That thought aside; Nutella, right.

She walked through the rain, not really caring that it was messing up her hair. As she walked, she couldn't help but notice a very familiar looking car parked in the parking lot. She stopped to stare. Is that Sora's...? She wondered.

"No..." She muttered with a smile. "There's no way he'd be here."

Shrugging it off, she headed into the building.

Author's note: Well, there you have it. Not all that much happened in this chapter, but it is important. The lyrics used are from the song Lillian by Plus 44. Btw, I know I said there was going to be character death in this story, but that's not likely anymore. Possible, but not likely.

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