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The Dark Hours

Chapter One


Connor watched the silver ripples of water float away from the ship. He'd been waiting for Grace to come out of the Captain's cabin tensely. He'd just arrived here, on the Nocturne, and in a distance he could see the Tiger's retreating form in the forming mist.

No one was on the Deck to tell him where he was supposed to go. He knew Grace was in the Captain's cabin because he could hear her speaking inside. This made him nervous. Should he go and knock to let them know they were here?

Yes. He certainly wasn't a coward!

And besides, the Vampirate captain was a nice man. He was full of mysteries though. Connor wondered why he wore a mask. It hadn't been really explained when his lost mother had appeared and told them that Dexter Tempest wasn't their real father…

Now, that had been a shock.

The Cabin's door eased open and a faint yellow light flowed out. An auburn head poked out and Connor recognized his fourteen years old twin sister, Grace.

"Hi, Connor!", Grace exclaimed, running out towards him to throw him a tight hug.

Connor had left the Sanctuary immediately before. Grace and he hadn't had much time to sort things out. Then Connor had been mysteriously called back because, according to Grace, the Vampirate Captain held answers for them.

Over Grace's shoulder, Connor saw the Irish Vampirate, Lorcan Furey step out of the Cabin, whom Grace was attached to at the moment.

"Grace", he said quietly, his blue eyes aflame. He looked ashen. "Please tell him about your heritage. I think there is no time to waste. There is another case on the Captain's mind right now and the girl's father is not too well. He says that he also has a vampire son".

"Yes", Grace pulled back. "Oh, Connor, you're not going to like this"

"Tell me anyway", Connor said.

"You remember Sidorio? Caesar?"

"Well, yeah"

"He is… he is our father. Our actual Dad"

Shock was like ice. He was frozen for a moment. He couldn't think.

"No", he moaned. "NO!"

Well, it was better than the previous one. The story will dramatically change from here. I thought we should explain from where the Dark Hours start. I named it so because they're the darkest hours for the Vampirates!

ead the series after Black Heart.