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Okay so here's what has happened so far:

Bella, Edward, Jasper, and Alice have just graduated. I didn't feel like writing the whole graduation ceremony so yeah. Any who, now they are in Alice's car driving back to Edward's house.

By the way, here are the relationships:

Jasper and Rosalie are twins. Jasper and Alice are bf/gf. Edward and Alice are not related at all. Edward and Bella are bf/gf. Emmett and Rosalie are bf/gf and Emmett is not related to Edward or Alice. Jasper has been in the same grade/ age level as Edward, Bella and Alice. But Emmett and Rosalie are a grade higher than them because Emmett is older and Rosalie Skipped a grade to be closer to Emmett.


Okay now that that's all cleared up. STORY TIME!!!


"We did it! Woo Hoo! Four long ass years of high school and now we're finally free! And now it's time to paarrtay!" Alice cheered. Yes, we (Alice, Jasper, Edward and myself) have finally graduated. And Alice had decided she was going to throw an epic graduation party for all the graduates. Big surprise there.

"Oh joy," I cheered sarcastically. Alice rolled her eyes at me but continued anyways.

"You, dear Bella, are going to get wasted tonight," she stated smugly. Right then Jasper and I busted out laughing. "I have no idea what you're laughing about. I'm completely serious. And you're getting drunk too babe" She said with a serious face, but with the last part she winked backed at Jasper from the rear view mirror. And just like that Jasper and I shut up. She was actually sounding serious.

"Oh really?" I said.

"Yes really." she simply replied back.

"Okay than, who is gonna keep you, Edward and the rest of our graduating class at in line at your party?"

"Edward and I are of course!" She replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"And how, dear, are you going to do that when you are drunk and can barely walk straight?" Jasper asked. I could hear the smirk as he said this.

"Well Edward and I have decided to be responsible adults tonight and let you two have all the fun. Meaning Edward and I won't be doing any drinking tonight." At this Jasper and I were laughing again.

"Riight," I said still laughing until a heard a velvety voice behind me.

"No love, she's being serious." Edward said from the backseat, leaning forward so that his lips were next to my ear. My breath hitched as he did that. Jesus. Is this guy always gonna have this affect on me?! I mean seriously!

I was trying to look everywhere to keep my mind off how Edward was making my body react. I looked into the rearview mirror and saw a pair of narrowed blue eyes, but before I could say anything the eyes met mine and looked away quickly. Then Jasper spoke up.

"Wait, wait, wait! So I can actually drink tonight and not have to worry about stopping Eddie from streaking." Edward blushed brighter than I usually did. Yes, it was true. When Edward gets drunk, he just has the urge to go for a little run… nude. I mean I certainly didn't mind the view, but my dad did. The first time the Chief caught my Edward streaking and realized who it was… wow that was awkward. My dad didn't allow me to see my boothang for about three weeks, (unless it was at school of course) saying he was a bad influence on me. I was pretty pissed about it but that subsided quickly when I though of how funny it was the Charlie had actually see Edward running around with his junk flying around everywhere. Jasper's voice pulled me out of my thoughts then.

"And I won't have to worry about you trying to murder someone at the party." Jasper smirked at Alice. Yea, about our little Ali, she was an angry drunk. Well at least when she was pretty damn wasted she was. Her usual targets to unleash a beat down upon were Jessica and Lauren, not that I'm complaining. I think that's the reason why Alice is always invited them to all of the parties. But she did try to hit me and Jasper a few times when we tried to take her drinks away and let me tell you, that little sprite can throw a punch.

"Yes honey," Alice glared at Jasper as she said this through clenched teeth, "you can drink as much as you want and not have a care in the world."

Jasper ignored her glare. He was looking so happy. I guess it was at the fact that he could actually have fun at the party. I, on the other hand was not. I didn't really want to drink for a few reasons; alcohol didn't taste too good to me, I didn't know how I would act when I'm drunk and I had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen. Edward noticed the worried expression on my face.

"It's okay love, we're not gonna let things get too crazy." Edward said reassuringly.

"I-I just don't know. I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen." I said.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you are going to go to this party, have fun, and drink till the sun comes up. Understood?" Alice demanded. Rolling my eyes, I muttered a "yes ma'am," and with that Alice got into the details of the party. Stuff like what time it started, when Edward's parents were getting home from their third honeymoon, (so we would know how much time we had to fix the damage after the party,) and that Emmett and Rosalie weren't going to be there because they had their own little college people only party to.

Whatever. Tonight, I was gonna party and have fun. And tonight, I was not gonna have a care in the world.

Or so I thought.


Two hours into the party...

Everybody was drunk (except for Edward and Alice, haha!) and seemed to be having a hell of a time. People were in the living room dancing(more like dry humping each other), or playing drinking games(as if we needed more of that), or just making out(or how I saw it, fucking with their mouths).

I sat down on a couch with a exhausted Jasper next to me. We were both fighting the urge to pass out right then and there on that comfortable couch. You see, before the party started Jasper and I over heard Edward and Alice snickering about how we wouldn't last long and we couldn't handle alcohol. Pssssh! We'd show em'!

Suddenly I really had to take a piss. How the hell could I have been sitting there so long without knowing I had to pee so badly? I thought to myself. I got up and stumbled my way over to the bathroom.

When I finally reached the door I heard giggling on the other side. If I wasn't so drunk and didn't have to pee so bad, I would've let the couple have there fun, but that wasn't the case. As soon as I opened the door I almost threw up everything I had eaten that night at the horrible sight I saw.

Mike, Jessica, and Lauren were making out!! Topless!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

"Okay, get! Get the hell out NOW, before I piss and puke on you three!" I yelled half angry, that I wasn't emptying my bladder right then, and half disgusted, because well..that was just gross. Fortunately for me they all got out of the bathroom with out an argument. But I did see them head in the direction of the guest room. I rolled my eyes and closed the door, and did my business.

After taking a pee, I stumble out of the bathroom to head back to the couch with Jasper. Then a thought stopped me in my tracks. Where the hell is Edward?

As if on cue a pair of strong arms wrapped around me from behind and pulled me close to a hard chest. I smiled and turned around, still within the arms encircling me, to face a reddish haired, green eyed Greek god. He smiled crookedly at me.

"Having a good time love?" Edward asked

"You bet cha, ya little...big..hunk of a man!" I slurred. Just where the hell did that come from? He chuckled at me.

"Ya know, you're pretty cute when you're drunk." I gave him a cute little smile and he chuckled again. He leaned his head down and purred in a huskier voice, "but you're especially sexy when you're drunk." I blushed and with that he turned his head and kissed me fully on the lips. Soon the kiss deepened and we ended up going to his room for a steamy hot make out session.

Seems like this night is just getting better and better.


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