Coffee and Muffins

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from either Moonlight or Forever Knight. If I did, they wouldn't have been canceled.

Toronto, Canada

Nick Knight stared at his captain, "You need me to do what?"

"Go to LA in the States with Dr. Lambert. We have requested their help. You remember the Vampire Murders we had here last year? It appears the guy moved to LA. Pack your bags. You are on the 10:30 flight tomorrow night. You will meet with Beth Turner, a civilian investigator for the DA's office. But they want Natalie to look at the autopsy reports to see if they match what we have here. A car will pick you up after it picks up Dr. Lambert at 9:00.


Beth was talking with her boss, Ben Talbot. "Toronto PD is sending over a detective and Coroner to talk to you about the Vampire slayings that you investigated last year. They had a similar case and want to see if they match. Det Knight and Dr. Lambert will be here tonight sometime. They are on the 10:30 pm flight out of Toronto. Apparently the Detective is photosensitive and cannot tolerate any sunlight. They will be contacting the office to set up a meeting. You may want to talk to St. John to talk with them as well," he informed her.

"Just have them call my cell and I will set up the meeting directly. I will go and talk to him now. Anything you want me to check out before I leave?"

"No not tonight. I will call you when the Detective and Dr. arrive'

Before Beth could knock on the door, Mick opened it. "I heard you coming," he told her noting her expression.

Beth sat on the couch and took the cup of coffee Mick offered. "Thanks, I can really use this. Talbot just told me that a Toronto Detective and Coroner are coming to look into the vampire slayings we had here last year. They want to meet with me and Talbot suggested that you meet with them as well. Since you rescued me and all that. The will be contacting me to set up a meeting." She paused, "Talbot did mention an interesting thing about Detective Knight. He is allergic to sunlight."

"Might as well have them meet us here. Since he is allergic to sunlight, he might be a vampire." He gave Beth a toothy grin. "I'll call Josef and see if he can dig up anything on this Detective. You know the Coroner's name?"

"Dr. Lambert"

Mick pulled out his phone, and hit the speed dial. "Hey Josef, can you have Ryder look the background of two people from Toronto. A Detective Knight with a K and a Dr. Lambert? Thanks."

Mick and Beth talked until the phone rang about 30 minutes later. Mick looked at the caller ID.

"Hey Josef, what did Ryder find? Let me put it on speaker so Beth can hear"

"Hi Blondie. Ryder found some interesting stuff. Dr. Lambert appears on the up and up. She is the head coroner. Youngest person to hold that position. She has had some unusual cases. She is also the Detective's personal Dr."

"Isn't that just a bit weird?" asked Beth.

"Hold on Blondie, I wasn't finished yet. Knight looks good on paper, but on digging deeper we found some holes in his background."

Mick asked, "what type of holes?"

"The kind someone who has to create a new identity would. One thing though, they searched his apartment a while ago and found pig's blood in his fridge but very little food. Just some popcorn and coffee. Funny thing is, he doesn't drink coffee. He claimed the blood was for thickening his paints. I will have Ryder keep digging and if he finds anything else of interest, I will call you."

"He's not a vampire, is he?" asked Beth.

"Not that I am aware of. We don't have a large community in Toronto but I will ask around? How come you didn't do this yourself? You're the PI."

"Not enough time. He is going to be here tonight sometime. I am going to have Beth meet him here, that way if he is a vamp I can protect her and contain any bloodshed."

"Have a few stakes ready my friend.

"Bye Josef." Mick hung up the phone. "Beth, I don't want you to meet these people without me. Not until we have determined that they are not dangerous."

"You think he might be dangerous?"

"If he is a vampire, then he might be."

After their flight landed and they had gathered their bags, Nat thought of something. "Nick, how are you going to eat?"

"I called LaCroix and he had a few cases delivered to our hotel and they are waiting in the mini-fridge. What do we know about Beth Turner."

Nick got their rental car and when they were headed toward the hotel, Nat pulled a piece of paper out of her briefcase. "She was a reporter for Buzzwire, an internet tabloid now she is a civilian investigator for the DA's office. She covered the vampire slayings while working for Buzzwire." Natalie looked at the pictures of the wounds. "Look at the wounds. Not a vampire. You and I could both tell that before they even stopped the TA. She dated an ADA, Josh Lindsey. Josh was killed by a Mexican gang for going after their leader, a Mr. Tejada. The police had the person who had killed Josh. He wouldn't confess then a Mick St. John talked to him and got him to confess. They said it looked like he scared the information out of him. When they got to the bar the perp said, they didn't find him there. Interesting note, Tejada went missing shortly afterwards. He left behind his daughter and family. Rumors were flying that he was killed but no body was ever found. Beth took Josh's death hard and quit her job at Buzzwire. That was when she was asked to join the DA's office by Ben Talbot who replaced Josh. Apparently she and St. John are close. He helped to find and protect a witness in an Arm's Dealers' case. There are a few mentions of St. John in other cases as well. The DA's office passed along Beth's number so we can set up a time to meet them."

"Do you want to meet them tonight or tomorrow?"

"I say tomorrow that way we can go and get the reports tonight and I can compare them. Any questions we have we can ask that way?"

the next day at Mick's loft

"Hey, Mick. We are meeting Det Knight and Dr. Lambert here at 10.

"You want me to cook you something. I went shopping for you today. How about some friend chicken?"

"Sounds good."

Beth was finishing her dishes when they heard a knock on the door.

Mick was at the door before Beth had moved, "I got it." He opened the door and greeted the two standing there.

"You must be Det Knight and Dr. Lambert. Please make yourself comfortable. I'm Mick St. John and this is Beth Turner."

After the two visitors had sat on the couch, "May I get you anything to drink? I have coffee, tea, iced tea and water?"

"I wouldn't mind some water,' said Dr. Lambert.

"Be right back with it. And you Detective?"

"Nothing for me, thank you."

Mick went to get a glass of water, he whispered to Beth, "stay close to me, something is off with these two. If I tell you to run, go to my office and shut the door."

"What is it?"

"I don't know but it is something."

Mick placed the glass of water in front of Dr. Lambert and took a seat in one of the chairs, Beth took the other one.

As Mick went to the kitchen, Nick whispered to Natalie, "Nat stay close to me. Something is up with these two. I don't know what but be careful."

"How may we help you Detective Knight and Dr. Lambert?"

"Please call me Nick and Dr. Lambert Natalie."

"So how can we help you Nick?"

"What made you believe it was Daniel Cams?"

"Nothing. We both thought it was Christian Ellis, a professor at Hearst College. He had a blood and sex cult going on. Beth was investigating him based on the evidence we found at the first victims house. We found a vial of blood that was his. When she went undercover at a study group, he attacked her and Daniel "rescued" her. Only as soon as he had her alone, he knocked her out with a drug was going to kill her. I was able to catch up to the car after he lost control and hit another car.

"How did you know what happened?" asked Nat.

"The professor told me."

"He just confessed?"

"No, I had to scare him a little. I threatened to beat him up and spill some of his blood."

"How were you able to catch up to the car?" asked Nick.

"He must of hit some red lights, so I was able to catch up before he was able to do anything else to Beth."

"Beth, did you suspect the TA?"

"No, it was the professor. He was a grade A creep. Like Mick said, he had a blood and sex cult going. The first victim, Kelly Foster, was a student of his. I checked out one of his classes and he was going on about how we were all vampires of some type. Psychic, energy, spiritual, etc. How, even as babies, we steal life from our mothers. The second victim, Chloe Jones, attacked him at Kelly's funeral and used a knife of some type that gave him a good cut. The police later matched the blood sample we found with a sample of Ellis's blood. Both victims's had large holes in their necks but had most of their blood.

Nick spoke as he stood up, "Thank you for your time. That matches our guys MO. Too bad we can't get a confession out Mr. Cams for our murders. It would put a lot of people at ease." Nick turned to assist Natalie up from the couch. "Where can I get Natalie a good cup of coffee? She doesn't show it, but she is about to suffer from caffeine withdrawal."

"If you like, Beth and I can take you to a café a few blocks from here. They are open all night. Beth enjoys their coffee and muffins. I will show you my car so you may follow us."

"Sounds good to us," said Nat.

After taking the elevator down the garage, they discovered that Nick had parked their rental not far from Mick's Benz.

"Nice car," said Nick. But secretly he wondered how big the trunk was.

They followed Mick and Beth to the café. While each couple was in their cars they were having almost identical conversations about what was so weird about the other couple.

"I don't know Beth but both my vamp and PI senses were telling me something was off."

Mick was telling Beth as she was asking what was wrong with the Det and Dr.

"I don't know, Nat, but something was off. I just can't put my finger on it." Nick told Nat.