First chapter of new story I'm making for Yuki-Chan~ :3
She has been sick for the past couple of days, so I tried to see if I could create a scenario she would face during her phase of sickness.
Enjoy~ :3

Ugh… Hate getting sick… Miyuki thought in her head as she lied on her bed with tissues next to her pillow, staring hopelessly up at the blank ceiling. The light was on, and the only sound that filled the room was the soft whirring of the heater. Nobody was home, she had stayed home sick from school and was so intensely bored it was brain numbing for her. ACHOO! Miyuki sneezed, causing her to briefly sit up for a moment; then she landed back on her bed making it squeak as it continued to move up and down. She blew her nose and threw the tissue somewhere random in her room; it ended up in her trashcan. "Nobody's here…" Miyuki acknowledged in a stuffy voice. She turned over on her side to gaze out the window and softly declared, "I've read through all my manga and magazines at least 5 times, and I'm on a bad Artist's block." Miyuki wasn't comfortable on her side, she turned again to lie on her back and stare desperately up at the ceiling. "Why can't Sempei and Misaki-Chan be here?" She whined longing for something to do. She turned her head and found her answer, "Bingo~" Miyuki sang in victory as she climbed out of her bed to visit her heaven. Before she sat down in her computer seat, she stood in front of her rather large mirror an examined her sick self. Messy brown, blonde-ish curly hair, baggy sleeping clothes, fluffy kimono-looking bathrobe… Suddenly, she made a pose pointing off to a random corner in her room and exclaimed, "Quickly! To the internet!" She started to laugh at her randomness before she started to cough painfully. She turned around and spun the swivel chair so she could seat herself in front of the computer. Miyuki climbed into the black, padded chair and sat cross-legged as she ran her finger up the CPU to press the button that would end her boredom. She hunched forward towards the monitor and waited impatiently for it to turn on. Blip! It turned on and it started to load where she had just been last time she visited her land of happiness. "Hey maybe Sempei will be on." Miyuki mumbled thoughtfully as she scrolled down her list of bookmarks to find Fan Fiction. She sat there and looked through her messages with her mouth slightly opened, nope, nothing from HirataSan. Miyuki sighed and slumped against the back of her swivel chair and sighed, "I wish Sempei would PM me, she's usually on the computer 24/7." Then she caught a glimpse of the time out of the corner of her eye. She slumped even more and mumbled, "Guess not during school…" Miyuki decided to turn on some music that might get her more active. Surfing through YouTube video links, she found Fighting Dreamers and clicked it. The speakers were blasting loud, but she didn't care, it would help her; she thought. "We are Fighting Dreamers! Takami wo Mezashite, Fighting Dreamers! Narifuri Kama-" Miyuki began singing along before she started to cough painfully again. Miyuki just frowned and listened to the blasting music, sifting through links and wondering what Hirata and Misaki were doing at that very moment. "They're probably having fun…" She sighed as she sneezed again.

Hirata and Misaki in fact were learning important things and contemplating deeply about what their English teacher was trying to teach them, not. They too were bored out of their minds; Hirata was sitting there masterfully looking as if she cared even a smidgen about this subject. Misaki on the other hand was half listening, half trying not to think about what she was going to do for another class. Sitting there, waiting and waiting for the droning on of the teacher to finish, the half bell wailed across the school. It fooled Hirata and made her jump as if she was just about to get ready to leave, and then she remembered it was only the half bell. Eventually, Misaki and Hirata were completely out of English class and thinking about other things. They just happened to think about what Miyuki would be doing right now. Ha, what irony. It was further more ironic that they were learning about the dreaded thing too. "Now give me an example of irony in chapter two…" Mrs. Camerota's voice shrilled, boring the whole class. Seeing that no one was responding to her call, she chose a random victim, "Armani, how about you?"

"Wuh?" Armani said alarmed.

"I said give me an example of irony in chapter two, Armani. You should be paying attention." She continued impatiently.

"Oh…" Armani dully said as he heaved his head off his desk and started looking for the page they were on in the equally dull book they were reading. "Uh…" Too late for him, Mrs. Camerota was already annoyed and ready to scold him. "Never mind Armani, go down to the office and tell them you're down there because you weren't paying attention." She snapped, agitated. Armani whined, "But nobody else is either, Mrs. Cam."

"Never you mind, just go. Is there anyone else who would like to answer?" She ended unreasonably. No answer, just a few mumbles from a few of the sleeping students. "Oh for the love of- will anyone like to answer?!!?" She demanded shrilly. Misaki gave in and raised her hand, just to shut Mrs. Camerota up. "Oh thank you, what is your answer?" Misaki sighed, "The third sentence in the first chapter of page 31." With that her head collapsed onto her hand and started to gaze off to the side again. Seeing that her class just wasn't listening, Mrs. Camerota let out a frustrated sigh. Hirata chuckled under her breath, "I wish Miyuki were here, she would love to see the defeat of Mrs. Cam."

Back in Miyuki's room, she was having a coughing fit. She gave up trying to make herself more active, and resided just to sitting mutely in front of the computer. She let out a hoarse, shaky sigh and wished there was no such thing as sickness. Miyuki had spent at least 45 minutes in front of the computer screen, working on her fanfic, reading fanfics, browsing through art, making art, watching anime episodes, reading manga pages, or attempting to destroy her Artist's block; all the while sneezing and coughing in the silence of boredom. Eventually, Miyuki minimized the Internet and switched out of her user. She sat in her chair dazed and wondering what she would do now, and then she slowly rose from her seat and headed towards her door. She opened it slowly and stood examining the dark hallway, she flipped the switch to turn on the lights. Miyuki cracked her neck when she passed her parents room and sighed as she walked passed the bathroom, "Guess I'll go watch some TV…" she croaked when she turned to stride down the stairs. She arrived in her living room and snatched the remote from the floor and flopped onto the couch, turning on the talking box in the process. A man appeared on the screen; "The high temperature of today is…" he started before Miyuki switched the channel. Naruto appeared on the screen, Miyuki sighed and decided to watch the anime. A few minutes into the show, Miyuki heard a voice from behind her she crooked her neck to see what was behind her, and only saw the window. She glanced around and saw something black out of the corner of her eye in the kitchen. Switching off the TV, Miyuki cautiously got up and went to search her kitchen. After searching all the obvious open places, she got on her knees and started to crawl under the tables and in the corners in search of the mysterious black thing she saw. Miyuki was crawling under the largest kitchen table when she bumped into something. Because she wasn't looking ahead, she slowly turned her head to gazed at what she had bumped into. Her eyes widened and she shot up in surprise, only to bump her head painfully on the table. Miyuki pointed at the lump she had bumped into and sputtered, "Y- you're, you're…" Words failed her when the lump turned around; it had cookies in its hand and was wearing an orange spiral mask. "TOBI!" She exclaimed, in surprise, she crawled backwards out from under the table and darted across the kitchen to the living room so she could get a phone. But before she even entered the living room, she bumped into yet another thing, it was taller than she, and had long-ish blonde hair covering one eye. It stared down at her and said, "What, un?" Miyuki gasped and staggered backwards and pointed at him, "DEIDARA!!" The one with the orange mask had also crawled out from under the table and stood next to the one with the hair covering his eye. Miyuki was immensely happy and was about to glomp the two of them, but before she enclosed her arms around the two, she felt faint and light-headed. She felt a heat wave come over her, and she fell. She blacked out.

"What was that all about, un?" Deidara asked quizzically at Tobi. "Beats me, Sempei." He answered, shrugging. "Well, what should we do, un?" Deidara further continued. Tobi looked down at the strange girl who had called out their names enthusiastically a minute ago, "Dunno, maybe we should just leave her there?" Deidara just shrugged and started towards the stairs, alarming Tobi. "Hey! What're you doing, Sempei?" Deidara looked back annoyed and said, "Exploring the place, un. What do you think? We came here for a reason didn't we, un?" He continued up the stairs. Tobi followed, abandoning the sick Miyuki on the floor. Deidara and Tobi arrived at the top of the staircase and decided to go in the room farthest down the hallway. It happened to be Miyuki's room. Upon entering, Tobi and Deidara noted that the room was very clean. "Hey what's this, Sempei?" Tobi asked, fiddling with the CPU of Miyuki's computer. "Leave it alone, Baka." Deidara growled. But Tobi had turned it on, it came on with a blip and surprised Tobi, making him grab Deidara in his 'fear'. The two stood there intensely waiting for the thing to do something, it did. The computer loaded where Miyuki had been last. Deidara leaned forward and read aloud what the monitor broadcasted, "Fan Fiction, un…" Tobi also leaned forward, invading Deidara's personal bubble and read, "Akatsuki's New York, Chapter 1…" The two stood there reading the creation of the girl who was passed out on the floor beneath them, however, they were unaware of that.

Deidara and Tobi meet Fan Fiction~ Not just ordinary Fan Fiction, but Miyuki-Made Fan Fiction!! 8D
I used everyone else's real names except for Miyuki, Misaki, and Me XD I bet Miyuki can guess who Misaki is.