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Eventually everyone arrived back inside, Hirata, Yako and Kagami split their ways from Miyuki, waving and smiling. Hirata and her friends got back in the classroom before everyone else did, so Hirata found opportunity to shake her head vigorously from side to side, splashing Yako and Kagami. They squeaked as the rest of the class came back into the classroom. Kagami, Hirata and Yako took their seats, sitting next to each other for they were still doing their math warm up. Hirata sneezed and Kagami laughed, "You're probably gonna get a cold!" she said without any worry in her tone. "No!" Hirata protested, "I never get sick! Not ever!" She sneezed again, this time making both Kagami and Yako giggle. "Just don't go out in the rain again, ok?" Yako said, with only a little concern in her voice. "Yes mommy~" Hirata sang, smiling and getting up to fetch herself a tissue.

As Hirata was about to blow her nose, the bell rang, surprising the class and teacher. Another announcement rang throughout the school. "Everyone please report to your section 2 classes, a search is being held, the period after lunch remains extended. Thank you." A loud click was heard and it was almost as if everyone shrugged, picking up their belongings and heading off to their designated classes. Hirata went back to her seat without blowing her nose and did the same, saying so long to Yako and Kagami.

She neared locker and saw Misa-Chan (Becca, her locker neighbor with the boyfriend) gathering her stuff for the next class. "Oi, Misa-Chan! What section did we have to go to?" She asked, approaching her locker and starting to unlock it. "I think it's section two, then lunch, then after that the period's extended." Misa answered, adding more details than asked. "You know everything Misa-Chan~" Hirata smiled as the lock on her locker clicked open, it was hard to tell if she was using sarcasm or not, but Misa just left. Hirata kept smiling as she took out her English things and stuffed her Math stuff into her locker. "Wait, English? That's all the way in the next hallway!!" She thought, shutting her door hurriedly as she darted off to her English room, with no time to glare and detest her locker as she did. This was all very unnecessary. "But we're not supposed to have English today…" Hirata mouthed slowly, raising an eyebrow as she entered the classroom.

Miyuki had just heard the announcement and sped out the door before everyone else. "Hm, I've got English, this is great!" She thought with a smile as she walked through the hallway. She got to her locker and opened it, the mess inside seeming like it would spill out to greet her, thankfully it didn't. Miyuki had some trouble trying to pull her English binder out of the clutches of her other books, having them all spill out when she did. She grumbled as she set her belongings down and started to shove everything else back into her locker. It wasn't like she was always messy and unorganized; her room was un-humanly clean. In everything but her locker and school, it was organized and precisely clean to the uttermost possible.

She saw Hirata walk by sniffling, looking absorbed in keeping herself from sneezing. Miyuki giggled at this, "Maybe Sempai caught what I had?"she said quietly to herself. Miyuki shut her locker door with great effort and put the lock on it, she could've sworn it physically protested every time she tried to tame it. She started walking down the hallway, not seeing Hirata again, so she walked to her classroom. She got there before most people arrived, Misaki was there though, sitting in her seat with a very librarian look on her face as it was behind a very thick book with small lettering. "Hello, Misaki-Chan!" She called, taking the seat in front of her and plopping her belongings onto the desk. Misaki looked up from her book and saw Miyuki was greeting her. "Oh hey!" She replied, putting a bookmark in her book and setting it down. "You weren't here yesterday, were you sick?" She asked, leaning in towards Miyuki, who nodded. The two began talking in deep conversation when two people came in who weren't supposed to be there.

"I know it was stupid, Michi! You don't have to keep scolding me you know." A loud voice said, making Miyuki turn her head. To her surprise, she saw Yukio with a tall girl who gave off the bossy-older sister aura at the door of the classroom. She appeared to have black hair and lots dark eye shadow, was it just Miyuki or did this girl's hair have a hint of blue to it? She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a neat-looking top, which was blue with a white logo of Hollister on it; white shoes were equipped on her feet. Her hair was pulled back into a short ponytail and a white flower clip ornamented the right side of her head.

"Baka, did you hear those announcements?" She said, obviously enraged about something. "Yes, I did, no need to-" Yukio started, he caught sight of something and stopped in his tracks, obviously it shocked him and made him uneasy to see it. "Say, Michi, looks like we're in the wrong class. Where do we have to go again?" He said, glaring at Michi who glared back. "They said section 2." She said, not noticing the cause of her companion's sudden change of subject. "Riiiight, so we should be going now." He finished, spinning Michi around and guiding her out of the classroom by pushing her back with two hands. She protested of course by leaning back, "What the hell?!" she whispered hoarsely as they left the classroom.

Miyuki was still staring out the door when Hirata appeared and walked through it. She walked by didn't even acknowledge the other two as she took the seat in the row next to them. Hirata looked deep in thought about something, as Miyuki was also, Misaki just looked at the two of them and sighed. "What is with you two?" Misaki asked, raising an eyebrow. "Thinking." Miyuki and Hirata simultaneously answered without a change to their expressions. The three sat like that for a little while until the second bell rang, signaling the start of class.

"What 'cha thinkin' 'bout Yuki-Chan?" Hirata yawned, sneezing right after; she got up to get a tissue and blew her nose. "Yukio…" Miyuki replied, screwing up her face in yet deeper thought. Hirata dramatically dropped her tissue into a wastebasket as she stared at Miyuki with shock. "But- Deidei-Chan…" She said, taking her seat still staring at her with a spacious worried face. Miyuki twisted her head to face Hirata, glaring at her and bringing her fist down really hard on the top of her head. "Baka." Miyuki grumbled, still frowning at Hirata whose head was still facing the ground from impact. She brought a hand to the top of her head were Miyuki had hit it. "Ow…" She said quietly. Miyuki switched gears completely, "Oh! Sorry Sempai!! So sorry, so terribly sorry!! Gomen, gomen, a thousand times sorry!!" She said, leaning over to her friend with a distressed face. Hirata laughed to reassure her friend she was all right and all was forgiven, but she remained facing the ground.

In truth, Yuki-Chan's blows did hurt some of the times, this time being one of them, but Hirata never wanted her to know that. Being a weirdo, she didn't want Miyuki to hold back in fear of her becoming a wimp. When Miyuki was told to do something she would do that to the max and beyond. So Hirata theorized if she told her to hold back a bit on her attacks she would no longer be an effective fighter. Though in reality it doesn't matter as much if you're doing self-defense against someone you don't know much, Hirata was always paranoid that someday betrayal of a good friend would meet up with her or one of her companions. Better safe than sorry.

Mrs. Camerota appeared at the front of the room. "Since this is such an abrupt class, I will have you read or do something productive for now. I haven't come up with a lesson plan yet." There was silence for a little while as Mrs. Camerota stood in front of the classroom watching her students with a cheesy smile on her face. In reality she was inspecting them of a single wrong move. When she was satisfied, she finally went back to her desk to complete some other work. The students then felt safe to start conversing with their friends. Mrs. Camerota mumbled something about 'kids' before Hirata also started talking with her buddies.

"What about Yukio?" She asked, continuing their talk from before. "Oh…" Miyuki blandly answered, she had spaced out. Misaki asked, "Who's Yukio anyway?" Hirata and Miyuki realized they never explained. "I think he's a new kid, he kinda followed me to Tech class and stuff. Kinda mysterious that kid, 'cause he was running away from the school during the fire drill." Hirata explained. Miyuki finished by saying; "He was the guy who came into class with that other girl just now." Misaki looked at both of them with an understanding face, which melted away into confusion once she tilted her head and let out a puzzling noise. Hirata was also confused, "Wait, he came here?!" Miyuki nodded, Misaki did also because she didn't want to feel left out.

"He was talking to a girl he called Michi and she seemed pretty mad at him. She had black hair with a hint of blue to it… Isn't it suspicious that she's hanging around with a guy with orange hair, hm?" Miyuki explained, "They walked in here, Pe- I mean Yukio saw something and marched right out." She finished, confirming her suspicions. Hirata got the drift right away but Misaki was left in the dust. She was much better with logic than what her friends talked about. Hirata spoke up, "So you think… Yukio's Pein?"

"He sure looks like it, doesn't he? And to me Michi seemed a lot like Konan!" Miyuki answered. The mood was filling up with excitement. Misaki intervened, "Wait, so you're talking about people from Naruto, right?" The two nodded. "Well, if they are, why would they look like just normal people? And they have special powers, right? So if they did, they could make us do whatever and not worry about it." Misaki finished; Hirata and Miyuki stared at her with fake smiles and showed they didn't understand. Misaki finished, "Basically, if they are the people you think they are, they wouldn't go sneaking around as different people because they have powers, they've got an obvious advantage over us normal people." Miyuki grasped the concept. "I get it… But it doesn't make any sense! Why would Yukio run away from the school?" She whined, putting her face in her hand. Hirata too understood for Misaki's vocabulary was simple enough for her and agreed with Miyuki. "Maybe it wasn't him after all…" She said, thoughtfully, "After all, my sight isn't good, you know that." Hirata sighed and frowned. Misaki interpreted this, "That's probably right, she never wears her glasses after all. And Yukio could just be another new kid, Michi too probably." She concluded, putting down the other two without realizing it.

"Then… How come I saw Deidei and Tobi?" Miyuki said in a quiet voice. Hirata's eyes opened wide and she inhaled quickly, "That's right!" She exclaimed, slamming her fist down on her desk. "It could be connected, I wouldn't be too surprised if I ended up seeing them today!!" Now laughing, Hirata folded her arms and nodded. "That says it, commence operation: Get to know Yukio and Michi, Find out where Deidei and Tobi went/are, and become part of the Akatsuki!!" She grinned, adding in the last part for fun. "What's becoming part of the Akatsuki got to do with anything?" Misaki said, puzzled by the stupidity. "Oh, nothing, it'd just be nice!" Hirata replied. "Yeah, I don't see why not." Miyuki giggled. The girls continued laughing and planning out what they were going to do, while somewhere in the garden outside of their classroom, peering through the window, a tall boy named Mamoru was standing there listening to the whole thing.

I was wondering if I should've called the chapter "Think" or "Suspicion", but I called it Michi because the other one was Yukio =w=
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