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I hate crying.

It made me feel weak and I wasn't going to do it now.

As the rain continued to pour down on the small town of Forks, the booming sound of thunder shook the house. I just stood in front of the window of our- my room, clad in a tank top and flannel pants.

It was like God was trying to get me to cry. That thought just pissed me off and I was now glaring out of the window, arms crossed on my chest. I let my eyes close for one second and let my mind drift back to that night. The night my world changed. Tonight was just like that night…

(2 years earlier)

Thunder boomed shaking the windows of the house again.

I laid safely in the arms of my husband, Edward. He whispered sweet nothings to me, trying to calm me down. He knew how the storms scared me, and I was so grateful to have him. I wasn't just grateful to have him there, calming me down, but also grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life.

I was on the verge of falling into a peaceful sleep when we heard little sniffles coming from the doorway of our room. We both turned at the same time to see our four year old daughter, Julie, standing in the doorway in her pink pajamas. She was a perfect combination of Edward and myself. She had curly reddish-brown hair that hung to her shoulders. Her face was a replica of mine but her eyes looked exactly like Edwards's. She also inherited the Cullen's gracefulness, thank goodness. But she shared my fears of storms and shyness. Me and Edward were both just 19 when I had her. Yes, we were pretty young, but we knew we could take care of her. Edward was currently working at the Hospital with his father and I was working from home and taking care of Julie.

"Mommy…sniffle…Daddy…sniffle. I'm scared." Julie whimpered out, her bottom lip was quivering and it was breaking my heart to see my baby cry. I quickly sat up and patted the spot on the bed between Edward and I.

"Come here, Baby girl." I said softly to the whimpering child in front of me. She quickly ran to the bed and jumped on the spot between Edward and I. I held her trembling form tightly to me. I looked up at Edward to see him smiling at me with nothing but pure love in his eyes. He then looked at Julie and frowned a bit but the smile quickly returned.

"You know," Edward started, gaining me and Julie's attention, "one way to help make scary storms less scary is a soothing song. And…I think I may just know just the one." I grinned at my husband.

Julie grinned too. She knew what song he was talking about. We had played it for her since we brought her home from the hospital when she was born. And every since that day, when there was a storm, Edward would play it and I would sing it for her, and she would fall straight to sleep. Edward took Julie in his arms and held her against his chest.

"Would you like that, Love bug?" Edward asked Julie softly. She sniffed a little and nodded her head. Edward smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. It almost made me cry every time he would do simple things such as a kiss on the forehead or a hug to show how much he cared for his family. "Okay then. Let's go to the piano room." Edward said looking at me this time. He held Julie against his side with one arm and used the other to help me out of bed. What a gentleman.

Thunder boomed again making me jump and both Julie and I squeal. Edward chuckled and pulled me to his other side as we walked down the hall to the piano room. When we finally entered the room the mood suddenly felt lighter. This room always had that effect on people. Edward sat on the bench of the piano and pulled me down next to him, while setting Julie in my lap. She quickly made herself comfortable and snuggled in my arms. I rocked the beautiful girl in my arms for a bit before Edward nudged me gently.

"You ready?" He asked. I nodded my head in response.

He smiled and turned back to the keys. His hands skillfully flowed across the keys and I turned my attention back to my baby girl and started to sing.

"Little child, be not afraid
The rain pounds harsh against the glass
Like an unwanted stranger
There is no danger
I am here tonight

Little child
Be not afraid
Though thunder explodes
And lightning flash
Illuminates your tearstained face
I am here tonight

And someday you'll know
That nature is so
This same rain that draws you near me
Falls on rivers and land
And forests and sand
Makes the beautiful world that you see
In the morning"

Even though, I've never seen myself as a singer I had a pretty decent voice, though Edward always said my voice sounded like an angel's. I continued to sing the beautiful song and could tell it was having an affect on Julie. She looked like she was about to fall asleep.

"Little child
Be not afraid
The storm clouds mask your beloved moon
And its candlelight beams
Still keep pleasant dreams
I am here tonight

Little child
Be not afraid
The wind makes creatures of our trees
And the branches to hands
They're not real, understand
And I am here tonight

And someday you'll know
That nature is so
This same rain that draws you near me
Falls on rivers and land
And forest and sand
Makes the beautiful world that you see
In the morning"

I turned my gazed to Edward as I sung the next verse because it always reminded me of him. He was always there for me when I was afraid or sad when we were growing up. He was always the one to sneak next door to my house and hold me through the storms.

"For you know, once even I
Was a little child
And I was afraid
But a gentle someone always came
To dry all my tears
Trade sweet sleep for fears
And to give a kiss goodnight"

I turned back to my daughter. She had her eyes closed and appeared to be asleep, but I knew she would be fully asleep 'til me and Edward finished the song.

Well, now I am grown
And these days have shown
Rain's a part of how life goes
But it's dark and it's late
So I'll hold you and wait
'til your frightened eyes do close

And I hope that you'll know
That nature is so
This same rain that draws you near me
Falls on rivers and land
And forests and sand
Makes the beautiful world that you see
In the morning

Everything's fine in the morning
The rain will be gone in the morning
But I'll still be here in the morning"

Edward finished the last notes of the songs and turned to me with a soft smile on his face. He looked at our sleeping angel and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He took her from my arms and whispered, "I'll tuck her in." I nodded and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

I stood up and made my way back to our room. When I got there I crawled under the covers and fell into a peaceful sleep...

Not much later (well that's what it seemed like to me), I woke up to Edward shaking my shoulder.

"Bella! Bella! Honey, wake up!" Edward said as he continued to shake my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see his green pools looking into my brown ones.

"Yes?" I breathed.

"Carlisle just gave me a call. He said he needs some help with something at the hospital. The storm is getting pretty bad and Esme wanted you and Julie to stay with her for the day. You know how Mom is." He said the last part with a smirk. I smiled back and stretched , my arms.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"About 5:30, love." I nodded and got up to get Julie ready. She whined a little bit but reluctantly got up and got ready to go to her grandma's house. By the time I was dressed I heard Edward call my name. I met him downstairs and saw him ready to leave at the front door.

"See you later, Love" Edward gave chaste kiss on the lips and opened the front door. It was still pouring out side. I walked to the window next to the front door to watch him leave. Once he was in the car parked in the drive way he saw me in the window and waved with a smile. I wave back. I looked around and gave out a tired sigh. I looked back up through the window and looked around outside.

That's when I noticed it.

Something was moving down our street fast. Too fast.

My eyes followed to where the speedy car would lead and my eyes landed on…

Edward, who was just starting to back out of the drive way.

Only seconds away now!

My eyes widened and I banged on the window franticly trying to get his attention.


"Edward! Edward!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He didn't notice me. I sprinted to the door and opened it quickly.


Now Edward saw me. He looked confused for a second.

"MOVE, EDWARD! THE CAR!!" I screamed frantically waving my hands to the oncoming car. I was could barely make out Edward's car because of all the rain.


He looked in the direction I was pointing at and saw the car.

"MOVE EDWARD!" I screamed again.


He didn't. He was frozen.



I awoke from my flashback by the sound of familiar sniffles. I jerked around to see Julie standing in the doorway of my room.

"Hey baby." I croaked, my throat was choking from emotions.

"Mommy…are you crying?...Sniffle" She asked curiously. She hadn't seen me cry many times since Edward's funeral.

"I quickly turned my back to her and wiped away the unwanted tears off my face. I turned back to her with a dry face.

"No, Baby girl. Mommy's alright. Come here." I said softly. She ran to me and nearly tackled my legs with a hug. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I tucked her in next to me and closed my eyes, hoping that sleep would come to us. Julie wiggled in my arms and I opened my eyes. Thunder shook the house again. We both screamed. When we got control of our breathing, Julie looked up at me with tears in her eyes and I knew what was coming.

"Mommy? Can you sing my Lullaby?" She asked with a pout. It was literally killing me inside to see her do this. She never gave up.

Ever since that night that Edward died I had never sung that lullaby. It hurt me to much and I don't even think I was able to sing it anymore. After Edward died, I tried to sing it, I even tried to learn how to play it on…his piano. But once I stepped into that piano room I no longer felt light or peaceful, but just pure sadness. It felt as if my heart was slowly being ripped into pieces as the seconds ticked by that I was in that room. I finally ran out, shut the door and locked it with a key. It hasn't been opened since. That was about two years ago. And I haven't bothered trying to sing the song. I think Julie knew this, but that never stopped her from asking me to sing it to her.

I looked into the eyes of my daughter and she saw the answer in my eyes. She looked down and I could see tears fall down her cheeks. I pulled to me, she buried her face in my neck and sobbed loudly. I wove my fingers through her thick, curly, bronze locks. They reminded me of Edward and one tear fell from my eye and into her hair. Before she had time to look up I wiped the evidence off my face.

When she did look at me my heart broke all over again. Her face was wet with tears, nose red from running and her eyes were just screamed sad.

I was a horrible mother.

I'm not going to cry.

I tried to talk in a firm voice, but it came out weak.

"I'm so sorry, Baby girl. I know…I know I'm not always what you need, but I'm…I'm going to try. I'm going to try and be better." I had to stop there though. If I rambled on any further I was sure to mention his name and I would break down in front of her. And she didn't need someone weak right now.

"It's okay Mommy-"she started. I stopped her though because it wasn't okay. She deserved a mother way better than me. I needed to change for her.

"No, baby. It's not okay and I know that, but I'm not going to be this way anymore. I'm not going to me this emotional mess one second and then the next moment be some emotionless zombie." Julie looked at me confused for a second. "Umm, never mind. My point is, I'm going to change." I sat up then and tried to look happy. "In fact, how about tomorrow we go to the park? Well have a picnic and everything will be okay. We can do whatever you want." I said with a wide smile. She smiled too, but then looked hesitant and looked down at her lap.

"Can-can we talk about Daddy? I…sniffle…I miss him a lot." She whimpered, while more tears were forming at her eyes.

Not gonna cry. Not gonna cry.

I put my hand under her chin and made her look at me.

I have to change!

"Yes" I whispered.

She launched herself at me with open arms. She buried her head in my neck again and it sounded like she was laughing and sobbing at the same time. I knew how she felt. I was happy we were finally being able to move on, but the thought of moving on always scared me.

We stayed in our in embrace for a moment before I heard a little yawn escape her.

"Time for someone to go to sleep." I whisper to her. I tucked her in next to me and kissed her good night.

I sighed to myself and settled under the covers too.

I could already tell tomorrow was going to be a long day for both of us.


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