"Happy Anniversary baby." Spencer whispers in my ear, her arms around me.

I smile widely and untangle my hands from her gorgeous hair to look into her even more gorgeous eyes. "You too. I have something for you." I tell her seriously.

Spencer's face brightens like a little girl on Christmas morning. She loves presents. "Yeah?"

"Yup." I say as I take the small circle from my pocket and hold it within my fist, hiding it. I push my hand towards her, urging her to open it with her own hand.

Spencer's hands are warm and soft as they gently pry open my fingers. Her pretty bright blue eyes snap back up to mine as she sees the small silver band in my hand. They're extremely wide.

"Ashley." She breathes in nervous excitement. "Is this..." She trails off.

I make a face of surprise. "Oh Jesus, no, no it's not. It's just a plain ring."

I cannot tell what the expression on her face is. Relief? She looks relieved but by her slouched shoulders and lazy smile I can tell there is just the tiniest bit of disappointment in her eyes. I almost don't catch it, it's so very subtle.

"Okay." Spencer laughs, giving me a warm smile and taking the ring into her own hand. "I thought for a second..." She laughs nervously again. Blue eyes focus back on her present as she twists and turns it in her fingers. In the blink of an eye I see them get watery as she finally reads the engraving.

"Oh no, too early, totally crazy." I tell her somewhat confidently. But she's not listening. She's reading the inside over and over and when her eyes finally meet mine she is grinning like a crazy person. A crazy person that I believe is absolutely beautiful. The only crazy person for me. "Do you like it?" I ask shyly.

"I love it. I love you." She says right before she captures my lips with her own. I kiss her back like I always knew I was meant to.

"I'm glad. I thought it might be too cheesy, but, I dunno, I liked it." I admit slowly. I take a glance at the engraving I picked out myself. The words that are carved into my anniversary present for the girl that I am, have been, probably forever will be, madly in love with.

Honey Bunches of Oats

Spencer shakes her head. "It's perfect Ash. You're perfect." She tells me with a warm smile, with bright, twinkling eyes.

I shrug. "I try."

"Well, ya did good." Spencer chuckles, wrapping her arms around me. I press a kiss to her neck. "It's the best present I've ever gotten." She whispers into my ear.

"Oh yeah?"

Spencer pulls away after giving my nose a quick kiss. She nods, slipping on the ring with a big smile.

I smirk at Spencer, the hand in my pocket holding the small, black velvet box that is ready to prove her last statement wrong.

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