"Also, you will have to complete service hours in the "Big Brother, Big Sister" program to pass this class. No groaning either; you are an advanced psych class people get used to it!"

I sighed internally; this stupid professor really needs to cut back on the caffeine. The service hours would present a problem I was still the one with the least control, I could always bribe the people into signing off. No, that wouldn't sit right with me, curse my upbringing.

The bell rang officially setting us free from the boredom of Forks High for the day, I saw my siblings walking toward Edwards Volvo. And as always I was hit with their feelings, they ranged from hyper-active, lustful, and boredom. I saw the prospect of sitting in the car with them less than appealing.

"Just wait until we get past the school boundary then I'll let you run." Edward whispered to me, I nodded my gratitude.

I slid into the backseat and shut the door, closing my eyes. I could be put down in history: The first vampire to get a headache.

"So Jazz, are you gunna do the Big Brother thingy? Huh huh huh? I think it would be great for your control and-"

Edward cut Alice off, "Ali honey, give him a break he was just thought about being the first vampire in history to get a headache." I felt his mirth, yeah laugh it up Eddie. He growled and stopped the car. I smirked and got out saying I was going hunting.

Seconds later I was flitting through the trees, the scents of the forest overpowering me. There was a small herd of deer off grazing to my left but in passed them by, I was in the mood for bigger prey. As I went higher up the mountain I thought more about what Alice said. Could it really help my control? Most likely, would I would I commit multiple homicides? Probably.

I caught the scent of a small black bear; it was sleepy so I could take it down in a matter of seconds. I wasn't like most of the 'teenagers' in my family. I didn't antagonize my prey; if I was going to kill them I would do it quickly and quietly. I snuck up behind the bear and snapped it's neck, it felt very little pain, just surprise. I drained it quickly, the burning in the back of my throat peaking.

I came back to my senses and disposed of the evidence, and getting back to my other thoughts.

I suppose that I could try it out, if I could handle high school then I could handle another human. Besides this one would be a small child; less blood.

My phone started buzzing in my pocket. I sighed; I was probably out here longer than I should have been.

I flipped open the phone and my ears were assaulted with Alice's high-pitched voice, "Oh this is so cool Jasper! You're going to do great! You'll be assigned to the sweetest little girl and you both get along well!"

"Alice, that's fine tell the family I will be home soon and please go bug Edward, he is your husband."

I heard Edward growl in the background and Alice pretended to be offended. I said bye and ended the call. I looked at my surroundings really well for the first time. I was a rocky out cropping and the view was amazing. The tops of trees just barley made it here. There was a small lake a little further down the mountain. The sun was just setting over the mountains surrounding the lake. It was huge in its glory, it put things into perspective.

I took off down the mountain, back to the dreary town of Forks. I hoped that everyone had their emotions under control but that was just wishful thinking, they never control them.

Not far after I turned off the trail I recognized the area, it wasn't far form Port Angels. Wow, I must have really spaced.

I darted back into the forest, taking all the shortcuts I knew so Esme didn't have my head for making her worry. A couple of minutes later I was outside the house; I knew they could smell me but I couldn't go inside, not yet. I fell back on the grassy yard, staring at the darkening sky. It was odd really why I was still here. I have next to no control and it puts my… family at risk.

I smelt Edward come out, he walked at a human's sprinting pace. He stood next to where I had plopped myself down. He felt indecisive, and I knew he heard my earlier thoughts.

"You wouldn't leave right?"

His sudden question caught the rest of the family off guard. I groaned and said, "No, why would you think that?" Then I thought to him, 'you know that someday when it gets to be too much I'll have to. I can't live like this.'

He pinched the bridge of his nose and said, "It takes time Jasper."

'I realize that Edward however I won't be able to take that much more of this. You all are amazing people but I can't live like a monster, I need to find a shred of hope in me to keep going. I'm not unstable, I am not about to run off to Italy and cause trouble' We both knew what I meant by that and he shuddered, then he looked at me with appraising eyes.

"You know, I saw that vision Alice had."

"Is that so," I asked out loud.

"She grows up; she will be your hope."

With that Edward walked back inside, leaving me to digest what that meant. I didn't go back inside until the sky started its downpour.