I glared furiously out the windshield; some creeper of a vampire was stalking that sweet girl. I snarled, he would be a pile of ashes before he touched her again.

My phone buzzed, the vibrations barley registering through my rage induced haze. I grabbed it on its last buzz and growled, "What."

"Jeez Jazzy-poo! Such a temper," Alice's voice was much too perky for my taste.

"A. Don't call me that. B. You better have some news before I turn right around and bring her home." Home, yes. It would hopefully be her home in the future. She could grow up in a semi- normal environment. Well. As normal as a house of vampires could be.

"Ya' know. I should make you wait just for being snippy."

"ALICE!" I roared; the pixie vampire tore the last of my control and the phone snapped in my grip. I closed my eyes and took a deep, unnecessary breath. As I opened my eyes I was at the school. I parked quickly and lunged out of the car to flit over to where my family stood waiting.

My voice was cold and detatched as I whispered, "We will discuss this later. I am going back tonight and I will find the whole story. For now however; we are going home." They; mainly Rosalie, opened their mouths to question me and my faced morphed into something truly vampiric as I hissed, "Later!" I turned and walked to the teacher who was unloading things from the bus.

"Pardon me," I said in a polite tone. He would be too scared otherwise. "I am afraid I have to leave early. Family emergency." I flashed him a smile waiting for his brain to compute. He looked at me then recognition flashed in his eyes. Ding ding ding! Give the boy a prize!

"W-well that should be alright. Check out with the office though!" He called after me because I had already began walking toward the car. I nodded for his benefit then I hopped in and tore out of the parking lot. I saw a glint of silver in my mirror as the rest of my family followed.

The whole way there I was contemplating what the child had been through; a group of sadistic vampires tore through and murdered her family before her eyes and then the ring-leader still tortures her. She must be pretty strong; most adults would have cracked by now.

I pulled in to the drive way and hopped out flitting into the house where Carlisle and Esme were already waiting. The rest of the family appeared next and I took an unnecessary breath.

Looking around I saw; and felt, their confusion and anticipation. But that was only Alice.

"Am I correct in assuming that Alice has filled you in on the details of my required course?" I asked, referring to the Big Brother/ Big Sister project. They nodded and Emmett opened his mouth to speak but I silenced him with a wave of my hand. "Good; now then my charge; a little girl by the name of Bella Swan, is being terrorized. Terrorized by the same vindictive creature that killed her parents." I told them everything I knew; pleading with them to understand. To understand that I couldn't leave her there, I wouldn't. Next came the tricky part though; to explain what I was going to do.

"I'm not leaving her there; she deserves better. I will return to her tonight; as I promised," I nearly snarled the last bit when Rosalie made a hissing noise. "Then I will find a way to get her out of there and away from James." I spat his name and paused assessing the family's reaction. Their emotions ranged from compassionate to confused.

"Jasper," Carlisle began, "I can see that you are dead set on this; so I have no objections. The child already knows what we are so that was one of the biggest obstacles. I see no reason why she couldn't live with us. Though James is disconcerting; I must go speak with a few of my contacts about him." I twitching with anticipation, that intensified Alice's tenfold.

"YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!-" Edwards hand over her mouth cut of the stream of babble. He smirked then murmured, "I don't care, if it makes her this happy."

Emmett was an easy reaction to gauge; "Sweet! Little sister time!!!"

Rosalie; however, was conflicted. Her eyes burned into mine and I stared back willing her to understand. "You realize this would be dangerous for her? Living with us."

I flinched and returned, "Safer then her being unprotected and hunted."

I had a relatively good relationship with Rose; we were the 'twins' in our set up.

She looked at me for a moment more then nodded and I was flooded with relief. The only one left was Esme. I looked at her; letting my hope shine through. She smiled softly and said, "You're happier then I've ever seen you. Of course she can come. You go talk to her and then we can go tomorrow to the agency. It will be nice having a little one around." My dead heart exploded and I darted toward her and spun her around in a giant hug. My voice choked as I whispered, "Thanks mom." Then I darted out and began running to the orphanage; to Bella.


It was dark when I finally disappeared into the bedroom. The time after Jasper left was really bad. I tried to socialize with the others but it was really odd. I had never really spoken to them before and I suppose it was odd for them too. I was the quiet girl who never talked to any of them and a couple of the girls made it very clear that I wasn't wanted in the little group. Apparently they were jealous I got Jasper. I flopped into a corner and sighed, people just gave me a headache. Just as I closed my eyes and resigned myself to the fact that Jasper wasn't coming tonight I heard a tap, tap, tap. I froze my heartbeat skyrocketing as I looked franticly around. I saw the window lit up a bit by the lights outside and there was a person crouched there. I muffled a scream but saw the flash of golden eyes; Jasper.

It felt like my bones went sponge-y as I ran; stumbling a little, to the window. I un- locked the lock and he slid in. He bent down and gave me a big hug. I relaxed almost instantly and I felt safe for the first time in forever. I started trying to explain why I couldn't stay with the others for long but he just chuckled, "It's alright Bella. You did great." I relaxed even more and settled myself on his lap. He rocked us back and forth and explained his talk with his family. Then he whispered, "Bella? How would you like to come live with me and my family?" I froze not daring to hope.

"B-but it would make James follow your family then. Its not safe!"
"Bella my family is really strong. We would be completely safe," He argued back. I bit my lip and started at his face looking for any signs that he was lying, eventually I whispered; "You really want me to go live with you?"
He smiled and said, "Yes; everyone does. Alice cant wait she's practically vibrating in place. Everyone wants you to come!"

I smiled a little and nodded my head yes. He smiled too and crushed me to his chest whispering thank you to me.

We talked for while then I got sleepy. The last thing I heard before I fell asleep was a whispered promise that I would be safe. And I finally believed it.

A/N: Hey i know you all want to murder me but this is all i can think of. Kinda sucky but its the best i can do with writers block.