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The night was still young, and was going to be quite a long one for Kat. Bones had left a brief voice message on her cell phone about their planned outing tonight to some surprise location that he wouldn't divulge anymore details only need-to-know basis. College seemed to be a difficult transition, but she was managing to juggle her life with attending college classes during the mornings and hunting at night with Bone's help. Assuming, Kat chose a slinky, silver halter minidress that was just below her thighs paired with a pair of sexy red five inch stilettos and her hair was teased in spiraling curls down her back. Her pale face helped the heavily drawn black eyeliner to stand out and mascara lifted her eyelashes to voluminous lengths. She gazed at her appearance in her full length mirror before leaving with her trench coat over her outfit not wanting to attract too much attention from her neighbors. Driving off in her outdated truck, Kat drove off quietly not wanting to disturb anyone since almost everyone had turned off all the lights in their residences with the exception of few left on the short street.

Pulling into the woods near Bone's cave, the truck stayed parked close to the woods entrance, while Kat exited the vehicle leaving her trench coat in the car and wandering the hidden walk paths to the cave intricately in her stilettos over the broken tree branches and the uneven parts of the solid hard earth beneath her. Tonight the breeze was blowing violently, threatening Kat's concentration on her task with her leg shivering with her mini-dress not quite so covering her legs regretting not keeping her trench coat with her. After taking a little bit longer than usual from her loss of concentration getting lost along the way but found the hidden foot path in the darkened woods, Kat reached the mouth of the hidden cave and stopped shocked to find Bones sheepishly smiling at her risqué outfit his green eyes examining her whole body. Blushing, Kat was still getting used to dressing provocatively and Bones had helped her get over her initial insecurities of this new style of dressing for hunting down vampires. Though I helped her allure her prey to leave them at awe at her beauty long enough giving her time to stake them in the heart with her hidden weapons hid on her body even with little clothing, which left her prey unaware of her intended plans for them.

Bones retreated from the shadows with his electrifying green eyes staring longingly at Kat's curvy body, making it difficult to concentrate with Kat standing in front of him unaware that her devastating looks had on him. The darkness covered Kat blushing though she found it slightly uncomfortable to wear overly sexy clothing. The change in wardrobe had given her a new feeling of power and femininity, she never experiences in a while.

"Kitten, let's go. Just follow me we'll go on my bike to the club." Nothing could control his dirty thoughts even attempting to focus on another topic, but that failed. Damnit, Kitten! God! You're looking so damn irresistible in that sexy outfit. Can't wait to— though Bones fighting to entertain his own fantasies.

Clenching his hands into a fist, Bones reluctantly turned his gaze from Kat to the cave walking in the opposite direction toward the darken corridor of the cave. Kat followed closely behind him even though she knew the way through most of the cave, but some areas she still hadn't explored with the fear of getting lost. The short walk was silent with the exception of the dripping water from the cave and the clacking of Kat's stilettos against the rock floors. Kat fell behind sometimes with Bone's fast pace walk and it seemed that there was something on his mind bothering him with his unusual silence treatment. Pondering, Kat briefly wondered what could possibly be troubling him, though Bone being the most complicated man she'd ever met had left an endless list of things that could be a nuisance. After lagging behind often thanks to her stilettos, Kat hastened her walk and grabbed Bone's hand to keep up with his insanely fast walking pace. Snapping out of his thought, Bones felt something tug on his hand he looked down to find slim, pale finger entwined with his fingers. Bone turned around swiftly looking deeply into her grey eyes and raised his eyebrow asking, "Having trouble keeping up luv?"

Panting slightly, Kat caught her breath and responded irate, "You're walking too damn fast for me, Bones! You try walking fast in stilettos! I'd like to see you try!"

Bones laughed carefree, commented, "I hope you don't walk this slow when you are hunting vampires down. You won't stand a chance against them at the pace you're walking at now, hon."

"Shut the hell up! I would gladly wear sweats and a t-shirt, but that doesn't help lure them does it?" Kat spouted angrily.

"Feisty much! You're unbelievably sexy when you're infuriated, luv," Bone complemented grinning.

"Let's just go! Damn it, Bones! My feet are killing me!" Kat complained glowering at Bones.

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