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The train ride was going to be long and boring and annoying, Pansy could just tell. She was already dreading it as she made my way to the platform. Her parents hadn't even come to wish her goodbye or good luck or even see to it that she had gotten on safely. Then again, Pansy hadn't really expected them to. She handed the conductor her ticket and he told her which box she was to sit in. Pansy lugged her baggage through the isle until she came upon compartment 23C. She pulled the door opened and swung my bag inside. There was already someone sitting in the box and Pansy decided it would behoove me to be as pleasant as possible. Pleasant wasn't her best quality but there was a small chance that this person could end up being a comrade. She never used the word friend. In fact, she hated that word. Friendship lead to betrayal and weakness.

"Hi," Pansy made her first attempt at conversation.

"Hello," the boy answered. His blonde hair was so bright that it was almost white and his eyes were greener than all greens. He was rather attractive but Pansy shake the thought from her head. Apparently, he had now taken notice of her bag and maked an attempt to be kind, "Can I help you with that?" He asked.

"If you'd like," Pansy shrugged as if it didn't matter to her. He heaved the bag upon one of the shelves and sat back down in his seat. He was reading a book casually and had a nonchalant look on his face that seems to say he didn't care much about anything. Pansy was beginning to think she was starting to like him already and sat down across from him.

"What year are you?" She asked. Quietly, he closed his book and looked her over.

"First. You?"

"First as well."

"What house do you want to be in?" He asked.

"Slytherin," Pansy answered without missing a single beat, "My whole family belongs to the Slytherin house. My parents have been harping on it all week. If I don't get into Slytherin, I don't even want to think about what they'll do."

"Same here," he nodded, "My family is pureblood. Every single one that bears or is destined to bear the Malfoy name is instantly placed into Slytherin."

"You're…" she gasped, "Draco…Malfoy?"

"In the flesh."

"I have heard tales of the Malfoy family. In fact, Mother and Father don't shut up about it. I think they secretly want to be Malfoy's." She hid a giggle behind a cupped hand at all the memories of her mother and father talking about how great the Malfoy's were and how if she was lucky enough to marry a Malfoy they would be the proudest of her that they ever have been.

"Well who wouldn't want to be?" Draco asked, fixing his robes just so, "We are the greatest family."

"Please," Pansy rolled her eyes, annoyed with his attitude, "I hear that every day from my parents."

"Sorry," he shrugged as if it's no big deal, "So, you know my name; what's yours?"

"Pansy," she answered, "Pansy Parkinson. I could crucio my parents for giving me that name."

Draco laughed a throaty laugh, "Pansy," he shook his head.

"Don't laugh!" She growled, "It isn't like I had much of a choice in the matter. I mean, I would have named myself something a lot more suitable."


"Like something strong and dependent. Not something so stupid such as Pansy."

He leaned back, crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. For some reason, she found that that smirk was positively irresistible. Maybe her mother and father would be lucky after all. Maybe she could marry a Malfoy.

"Do you have your schedule yet?" Draco asked.

Pansy dug around in the pocket of her robes and withdrew the crinkled piece of paper and handed it to him. His silver eyes scanned the paper and he nodded casually.

"So?" Pansy asked.

"We have almost all our classes together. So, Parkinson, how was your summer?"

"Boring as hell," she answered as the train began to pull away from the platform, "My parents were traveling so I was home alone for most of the time. But I suppose I should be used to it, right? They always are traveling."

"Same with my father," Draco said, "He's always gone for something or another. It's always so boring alone at home. I guess I should be used to it too, right?"

Pansy shrugged and looked out her window at the passing terrain. The landscape was green and luscious and beautiful. Pansy scoffed and turned her attention back to Draco who had begun to read his book again. She began to study his features – sharp cheekbones, bright blonde hair, deep, piercing silver eyes, and his lips turned in a permanent upward smirk.

She wanted to say something to him but socializing had never been one of Pansy's higher qualities. She began to nibble on her lower lip as she tried to come up with something creative, something that would blow his mind away. Unfortunately, nothing was coming to her.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Draco grabbed a tin from one of his man bags, "My mother is worried that Hogwarts won't have anything good to eat. She insists upon baking for me just in case. She insisted that I bring some of her infamous cranberry cookies with me. Would you like one?" Draco offered up the tin. Pansy wasn't big on eating but she smiled at him and lifted a small cookie from the tin.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Pansy lifted the cookie to her lips and took the tiniest bite possible. It surprised her how good they were.

"These are wonderful. Thank your mother for me."

"I will," Draco took a cookie for himself, "You know, I hope we both get into Slytherin together. It'd be nice having someone to call a friend."

Friend? As much as Pansy hated that word, it sounded nice coming from his lips. After all, she didn't know anyone at Hogwarts and it would be nice having someone to confide in – not that Pansy was much into confiding in people. That would be something she'd have to work on.

"What do you say?" Draco prompted.

"I'd like that very much."

"Good. I can't wait to get there. I've heard so many grand stories from my parents about it. They were sweethearts there, my parents. Both crazily in love. Who'd know by looking at them now?" Draco let out a short, cruel laugh, "But I've heard all these stories about secret passages and moving staircases and ghosts that roam the halls."

"You are lucky. My parents never told me any stories. They just said I am lucky to get into such a good school and that I should be grateful. I know both of them attended Hogwarts but they have never said much about it."

"Well," Draco bit his lower lip for a moment as if considering what he was about to say, "We could…make our own stories to tell."

"Or not to tell," Pansy blushed and Draco smirked.

"One step at a time," Draco raised a warning eyebrow, "But we shall see. Parkinson?"

"Yes Draco?"

"Promise me something."

"I have never been one for promising. Promises are never kept."

"I know," Draco shrugged, "But try. For me."

"Alright," Pansy nodded, "I'll try to promise."

"Very well then. Try to promise that despite my family's name and despite my histories, you will be friends with me because of who I am, not because of where I come from."

"I'll try," Pansy said truthfully.

"Very well then."

Draco situated himself back into the comfort of the seat and cracked open his book once more. Pansy finished off her cookie, looking out the window. All her life, promises have been broken but she hoped that for once, this would be one promise she'd be able to keep – at least if her family didn't interfere. She could already picture her parents' reaction once she told them she had befriended a Malfoy.

He may be a Malfoy but I will not allow myself to like him for just his name, Pansy swore to herself as she watched the landscape fly past.