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Chapter One- Dream

"You can't win,"- Straightjacket Feeling, The All American Rejects

"Miss Kurosaki! This is the nineteenth time this month that you've been sent to my office for wearing the wrong uniform!" the principal had a hard time not glaring at his student. She sat in a chair on the opposite side of his desk, feet propped up on top of it. She was the definition of calm, even yawning to prove it.

"So?" Her voice was bored, and her cocoa-brown eyes never opened, even when the man in front of her sighed.

"Miss Kurosaki, I am aware that you think the girls' uniform is degrading and sexist, but if you insist on wearing the boys' uniform, could you at least grow your hair? You look like a man."

This caused a smile to flicker across the girl's face. One eye cracked open, staring at the man in front of her. "What are you talking about? I have boobs don't I?" This caused him to blush, because there was no way she wasn't a girl.

"Just try not to get into anymore trouble, okay Kurosaki?" The girl laughed all the way out the door.

"Ichigo!" The dry rang out, and the girl turned to face her friends. Keigo, predictable Keigo, tried glomping her, but she shoved his face into the ground. Chad just stood there, but Ichigo could see that his head was tilted just a little bit to the side and she knew he was asking a question.

"What happened in there, Strawberry?" Mizuiro asked. Keigo and Chad nodded, though Chad's was imperceptible to most eyes.

Ichigo rolled her eyes and let out a short laugh before running a hand through her electric orange hair. "Don't worry about me guys. I've been doing this since Dad started buying me the wrong uniform a few years back." She bounced forward, then spun around, "C'mon! I'd rather not have to go to the head's office because I was late. Going for my uniform is enough." Keigo and Mizuiro walked ahead, while she and Chad listened to them argue about who was more of a goddess, Orihime or 'Irena' (Ichigo had figured out right away that meant her). Chad was her best friend, and next to those two, she could see why.

They entered the classroom, and Ichigo used her friends to hide from Chizuru. But it was already too late. "Ichigo!" Orihime exclaimed, and the girls of her class crowded around. Any other day she wouldn't have minded (much), but today something felt wrong in the air, and Ichigo didn't like it. Chad and Tatsuki could handle anything thrown their way, but people like Orihime and Michiru couldn't. And if it was some kind of ghost thing, none of them would be able to, except for her.

"Ichi!" Chizuru and Orihime both hugged the taller girl, although for completely different reasons. Ichigo cringed. They were…….touching her.

"….Hi….me…….Chi…….zu…" she managed to choke out. "…Let…me….go…" Orihime, knowing Ichigo as well as she did, immediately let go. Chizuru pouted a little bit, and ended up on the floor. Tatsuki laughed. A lot. Before anyone could ask Ichigo anything (how did she get to be this popular anyways?), the bell rang, and everyone raced to their seats. Ichigo was glad her teacher had a screwed up sense of alphabetical order and put her behind Chad. That way she could close her eyes and sleep until class was over. Knowing Chad would lend her his notes without her even having to ask (like he did with anyone with the misfortune of sitting behind the tall Mexican), she rested her head on her arms and closed her eyes.

The girl stood with her back to Ichigo. She was shorter than the orange-haired teen, but Ichigo could tell she knew more. Suddenly, a sword appeared at Ichigo's hip. She pulled the blade out of the sheath, and her arm moved without consent, slicing the black-haired girl's head from her shoulders. Ichigo screamed and bolted awake. Miss Ochi was sitting backwards in Chad's seat. Without meaning to, Ichigo reached to her back, knowing something was supposed to be there to help her strike down her enemies. Finding nothing, the girl sighed, and stood up. "I gotta go see the head?" Miss Ochi nodded. Ichigo sighed, gathered up her books, and walked out the door.

After she put her books into her bag, she decided that she could always go see the head tomorrow, and the girl walked to the bathroom. She let the water run for a minute before filling her cupped hands and drenching her face with the cold water. She shook her head a few times to clear it, droplets spattering over her reflection in a pattern undistinguishable to a human mind.

In the mirror behind her, she saw a young girl standing behind her, and sighed. Slowly, Ichigo turned around. "Can I help you?"

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