[ Monster Data ]

Monster Race: Mocchi

Birth Biome/date: FIMBA continent, 803 year (summer). Temperate forest biome.

Parameter levels (for individual, ranging from E to S): Power – C / Stamina – C / Speed – C / Mind and Spirit – C

Description: His background is elusive, but Mocchi is known for his good and carefree character. Appearing before Gray Wolf, Mocchi uses his expansive traveling knowledge to assist him against the chaos that's developing. Has a good control on luci, the opposite of nigrum.

[ FIMBA – IMA terminology ]

Breeder: An occupation of one who raises a monster on a farm. The word mainly refers to humans. Since monsters can't propagate, the humans form a system to produce the best monsters so that they can fight in tournaments, or coach other monsters.

The son of Leap Forest

"Gray Wolf!" Mocchi and Tiger cried out. They rushed to the large gap in the ground, where they saw the old tiger's body drop into.

"What's going on, chi?" Mocchi looked into the depths of the pit. The darkness reached down far; Mocchi couldn't discern even Gray's bright fur.

"Turn back invaders of Leap Forest," a voice resonated from the trees, "we do not want to be involved with you, ever." Both Mocchi and Tiger stepped back from the pit, and moved their heads in every direction, searching for the voice's source. It sounded like a petulant boy, a small fellow who hid from view to cause mischief.

"We're sorry," Mocchi replied, "but we're just passing by."

"Passing by?" the voice said in a dubious manner. "Just who are you? Do you work with the worms?"

"Worms? No," Mocchi answered bewilderedly, and then returned his attention to the hole. He called down to Gray Wolf again, and a groan reached his ears.

"I'm, I'm alright," Gray Wolf said.

Little Tiger leaned his head into the hole, "Big brother, can you get out?!" he asked, his acute and uptight voice rising out as an echo.

"Yeah, give me a moment," Gray Wolf responded. Mocchi and Tiger sighed; despite being unable to see Gray, they felt relieved of concern.

"Tell me who you are!" the voice from the forest prompted again.

"We're travelers!" Mocchi answered, irritated. There was a sound of rustling foliage. Deep green leaves fall from above, landing before Mocchi and Tiger. The leaves were then crushed beneath two hairy feet. A brown rodent monster with large, round eyes landed in front of Mocchi and Tiger. Swiftly, the rodent leapt and flipped over the two, landed, and spun around. Before Mocchi or Tiger could even look behind their backs, the swift rodent flipped over them again.

"Hey, you're a hopper!" surprised, Mocchi pointed to the rodent. "Just what are you doing, chi?"

"I am examining you," the hopper said after landing again, facing the two. "It looks like you don't have any of those circle thingies on your bodies. So, you aren't here to cause trouble after all, are you?"

"No." Mocchi's forehead furrowed as he replied. He was growing impatient.

"or are you," the furry rodent moved up to Mocchi, and raised a fist to the duck's face, "are you one of those sneaky guys?!"

"What?!" Now the two were face to face, arguing back at forth.

"Those guys that act like you're on your side, but they're only here to learn more about you," Hopper said.

"You mean a spy?" Mocchi titled his head.


"Why would I be?! Of course not!"

"Then why are you confused when talking to me?!"

"I am not!" During the dispute, a bright light exploded in between Mocchi and Hopper. Both backed away; Hopper shielded his eyes with an arm.

"You're the one who put down the trap, son," Gray Wolf's head and paws appeared over the top of the pit he fell in. White energy sizzled around his horns. Hopper hissed, giving the gray tiger a defiant grimace.

"Humph, I'm doing it to survive!" the rodent said.

"You could at least apologize," Gray Wolf said. His facial expression was calm.

"I'm not doing that until you've answered my question!" The defiant sound within Hopper's voice did not recede, despite the fact that he faced a monster who escaped his trap with ease. Running along steep, vertical surfaces was an essential technique for speed and equilibrium, especially four-legged agility-inclined monsters like tigers.

"Your question was answered, we're travelers. How about telling us who you are, or do you insist on making us angry?" Gray Wolf simply said, and then narrowed his eyes; Hopper did the same. They both were locked in an unshakable glare, and there was not a single trace of fear within their faces.

"Wait a sec Gray Wolf! I don't think he's an enemy. Don't get hasty, both of you." Mocchi quickly moved in between the two and waved his hands. Both Gray Wolf and the rodent looked at him.

"Hey look, we just want to know where the Islands are," Mocchi said.

"The Islands?!" Hopper sounded surprised, his eyes widening. His interest was piqued.

"Hopper!" A new voice called out, and Hopper turned towards one area of the forest. Emerging into view was another of Hopper's breed. The new hopper was only distinguished by its pink neckband, and by its female voice.

"Sister Pel!" Hopper cried out in shock.

"What are you doing? Who are these monsters?" the female asked. Hopper hummed, folded his arms across his body, and directed his eyes towards Mocchi, Tiger, and Gray Wolf each. He then looked back at Pel, leaning his head.

"Hmm, they guys said that they're 'travelers', sister. They want to go to The Islands."

Pel's eyes widened, "The Islands? You mean like you, Hopper?!"

"What?" Gray Wolf and Mocchi said simultaneously.

"Even he is saying such funny things," Pel shook her head. She sounded like she could not believe what she had heard.

"Hey, did a gold and white tiger come to you and talk about going to the Islands?" Mocchi asked, looking at Hopper.

The furry rodent nodded his head, "Yeah! He told me to go there if I want to take on the dragons. Do you know him too?"

"Hopper, don't you dare!" Pel deplored. "No one will go with you!"

"That's okay, I'll go by myself," Hopper said with a shrug.

"Why won't you listen to your older sister?!" Pel griped, her face clearly showing aggravation.

"Must I always? If nothing is done, we'll just get miserable." At Pel, Hopper shot back with the same defiant look he gave Gray Wolf. His hands shook, "I can't stand the threats anymore, sister."

"Um, excuse me," Gray Wolf interrupted, and walked up to the two hoppers. The siblings ceased their talk and turned their attention to the old tiger.

"I have a feeling that we have something in common."

Later on, Gray Wolf, Tiger, and Mocchi were led further into Leap Forest. Eventually, they reached a tree; waving his arm, Hopper gestured for the others to follow him, and dug himself under a tree trunk. Pel, Mocchi, and the tiger brothers each took their turns to climb into the burrow. Under the trunk, traction took hold of the monsters. They descended into a space, and before the five monsters' eyes was a hall. Lit torches set against pebbled walls revealed a tight path.

"I wonder how long these torches will stay aflame," Hopper murmured to himself as he led the group through the tunnel. Mocchi asked what that meant, but Hopper did not answer. Further in, they entered a large clearance. Surrounding them were huts with thatched roofs, and giant mounds of hard rock. The monsters were in a subterranean village. To the traveling trio, the view before them felt very sophisticated, and it reflected the intelligence of monsters.

"Hopper, you're back!" Upon their arrival, someone called out. Other hoppers emerged from the huts and mounds. One moved from the group to approach Hopper, Pel, and the travel trio. He easily grave off the indication that he was the leader; along with a venerable voice, gray fur grew around the coming hopper's arms and head.

"Chief!" Hopper scrambled up to the gray one. "Our prayers have been answered. These three monsters can help up with the rebellion."

"Are you still talking like that?!" The chief said.

"Of course! We can't cower. We must fight back, not after what they did!" Even with an elder, Hopper continued to press on.

Gray Wolf stepped forward to speak, "Hoppers, we learned from your young one that you were attacked by monsters. Were they under the command of a dragon?"

There was a silence, and the wait for answers seemed to last for an eternity. Gray Wolf peered at the hoppers; they choked on any desire to speak. He wondered if something was holding them back. Hopper turned to Gray Wolf and stared at him with fierce eyes.

"The ones who lit the flames. They were our neighbors, the garu," Hopper said. His kin behind him lowered their heads. Gray Wolf's eyes widened.

"Worm soldiers came to our home to invite us to fight with them. We asked 'for what', and they said for a monster utopia." As Hopper continued, his arms began to shake. Gray Wolf growled, and Mocchi and Tiger stared with anticipation for more.

"They gave off an unlikable force, and many of the garu rebelled. Others, including us hopper were scared. The consequences of the rebellion were bad." Hopper shook his head, and then he slumped. His arms stopped shivering.

"We thought about leaving, but it's a bad idea." Pel said.

"No, it's more severe than that. You won't be able to escape the dragons' malignant forces." Another male hopper from the crowd said.

"That's why it is important to me to go!" Hopper huffed.

"Hopper!" Pel yelled, looking angrily at her brother.

"I love my home!" Despite the looks of disapproval, and the shouts that felt like he was obliged to listen and obey, Hopper's words put everyone to silence. "That gold and white tiger said that The Islands are the answer. And here we have three others who were told the same thing. I don't know why, but if we stay here, we'll just get bullied over and over."

"But it's foolish to take on the dragons." The elder hopper argued.

"Also, what about food and water?" Pel said.

"You shouldn't worry about that so much, sis!" Unconditionally, Hopper was a true youth; he exerted a strong will so much that Gray Wolf felt his own feeling of determination boil inside of him. The boy was just like him; along with being defiant, he was pressured to pursue something because it was for his own well-being.

Gray took steps towards the upset crowd, "Hey Hopper, or anyone here, do you know where the Islands are?" He asked.

"We never went far outside our home before," A male hopper said.

"But word-of-mouth says that it's south across the ocean. There is only one chain of islands." Another said. Well, no kidding chi, Mocchi thought. Annoyed by the obvious, he narrowed his eyes and pouted his mouth. Gray Wolf sighed.

"A tiger named Ghoulshine told us to go there, but before that, we must gather 'some friends'. Even if we did, we wouldn't know how to reach the islands," Gray said, then turned to his newborn brother. "Also, Tiger is quite young. The journey will be dangerous for him."

Hopper rushed in front of the old tiger, pushing his face up to his snout, "You're dead serious aren't you?! About fighting those dragons! You know what my dad used to say when you're not sure of something?" Gray Wolf didn't say a word, and Hopper took a bounce back from his face.

"He would say, 'Just take that hop of faith!' Mister Gray Wolf, let's go find us some friends and some water!" The rodent said.

"Are you saying that you want to come with us?" Gray Wolf asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's futile Hopper!" The elder declared.

"Don't try to stop me Chief! This is the only chance we have."

"You, what would your father say?!"