Chapter 2

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Larkin climbed into the front seat of the beat up white fan and sped off. In the back, Lilly was sobbing. She hadn't known saving someone would cause this much emotional pain.

Good bye Joe. I love you.


"I can't believe she's gone!" Miley bawled.

"This is my entire fault…" Kevin blamed himself once again.

"Kev, it's not your fault. It was that Larkin dude! Couldn't he just ask for money?" Nick replied holding Miley with tears in his eyes as well. He looked at Joe. Joe was staring at the place where his wife had soon stood. He placed his head in his arms, and Nick could hear his muffled tears. Nick slowly unwrapped his arms from his fiancé and put his soft hand on Joe's shaking shoulder. Joe shook him off and Nick sighed.

"Joe…it's okay," Nick whispered.

"No! No it's not!" Joe exclaimed taking his head out, "I lost the love of my life…"


"No! No, you can't do this to me! Get off!!" Lilly cried.

"Get off! Yeah right. Now, let me get your shirt off!" Larkin said ripping Lilly's shirt off and banging her head against the cement wall in the storage facility room that he was keeping her in.

"Please, please stop!" Lilly yelled. Larkin ripped off her pats, and that's when it happened.


Larkin pushed Lilly into a separate room and locked the metal door.

"No, please," Lilly whispered falling to the ground. Her arms were bruised, her head was killing her, and her soul dying.


5 months later

"Joey?" Taylor, Joe's fiancé called as she came through the brown doors of his house.

"Yeah, babe?" Joe called from the washroom. Joe knew that he would never be able to love any girl as much as he loved Lilly, but Nick and Kevin had told him to move on as they all thought Lilly was gone forever. Miley didn't go along with it at first, but soon found that it had helped Joe recover from the suffering he was going through, and went along with it. Joe soon proposed to Taylor when he thought all hope was lost and that his wife would never come back. Although Joe was happy and in love with his current fiancé, there would always be something missing them, and Taylor also knew that. The only person that Joe felt completely and overly satisfied with, was Lilly. But Lilly was never going to come back. So, now, Joe had Taylor. Forever and always, Joe would stay by her, protect her, and love her.


"Lilly, I'm going to open the door now…" Larkin said cautiously through the small hole in the door that had a lock on the outside.

"Okay," Was Lilly's reply. Larkin opened the door and put his arms out. Lilly charged into them trying to escape.

"NO! NO!!" Lilly bawled, when Larkin captured her. He threw her onto the ground and left.

"Good bye, forever Lilly,"

"What are you talking about?!" Lilly cried and resumed to her spot on the cot he had supplied. She saw a white tube go through a very small whole right under the ceiling. Water came splashing out of it into the separate room Lilly was being held in.

"NO!" Lilly got up and ran to the hole, and grabbed a pillow, trying to get it to absorb as much water possible. The water still came spilling through and she fell to her knees and cried.

Soon, the water was up to almost the ceiling and Lilly was treading water, trying to breath. She heard someone banging on the door trying to open it. What kind of idiot was Larkin?? Finally, the water cover her mouth and nose. Lilly took her last breath and her head went under. Her lungs were burning when the last bit of oxygen was gone. The doors opened and Lilly flowed with the water out of the door. She coughed and coughed.

"You're okay sweetie," The police said and carried her out of the room that was hell, into the light and living world. Where soon, she would return to her loved ones.


Lilly sat, waiting, and waiting for Joe to come. How she missed him.

"Lilly?" Miley's voice echoed.

"Miley!!" Lilly exclaimed from the bed she was sitting on in the hospital. Miley ran towards her and gave her a huge hug.

"Lilly, God, I've missed you so much!!"

"Lills!" Nick yelled ecstatically and ran towards one of his best friends.

"Hey, Lilly!!" Kevin called, too, running over to Lilly, along with Ashley. Joe was also there, but he stayed in the corner to himself.

"Joe, can we go say hi? I really want to meet her…" Taylor said trying to pull Joe towards Lilly.

"Joe!!" Lilly cheered breaking away from the group hug. "My gosh, I've missed you so much!!" Lilly wrapped her arms around Joe and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Joe gladly returned it. Taylor watched with her mouth dropped, and tears in her eyes. The kissing continued. Finally, Taylor couldn't do it anymore. She fled out of the room, and left. Kevin coughed and Joe finally pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Lilly asked concerned.

"Shoot," Joe muttered under his breath. "Excuse me," Joe untangled himself from Lilly's arms and went to find Taylor.

"What's wrong? And who was she? The blond, I mean…" Lilly wondered.

"Um…Nick! Who was she?" Miley responded, not wanting to break the bad news.

"What? You're her best friend!"

"Yeah, well…You're more mature! And you're better at breaking not so good news!"

"Fine…Lilly? Okay, well…Taylor and Joe…Taylor and Joe are…Taylor and Joe are getting married!" Nick burst.

"W-what?" Lilly whimpered.

"Lilly…you were just…you were gone for so long, and Joe really needed someone. And Taylor was there for him…So, he kind of…He kind of proposed. He was in love with her, and she was head over heels in love with him," Miley said.

"So what? She's my replacement?!" Lilly cried. She had tears now streaming down her cheeks. "I was gone for 6 months, and he just moves on to someone else? I was so excited to see him! We were going to go to Greece in 3 months, and now, now, we're not because he has a fiancé!"

"Lilly…" Kevin soothed. "It's okay," He said rubbing her back.

"No, no it's not," She whimpered into Kevin's shoulder with Ashley holding her hand.


"Taylor! Taylor, wait up!!" Joe called rushing out the doors of the hospital.

"Go away!" Taylor yelled.

"Tay, wait up," Finally, Taylor collapsed under a tree and Joe knelt down beside her taking her into his strong arms and hugging her.

"Taylor, remember 5 months ago? You accepted me, flaws and everything, knowing that I was a wreck,"

"Joe, you can, you can go back to her. Go back to Lilly if you love her,"

"Taylor, stop it! I love you, okay? You and only you," Joe pulled her, and their lips collided.


"Ugh! This isn't fair. It just isn't. Hey…when's their wedding?" Lilly asked.

"The wedding's August 27th, why?" Miley answered. Lilly sighed,

"That's in 1 month. Exactly, 1 month. Hey, Miley? Did you help her pick her wedding dress?"

"Um…well, um…Yes," Miley answered. "Their wedding is at the church Joe's parents got married at, so Joe's really happy about that! Not that he wasn't happy about your wedding at the beach of course,"

"Yeah, well, everything's ending in a big crash! I just wished I had a chance with him to prove him that…that I really do love him, and that I'm meant for him, and not Taylor!"

"Well, I bet you could just ask him to hang out with you. Like, you could ask him to hang out with you at the beach!!" Miley replied. Yeah, or I could just kill myself there…Lilly thought.


"Hey, Joe?" Lilly asked, after Nick, Kevin, Ashley, and Miley found Joe and Taylor outside.

"Yeah?" Joe asked.

"Do you think that we could meet at the beach? Tomorrow at 7:00pm," Lilly suggested. Joe looked over at Taylor and she gave him a weak smile and a small nod.

"Sure," Joe replied. He opened the door for Taylor and she climbed in thankfully. "See you then," Joe waved from inside the car, and he and Taylor sped off.

"Tomorrow is my last chance.


Lilly got ready an hour before 7:00pm, anxious for her date with Joe. 6:45pm, the clock on Miley and Nick's oven read. Lilly was currently staying there.

"Okay, this is it," Lilly murmured. Right before Lilly closed the door in her white, knee length dress; she spotted a pocket knife on the side table by the door. She looked to make sure no one was watching, and quickly grabbed it. She went out the door and drove to the beach.

Lilly finally reached her destination. She remembered their wedding beach like it was yesterday. Lilly carefully sat herself sat herself on the soft sand and let her toes run through small grains of it.


He was half an hour late. No problem. It was only half an hour. All Lilly needed was 10 minutes. She was positive he would show up.


Lilly sighed. It was okay. He was going to show up. Lilly felt a chill go through her spine. It was getting windy. And she had no one to give her a jacket.


Joe still wasn't there! Lilly's butt was starting to hurt. Where was that boy? He said he would show up…


Okay, that was it. Either Joe stood her up, or he just wasn't going to show up. Lilly sighed.

"Why, Joe?" She whispered and burst into tears. She lost him. She lost the most important thing in her life. He was gone to some other girl, who was so lucky.

"This is it…" She muttered and took out the pocket knife. Lilly placed the knife on her wrist and made one small slit. Lilly flinched at the pain. She cut deeper. She made another deep, deep cut. A third cut, and then a fourth. Tears were running down her cheeks now. Lilly moved onto the next wrist.

"Why, Joe?! WHY?! Why couldn't you just freakin' show up, and then we could live our happily ever after together, just like we planned on when we were teens?! Can't you come and save me? Please, Joe, please…" Lilly moved onto her ankles. Once she was done both, she was losing so much blood. She could feel it. The pain was huge. She hadn't expected to feel this much pain. It was too late. Lilly let her body fall to the ground. She couldn't hold herself up anymore. The blood flowed freely out of her, and onto the beige sand, turning it red. These were the last minutes on earth for her. She laid there, staring at the starry sky. It was beautiful. Lilly closed her eyes. So much blood was pouring out.

"Good bye Joe. Good bye Miley. Good bye Kev, good bye Nick, good bye Ash," Her heart stopped beating, right there on the soft sand, in her white dress, just like a sad fairy tale.


"Joe, where's Lilly?" Miley asked, as Joe and Taylor arrived at her house the next morning.


"You know, you were supposed to meet Lilly at the beach yesterday night at 7:00pm?" Nick asked. Joe's eyes bulged.

"Shoot!!" Joe exclaimed.

"She's still there…" Taylor concluded. Every body moved quickly, getting into their separate cars. Miley frantically called Kevin to tell him to meet them at the beach.

10 dreadful minutes later, they all finally reached the beach and ran towards the ocean. Miley stopped as she saw her lifeless friend laying on the sand.

"No!! Lilly!!!" She cried. Miley collapsed against the sand.

"Lilly…" Nick and Kevin said together. Taylor put her hand on her mouth, and Joe ran towards Lilly. He spotted the cuts on her wrists and ankles.

"I'm so sorry Lilly. I'm so sorry," He said through tears. He lost her. He lost her forever, and this was entirely his fault.

She was dead.

The End

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