Bolt- Prologue- Where's Mittens?

Daddy- Friendship/Romance- Started: 3/28/2009

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my second Bolt fanfiction, hope you like it. It came to mind right when the movie ended.

Bolt walked in the backyard, it had become summer and he was really happy.

The daisies in the backyard were blossomed and they smelled beautiful. The grass was freshly cut, courtesy of Penny, the brunette girl that owned Bolt. The air was humid and moist, but not so hot that you would sweat your sweat glands off.

Bolt was also happy because Penny was out on summer break and she was home everyday, which meant she could play with him for as long as the day lasted. But this wasn't one of those days, Bolt just wanted to take a small stroll through the backyard.

But what he didn't know was that his happy, carefree summer day was about to become a day of anxiety and anticipation.

Bolt watched as Rhino, the brownish red hamster that he had met in a RV park that was, and still was, his biggest fan, walked over to him and met him ball to face.

"Hey Rhino." was Bolt's first words to the hamster, who saluted him and spoke, "Hey Bolt, have you seen the cat?"

Bolt looked around, as a matter of fact, he hadn't seen the black and white cat they knew as Mittens all day. Bolt looked over at the grayish black barn that was located behind him and the house, "No I haven't Rhino, let's check over there." he said addressing the barn. He and Rhino started towards the barn and began their search of the cat, Mittens.

Little did they know, they were about to start and embark on their newest, most revealing adventure yet.

A/N: Sorry, I know this chapter was too short but if you keep reading, the chapters will get better and longer.