Bolt- Chapter 3- The Search is On

Daddy- Romance/Adventure- Started: 7/29/09

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Bolt's furry white eyelids fluttered open revealing his chocolate brown eyes. He looked up at the black starlit sky. And crescent moon provided little light but it was enough to help him see a sleeping black cat beside him. He smiled at his feline friend. His eyes then scanned their ways downward and landed on her grown out belly. Bolt saw something gently move inside the walls of fur and skin making Mittens wince slightly but not enough to wake her. Bolt suddenly was full of curiosity and slowly lifted his paw and gently placed it on her stomach. The babies within his black furred companion kicked again and Bolt smiled, he didn't know why but the feel of the nudge on his paw's padding excited him like a anxious father awaiting the arrival of his own offspring. His paw never left her belly as he laid back down.

Mittens smiled at the feel of Bolt's paw. She felt so safe in his presence for some reason unknown to her. She felt the little one in her kick again and she winced again but she heard Bolt chuckle at the kick.

'If only he knew what it felt like on the inside.' Mittens thought to herself and suddenly she slowly turned around and face the white dog.

"Aw, why'd you turn around, I was enjoying that little one's kicks." Bolt said while flattening his ears and turning his head to look downward and looking up with his eyes. Mittens smiled at the pathetic little white dog,

"Well I wasn't Wags. It was hurting." She laid her head down in the grass, Bolt doing the same.

"Okay, sorry." Bolt said and Mittens smiled,

"Don't be. You're not the one who caused this."

Bolt smiled and looked back up, the moon was hours from setting. Perfect.

"Mittens go inside and get some sleep." Bolt told the cat who looked at him weirdly and he looked away, "Just go, I don't want you out here getting too hot." Mittens smiled and nodded in agreement and began to walk off but stopped and looked behind her,

"What about you Wags." She asked and Bolt smirked,

"I have an errand I need to run. If Rhino's awake, tell him I told him to watch you closely." Mittens didn't know what the canine meant by any of that but walked through the dog door anyway and walked up to Penny's room. As she jumped up on the bed, careful not to hit her stomach she nudged Rhino's ball,

"Rhino, you awake?" Mittens whispered, not wanting to wake up the bundle of blankets that was Penny.

"Wazzit, uh." The hamster yawned, "Am now, what is it CCCCAAAAATTTT???" he said through the yawn and Mittens laid down and looked at him,

"Bolt wanted me to tell you that he told you that you have to keep a close eye on me… whatever that means?" she said confused as to why Bolt even said that in the first place.

Rhino suddenly jumped up knowing what that meant and spoke loudly, "Okay then, you don't do anything rational you hear me furball?" Rhino said to her and she mockingly saluted the hamster,

"Yes sir, Captain Rodent, sir." With that she closed her eyes and fell asleep on the shock ball of fur that was Rhino. Rhino just shook his head and laid back down in his ball and began snoring loudly once again.

Bolt walked through the gravel streets. He looked back at the toy sized silhouette that was his home and looked forward at the long empty road ahead. If he hurried, he would be able to scan the entire countryside and be home before noon tomorrow. Bolt then began running down the road. The search for Mittens' kittens' father… was on.

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