A very digi holiday

Synopsis: The kids leave their Digimons go on holiday! What fun will they have!

Author's Notes:
The all stars story is being juggled with this one...I seriously have too much time

Chapter 1: The place of interest!

Motomiya Daisuke rumbled through all his clothes as he prepared to leave on a holiday with his friends, even though the trip was not planned yet, he wanted to get ready as soon as he could before his sister entered the room and looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Even though you haven't planned this trip you started packing like a maniac," she said and scratched her head before Daisuke tossed out even more jackets and one of them landed on her head.

"You don't understand do you Jun? This is the first time I'll be going on a trip with Hikari! It is going to be awesome!" Daisuke said and rummaged through his shirts before he heard his phone ring, now he couldn't find the phone through the pile of clothes. Taking as much as his hands can hold, he tossed the shirts, pants anything he could grab to the side until finally finding his phone all the way on the floor. When he saw it was Ishida Yamato, he answered and Yamato's cool voice came through.

"Where are you? We agreed to meet an hour ago." Yamato said to Daisuke before Daisuke looked at the clock and realized how late he was and then he sprinted out to his sister's yells.

"Who's going to clean up this mess?! Daisuke!" Jun yelled to Daisuke as her brother ran out of the house in a hurry, "DAISUKE!"

Daisuke entered to restaurant where the rest were seated and some where tapping their feet impatiently before approaching them while scratching his head embarrassedly and they all turned to look at him.

"Great timing." Taichi told Daisuke who smiled sheepishly at them.

"Right...sorry guys...so have you all made a decision yet?" Daisuke asked as he sat at the empty seat at the corner.

"Not yet," Miyako said and placed her head on the table, obviously bored.

"Shortlist currently is, we either go to America, Europe or, as Ken suggested, China." Taichi said and he leaned back on his chair next to Koushiro who was busy using his laptop to look at various locations they can visit.

"Well, if we go to America we can meet up with Mimi." Sora said as she looked at the rest nodding in agreement, "At least we have a guide."

"I find Europe a pretty nice destination as well." Takeru said as he sipped his drink and yawned.

"I've always wanted to go to Paris." Jyou said and started daydreaming of himself in Paris, wandering the streets.

"Yeah, I have Mimi on web chat," Koushiro said and turned his laptop so that Mimi faces them.

"Hi Mimi!" They greeted as Mimi smiled and waved back.

"Well, I have seen most of New York already, if you guys want to come over you are free to do so, though I want to go to Rome." Mimi said dreamily, "Anyways, decision is up to you guys; I'll meet you wherever you go."

"I guess we can visit many different places if we go to Europe so why not?" Yamato said and raised his head, which have been looking down for quite a long time.

"Europe here we come!" Daisuke said and then stood up and walked off before everyone looked at him as he headed for the exit.

"Where are you going?" Hikari called to him as he turned and faced them.

"I'm going to get packed!"

"We haven't even agreed on a date yet..." Takeru said with a sigh as Daisuke already ran out of the door.

"Daisuke is just a Taichi-clone..." Sora said with a small giggle and the rest laughed along before discussing when they should go.

"So we're leaving this Sunday at 7 in the morning, don't be late!" Koushiro told Daisuke through the phone as he already finished packing and tossed the suitcase at the side and lay on his bed.

"Right, Sunday 7 in the morning..." Daisuke repeated and placed his phone on the table before going to sleep. Sunday could not come any sooner.

"Daisuke! It's 4, wake up!" Jun shouted at him and he jumped up and crashed to the floor. Getting dressed, he dragged his suitcase out of the house and placed it into the boot of his father's car and got in as they headed off towards Tokyo international airport where the rest where already there waiting for him, again.

"So, how long is this trip going to last?" Daisuke asked them as Koushiro gave a small grin.

"Twelve hours," Koushiro said and looked at some of them whose jaws have dropped.

"Twelve hours? This is going to be a sleeper." Taichi said and stretched his arms backwards and followed the rest to check in their luggage before heading towards a coffee house within the airport for breakfast.

"So, where are we landing?" Yamato asked Jyou, who handled the flight tickets, and passed them their individual tickets while seated.

"London international airport," Jyou said, "Mimi will reach around an hour after us so I would suggest we wait at the airport first."

As they had their breakfast and a few laughs, they discussed where to go first. The girls discuss suitable shopping areas while Takeru was asking Koushiro about several places of interest in London which they could visit while Daisuke and Taichi catch up on lost sleep. At 6, the announcement was made for them to head towards the departure halls for boarding the plane and they all got up and left the place before Koushiro double checked that he had brought spare batteries for his laptop and then they all went past the metal detector and clearing off before heading towards a room where another half an hour of waiting awaits them.

"So...what are you going to do when you reach England?" Takeru asked Daisuke and Taichi, in a bid to prevent them from falling asleep again.

"Buy tickets to a soccer game of course!" Daisuke said and Taichi nodded, "We're going to one of the most soccer intense countries in the world!"

"Glad that you have found something interesting to do." Takeru said before Hikari came and gabbed on to his arm.

"You on the other hand are going shopping with me!" she said with a cheeky smile while Daisuke started twitching in jealously, and needed Taichi to hold him back.

"Let it go man..." Taichi said and dragged Daisuke towards the plane where they are seated next to each other in one of the first class seats.

As the rest boarded the plane and sat at their respective seats, most immediately leaned on the chairs and took out the various magazines to read; only Iori placed the headphones on and listened to the instructions of the plane before Koushiro sat next to him and leaned back, taking a deep breath and relaxing. The rest already got into their comfortable chairs and are waiting for the plane to take off.

"Why so tense Yamato?" Sora asked as she sat next to him and he constantly looked out of the plane.

"It's nothing; I'm always this tense when I am on a plane." Yamato said and he grabbed a random magazine from the compartment and started reading before Sora giggled at him, getting his attention, "What is it?"

"Seatbelt, plane will start moving in a few minutes." Sora said and she turned her attention to the front and closed her eyes before Yamato gave a small grin and buckled his seatbelt before leaning back.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the plane will be departing shortly, please fasten your seatbelt, turn off all electronic devices and set your seats to an upright position." Came the announcement and then the sound of seatbelts being clicked into the buckle is heard throughout the whole plane before the lights dimmed and the plane started shaking and moving forward.

After the plane took off successfully, there was several activities within them again as Koushiro took out his laptop and began looking at the cultures of England, Taichi and Daisuke pulled the chair back and began to snooze, Yamato and Sora was watching the in flight movie while Ken was listening to Miyako talk about what she thinks she knows about England, Takeru and Hikari were walking around taking pictures of the others, Jyou took out a book and started reading while Iori was playing the in flight games, the plane was extremely lively as they made past the first few hours of smooth flying. As the flight time prolonged and people started losing their adrenaline, most of them started falling asleep until only Jyou was left still reading, finally falling asleep when they reach the six hour mark and he finished his book.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving at London shortly, please return your seats to their upright position and fasten your seatbelts." The announcement came and Taichi and Daisuke went around waking people up and nudging them.

As they returned to their seats, everyone was preparing for landing as Yamato looked out the window to see the beautiful scenery below before Sora climbed over him and looked down as well only for the stewardess to stop her and she sat back down.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have landed in London international airport, the local time is 10PM, we hope you enjoyed your flight and we hope to see you again." The announcement came as they got up, retrieve their small baggage and left the plane from the door where the breeze got blew past them and they saw the London lights in the night and it was an astonishing sight.

"Well, we should wait for Mimi before going off; I suppose most of you already have quite a rest in the plane right?" Koushiro said as they entered the airport to collect their luggage and into the waiting area where they started looking at the pictures Hikari and Takeru have taken, some which drove Daisuke nuts.

"Koushiro, your laptop please, we need the space on the camera." Hikari said and she plugged the camera into Koushiro's laptop and saved all the images into a hard drive that she brought along. As Yamato and Sora looked at the arrivals they saw the plane from New York have landed and before long, the striking pink hair that is Mimi was seen and she walked out, grabbed her luggage before heading towards Sora and Yamato and gave them a friendly hug.

"Mimi! It's been too long." Sora greeted her and then she and Yamato pulled away before Mimi smiled at both of them.

"Where are the others?" Mimi asked as they walked on towards the waiting area and Mimi exchanged pleasantries with the others before they got into different cabs and headed to the hotel which Koushiro just booked with his laptop.

Due to several of them knowing some English they split up and agreed to meet at the hotel directly, which meant no stopping for anything. As they got off their cabs and into the hotels, Koushiro then took charge of the keys and then walked to the rest of them who were sitting at the couches waiting for him.

"Alright, there are twelve of us and we have seven rooms, so we need to decide who is sleeping with whom." Koushiro said and placed all seven keys on the table when Sora took one and Yamato followed her, leaving Takeru behind sighing.

"With a girlfriend he leaves his brother in a lurch." Takeru said and the rest giggled.

Then Hikari took a key and winked at Takeru before Taichi interrupted, "No way you two, I'm not letting you share a room with my sister alone."

"I'm sure they know how to control themselves Taichi, I don't think you have to worry." Jyou said before turning to Takeru and Hikari, "You do know how to exercise self control right? At least give your brothers that."

"We promise." They said before they sat down and saw out the rest of the decision, leaving Taichi sulking and Daisuke fuming.

"Since Jyou-sempai is the oldest, I think he deserves a room of his own." Mimi said and Jyou smiled and took the key.

"Well since you put it that way..." Jyou said and took his key and his luggage and left to catch up with Yamato and Sora who were waiting for the elevator.

"I'm used to sleeping alone, mind if I take a room to myself?" Mimi said and before anyone said anything, she swiped the key off the table and smiled at them, then with six people and three rooms left, Ken got paired with Miyako, Daisuke and Iori and Taichi with Koushiro, then they got off and went to their respective rooms, agreeing to wake up at 9 tomorrow and head off for some sightseeing.

Yamato went in and immediately went to take a bath while Sora sat on their bed and waited for Yamato to be done by turning on the television and watching highlights of a soccer game that took place in the afternoon. After around half an hour Yamato came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe and it was Sora's turn to take a shower, her shower lasted significantly longer and when she got out, she saw Yamato sitting near the window and she went to him and sat next to him while they looked down at the truly beautiful London night.

"Nice isn't it?" Sora asked Yamato and Yamato slung his hand around her and she lay onto his warm body as they just looked the scenery for the next few minutes before Yamato got up and went to the bed with Sora following behind him, then she snuggled into him and Yamato put his arm around her as she gave him a goodnight kiss on the cheek and then went to bed, then Yamato looked up before turning off the lights, then shutting his eyes to go to bed.

"Koushiro...what are you doing? Don't you want to sleep?" Taichi asked as Koushiro set up his laptop at the desk and booted it up.

"I want to plan where we are going tomorrow, at least we can visit several attractions before the end of the day." Koushiro said before Taichi lay down on his bed.

"Why don't go where we want and then meet back here by the end of the day, we're on a free and easy holiday you know?" Taichi asked Koushiro who then smiled at Taichi.

"Well, at least I hope none of us get lost during their own outing tomorrow." Koushiro said before Taichi opened his backpack.

"I got several maps that can be given out to; besides, I want to visit the stadium of Chelsea football club tomorrow." Taichi said and then he covered himself in the blanket, "good night Koushiro...and go and sleep."

"Fine..." Koushiro said and turned off his laptop, headed to his bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

As Takeru came out of the showers he saw Hikari in her pyjamas and looking at him and he walked to her with a small grin curling on lip and sat beside her.

"No funny business alright? We promised your brother." Takeru told Hikari as she pouted before him and then she started tickling him and they both started trying to get the better of each other until they came tumbling to the ground and both of them were panting, sweaty and had a good laugh before returning to their beds, red faced and heavy breathed.

"Good night Takeru." Hikari said as she gave Takeru a small peck on his cheek causing him to erupt with embarrassment, his face turning red and then he quickly turned away from her before she saw him.

Then with a tiny giggle, Hikari went to sleep, waiting for tomorrow where they will begin their holiday in England.

Chapter 1: End