A very Digi holiday

Author's Notes:

Chapter 2: Wondrous London

Daisuke woke up to see that he was early, which caught him by surprise, he went towards the shower immediately but quietly as Iori was still asleep, then after a quick shower, he left the room with a note to Iori saying that he gone to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. As he exited his room, he saw Yamato and Sora exiting their room as well and he ran up to them.

"Morning guys!" he greeted as Yamato closed the door and looked at Daisuke.

"You're early…what happened? A nightmare woke you up?" Yamato asked as Daisuke shook his head violently.

"I happen to be Mr. early!" Daisuke said and Yamato and Sora laughed among themselves before Daisuke pressed the button for the elevator and got in with them, "So, what brought you guys up in such an early hour?"

"We're meeting Takeru and Hikari at a café nearby, they say it has wonderful breakfast." Sora said and Daisuke immediately said he wanted to follow.

"If Hikari is there I'll go too!" Daisuke said in enthusiasm before Yamato heaved a sigh.

"Fine...whatever." Yamato said and he and Sora walked out of the hotel arm in arm into the cold weather, although sunny London with Daisuke following behind.

"Hey bro, Sora…and…Daisuke?" Takeru greeted as they entered the café with Daisuke behind them and Hikari saw Daisuke coming in and decided to mess around with him stretching her arm behind Takeru, placing him in an uncomfortable position in front of his brother.

"I had a good sleep last night especially when I got scared and got to your bed." Hikari said loud enough for Daisuke to hear, causing his eyes to start twitching and his jaw to drop, which Yamato pushed back up.

"Ah…well…" Takeru stuttered and looked at his brother, expecting help although Yamato just shrugged.

"So…what's good around here?" Sora asked Takeru to get him out of the sticky spot he was in.

"Well, almost everything is good…here, I'll show you." Takeru said and led Sora to the counter, thanking her in the process. Then Yamato sat down in front of Hikari while Daisuke headed to the restroom.

"Did you really do anything last night with Takeru?" Yamato asked Hikari as she giggled cutely.

"Of course not, I just enjoy seeing Daisuke rage with jealously." Hikari told Yamato, who unzipped his jacket as the internal heating of the café was more than enough to keep him warm.

"Good morning!" Miyako shouted as she entered the restaurant as many of the locals turned to look at her with Ken beside her and Iori walking behind them. Then Hikari and Yamato lowered their heads to prevent Miyako from spotting them but they were too late as Miyako approached their table, "Wow! Fancy meeting you guys here!"

"Yeah…real fancy…" Yamato murmured before Daisuke came back and tried to sit next to Hikari but Miyako grabbed his ear and dragged him to the other table where Iori and Ken were waiting and gave him a tongue lashing on leaving Iori in the hotel alone.

"Miyako is certainly energetic in the morning." Takeru said and laid down some pastries on the table and sat next to Yamato while Sora sat next to Hikari and placed the coffees on the table before each of them.

"Did we really expect anything less?" Hikari said before snagging a muffin off the tray and the rest shook their heads.

"So…where are you guys going today?" Takeru asked Yamato and Sora who begun sipping their hot coffee.

"London Eye, from there maybe we can plan where we want to go next." Sora said as Ken was trying to calm down Miyako at the next table.

"Sounds like a plan…mind if we join you?" Hikari asked and Yamato and Sora agreed to it and before long, they exited the restaurant while Daisuke only got started on his pie.

Reaching Waterloo station, the four of them got out and were walking towards the massive structure, looking at it in awe before approaching the ticketing counter, and purchasing four tickets. As they entered the capsule, due to their earliness, the capsule only had around six people. As Yamato and Sora stood at a corner and watched the skies, Hikari was busy taking pictures and then they took a picture with each other, and Hikari could have sworn she saw a warmer smile in Yamato and Takeru as they took the shot together.

"Aw…you brothers look so cute together." Hikari said to their annoyance although they accepted it as a compliment.

As the capsule reached the peak, they took a picture together and marveled at the sights of London as the sun beamed down on them. Finally the capsule reached the bottom and they got off before they started looking at the pictures they took, then they walked on to find a street map to plan their next destination.

"I'd say we go shopping." Sora said and Hikari nodded before looking at the boys who gave a shrug that probably meant that they agreed. Then they were off to Soho where the girls could fulfill their shopping fantasies.

"Taichi, how long more are you going to sleep?" Koushiro said as Taichi tossed in his bed moaning.

"Five more minutes mom…" Taichi mumbled as Koushiro sighed and opened the door to check if anyone has gotten up yet, and just when the door opened, he saw Jyou and Mimi walk out of their rooms and walked towards his before entering.

"So…where are the attractions we can visit today?" Mimi asked as she sat on the bed Taichi was sleeping on before grabbing a pillow and throwing it at the sleeping Taichi.

"Well, for starters we have to go on the London Eye; I heard Yamato and Sora went there this morning." Koushiro said.

"Why didn't they wait for us? We could have all gone together…" Jyou said as he pushed his glasses up.

"It's a lovers thing, they want to be alone…you wouldn't understand." Mimi told Jyou as Taichi sat up behind them and sniveled.

"So…how many of us are still in the hotel?" Taichi asked as he got up and headed towards the bathroom.

"Miyako and Ken got off with Iori, saying they were going after Daisuke, and I called Hikari and Takeru, apparently they went out for breakfast pretty early." Jyou said, "Looks like it's the four of us."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go then!" Taichi said as he got out of the showers, already dressed and the four of them head out of the hotel to officially start their holiday.

"Yes mother I am alright…" Ken said through his phone as he trekked along beside Miyako and Daisuke with Iori taking the lead this time.

"Really Daisuke what are you sulking about?" Miyako asked Daisuke who seemed to have a black cloud over his head, "We're in London! One of the most beautiful places in the world, least you can do is not to ruin it for us."

"Looks like we are at a soccer stadium." Iori said and this drastically improves Daisuke's mood, he saw that it was the Emirates Stadium of Arsenal Football Club and he began taking wild pictures of the massive structure.

"Well…his mood certainly changed quickly…" Miyako said before Daisuke was running around the stadium buying a scarf, coffee mugs, anything that he could get his hands on.

"We better stop him before he ends up begging on the streets for money." Ken said and he walked to Daisuke and dragged him away from the merchandise shop called The Armoury and so as to let Daisuke have remaining cash for the rest of the trip, which is going to last indefinitely.

As the girls visited just about every shop, Yamato and Takeru have been basically transformed into pack mules, carrying various bags from different stores and occasionally the girls would get them into a store and buy a few clothes for them, although they would be the one that ends up paying for it.

As found a place to sit and rest for the day Sora and Hikari talked about what they have bought and Yamato and Takeru sat back on their chairs and rested their arms, which have been carrying bags of shoes and clothes for at least three hours. After an hour of rest, they returned to the hotel where they dumped their things into their rooms and Takeru and Hikari headed off for lunch while Sora and Yamato stayed in their room.

"Today was fun wasn't it?" Yamato asked her as he tried to start a conversation.

"Anyway with you is fun." Sora said cheekily as she rummage through the clothes that she bought.

"So…what did you buy?" Yamato asked as he started drinking his bottled water, though when Sora showed him an extremely sexy and relatively invisible nightgown, most of the water came out through his mouth and nose.

"Oh you…really…don't you want to see me wear this?" She said as she got close to him, causing his face to light up light a traffic light.

"I…uh…" Yamato stuttered and Sora giggled before she playfully touched him on the nose and moved off to prevent him from exploding in emotion. Then as Yamato looked at Sora's back, he heard the doorbell rang and he went over to open it, there stood a man with a food trolley and there was champagne, some rather exotic food and a note, which Yamato picked up while he tipped the man.

It read 'Bro, lunch is on me today, Takeru' and this brought a smile to Yamato's face as he pushed the cart towards the middle of the room and in front of the bed where Sora sat next to him, having a quieter than using lunch with Sora was really not what Yamato had expected, even though it was quite delightful.

"You got something there…" Sora said and she took a napkin and wiped around his mouth before Yamato just smiled at her and she smiled back, and it was a silent moment which has no need for words, after lunch, he pushed the cart out so no one would disturb them and then they just lay back on the bed together waiting for the sun to set.

"Isn't that romantic?" Mimi asked Taichi as they saw Takeru and Hikari sharing an ice-cream as they walked past and they walked towards the duo.

"So, what did you guys to this morning?" Mimi asked them as she sat down.

"We took the London Eye with Yamato and Sora and bought loads of stuff, well actually I bought loads of stuff, and Takeru was there to carry it." Hikari said and Takeru looked at the other guys who nodded understandingly, "We dropped it off at the hotel before going out."

"Why isn't Yamato and Sora with you guys?" Jyou asked them.

"They want their alone time…" Hikari said dreamily.

"I got them lunch served to their room so I don't think they will go out till tonight, so…who is the group host for tonight?" Takeru asked and Koushiro raised his hand.

"Well, I'd say we go for a walk around to look for dinner locations, I suppose at least we can have dinner together every night." Koushiro said and the rest agreed, then Takeru and Hikari got up and were about to walk off when Taichi stopped them.

"Where are you guys going?" he asked while placing his hands on his hips.

"Tower of London, wanna come with?" Hikari asked him and Taichi looked at Koushiro, Jyou and Mimi who nodded.

"Alright, so how do we get there?"

Daisuke, Ken, Miyako and Iori were at London Zoo and everything seemed to have caught Iori's interest and Miyako was entertaining him leaving Daisuke and Ken walking behind as if it was a stroll in the park.

"So…why are we in a zoo?" Daisuke asked Ken who was looking at the fun Miyako and Iori were having.

"Well, this is the oldest scientific zoo ever recorded, and it's a pretty decent way to spend the day right?" Ken asked as even Daisuke was marveled by the surrounding, luscious and green with the sound of animals echoing around.

"Yeah, guess you're right." Daisuke said and as they walked along Ken looked at his watch and then quicken up to catch up with Miyako.

"We need to go back now; we all agreed to meet back in the hotel at five." Ken said before Miyako and Iori agreed, but not before she tossed her camera at Daisuke who caught it, rather frantically.

"Daisuke, take our picture." She said as she held onto Ken's arm and smiled at the camera, "Ken, smile, now."

As Ken gave the warmest smile he could muster at that moment, Daisuke took the shot and with that final camera flash, their afternoon ended.

As the crew met at the front of the hotel preparing to leave for dinner, they all turned to Koushiro who led them to a rather fancy restaurant that had quite a low number of people, probably due to it being a Monday and it had a wonderful ambience. Then as everyone took their seats and ordered their food, Taichi felt inclined to start a conversation.

"So…where did everyone go today?" Taichi asked as they all placed their menus down, almost simultaneously.

"Shopping in Soho, London Eye and stayed in hotel for a few hours, all with Yamato." Sora said and everyone looked at Yamato, who tried using his hair to cover his red face.

"Takeru and I went out with Sora and Yamato today, though at the afternoon we went to the Tower of London with Taichi, Mimi, Jyou and Koushiro." Hikari said while looking at Takeru who nodded along.

"Ken, Daisuke, Iori and I went to the London Zoo, it was quite marvelous really." Miyako said.

"Don't forget, we went to the Emirates Stadium of Arsenal football club." Daisuke added on.

"That really wasn't really a we-event; it was more of you buying nearly everything in sight." Iori commented and Daisuke laughed out loud before Sora placed a hand on her face.

"I totally forgot to go there!" Sora said in disappointment.

"Well, there's always tomorrow." Yamato said while scratching his head.

As their food came and they ate, there was really very little interruption and before long, they were done and were waiting to go off as Jyou handled the bill.

"This dinner is on me," he said and when Koushiro tried to intrude he just paid for the meal and huddled them out of the restaurant.

"So, are we going for a group outing tonight?" Miyako asked but some of them already were yawning.

"Not tonight Miyako, I'm really tired from walking the whole day." Takeru said and Hikari agreed with him.

Then as they headed back to the hotel and into their respective rooms, some of them really could not wait to sleep.

As Sora changed into her revealing nightgown, Yamato tried his best not to look and instead was simply lying in bed when she went to him and lay beside him. Then she sat up and sat on him so that he had no choice but to look at her, then there was an awkward moment of silence as Yamato stared into her eyes and she just sat there but soon after she laid down on him and started cuddling onto him. Though all of a sudden, a mood killer came as the doorbell rang then Sora looked at Yamato.

"You get it; I'm not answering the door wearing this." Sora said before Yamato nodded and got out of bed and walked towards the door. Opening it, he saw it was Taichi, Daisuke and Koushiro standing before him outside his room.

"What is it?" he asked as he looked at them, tired eyed.

"Poker?" Taichi asked with a wide grin and holding a pack of cards.

"No, I am really tired…maybe tomorrow." Yamato said and shut the door in their faces before walking back to bed with Sora in it, though she is already half asleep. Getting in bed, Yamato then felt Sora curling up like a cat next to him before shutting his own eyes, though he doesn't show it, he is eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

Throughout the night, Taichi and Daisuke went around looking for Poker buddies although to no avail, Mimi kicked them out of her room, Jyou was already asleep when the knocked on his door, Miyako and Ken stayed outside and Takeru and Hikari refused to open the door for them.

"Man…it's only eleven, who sleeps this early?" Daisuke asked Taichi who shrugged before they saw Miyako and Ken returning with a whole lot of bags, mostly carried by Ken.

"Guys! Wanna play poker?" Taichi asked and Miyako nodded in enthusiasm before she turned to Ken who gave her an if-you-want-to look and then they headed to Daisuke's room where Iori was watching television and started their rounds of poker, although they need to teach Ken how to play first. Thus most of them finally fell asleep except for those four, who were still energetic late into the night.

Chapter 2: end