Title: Twist Of Fate
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Seasons 1

My dear, For I am lost.

Gone from this place without regret.

Mourn me not, for I am free.

Oh, but my dear.

How I loved you so.

"Did you know there's a sex disordered where any slight jerk or vibration will cause you to have an orgasm?" Ashley asked me her eyes never leaving her magazine.

"Are you serious?" I couldn't help but laugh, I mean if you had to have a disordered, that sure was one to have.

"Yeah dude. It says that a person with this disordered could have up to 200 orgasms a day…I mean really, I bet they have to carry a shit load of extra panties with them all over the place"

I laughed at her, "At lest she wouldn't have to fake it with her boyfriend."

Ashley shook her head laughing, "The poor guy, thinking he was great when really he sucked." We laughed, when I happened to glance up and notice the guy sitting at the table next to us was looking quite amused. undoubtedly he heard us, I blushed and kicked her leg under the table. "Ash!" I hissed hoping he wouldn't hear me

"What?" She said glaring at me I shot a look over at our newly discovered – amazingly hot- observer who seemed to be ignoring us now. Ash rolled her eyes at me before going back to her magazine, obviously not caring if we were over heard.

"What are you reading anyways?" I asked, quietly hoping not to draw the strangers attention again. She held the glossy blue magazine up, Cosmopolitan was written up top; this time I was the one rolling my eyes.

"Hey you can learn a lot from reading this" her voice was dead serious causing me to laugh "Oh yeah, I'm sure you can. I mean I really want to learn the-" I read the cover "'60 tricks of the tongue that will drive him crazy' it's my life goal to master those, besides, we're supposed to be studying,"

"Oh come on Alex, Lighten up. You'll ace the test like you always do. I bet you've even studied for this thing already." She knew me all too well, But still, A girl can never be too prepared.

Plus what she didn't know was that I was on edge all week waiting for something bad to happen. Not that anything -bad that is- was going to happen. Yet, I couldn't stop feeling like the world was about to come crumbling down on me.

I blamed it on the fact that I was turning eighteen and that this was my last year in high school. That hopefully my SAT scores were good enough that I could get into a good college.

"Alexandra Grace Parsons-" I looked up, frowning at her 'stern' sounding voice "Take a break. You deserve one. Anyways, your birthday is tomorrow-" She looked at the clock, "or I should say in 5 hours, so please lighten up." She was right; everything was going to be fine. I knew that… I did. I just, I just felt off. But how could I explain that to my best friend?

I gave her a small smile "Okay your right. I'll take a break... tomorrow" She frowned

"And why do I have a feeling that you're lying to me" she asked before glancing at her watch "I have to get going. Mom is going to flip if I'm not home soon. I'll text you later?" Though she lived across the street from the library, I knew it would take her awhile to walk home.

"Sure. I'll see you tomorrow, we'll do something fun." She gave me a sly smile, before she could say anything I interrupted.

"Oh and Ash, When I say fun I mean, going to a movie and out to eat, maybe hit the mall check out the hot guy that works at the Orange Julius" She laughed at me as she got up.

"Cause that is the ideal fun of a Friday night"

"Hey it is to me"

"I know" We busted out laughing causing the old librarian to glare our way, which made us continue are laughing..

"Talk to you later darling." I said still laughing at bit, but more quietly. "Later Alex!" Ash said as she walked towards the exit, I shook my head wondering how I got such a cool friend.


I rubbed my temples, my eyes blurring the words together. I checked the clock, it was almost time to leave, sighing I grabbed my book and I walked back over to where it belonged.

"H, I, J, k" I shut my eyes as my head started to throb. Taking deep breaths trying to calm myself but it didn't seem to work as another shot of pain entered my head. I grabbed my head holding it as images started to fly at me.

There was blood. A lot of blood. Someone's screaming. Pain, it hurts, it hurts everywhere. I've been waiting for you, I've been waiting for you, and I've been waiting for you little star...

I was vaguely aware that someone had grabbed me keeping me from falling to the ground.

"Hey. Hey are you okay?" A male voice said causing me too look up through my blurred vision. I shut my eyes again a moment later trying to regain my balance and sanity.

What the hell just happened, I wondered. Sure that there was a somewhat plausible reason to it.

I had to clear my throat before I could talk, my heart was still pounding at what I seen.

"I'm fine" my voice sounded hoarse to my own ears.

I unclenched my eyes that weren't as blurred at before and looked up to the guy who had talked to me and kept my from falling. I was suddenly very aware of the fact that he still had his hands on my arms keeping me upright. I gave him a small weak smile.

Well this is embarrassing.

"You sure your okay?" he sounded like he didn't believe me. But who could blame the guy, I bet it's not every day he runs into a girl having a freak out in the history section of the library.

"Yeah" I moved away from him, almost losing my balance. Thankfully he caught me I wasn't sure if my body or mind could handle a trip face first too the floor.

"Come on, let's get you sitting" He said, I could only nod my head at him not sure if I could talk.

His arm went around my waist and he pulled me close to him so that my weight was all on him. I was to scared and freaked out too care or notice the closeness of him. I wasn't even aware really that we had started walking until a voice broke me out of my daze.

"Hey Sammy the library isn't really the place I meant when I said you needed to pick up some chicks" Another male voice said to the guy who was holding me up.

"Here sit down and please ignore my bother" I gave him -who I'm guessing was Sammy- a weak smile. I looked down at the ground and tried to calm my breathing hoping I wouldn't throw up.

"Do you need water or something?" He said after a minute of silence.

I looked up at both of the guys, noticing that the other one was the hot one from before. Great, just great; I thought to myself. This guy probably thinks I'm nuts.

"Sorry. I guess I just got dizzy there for a second" I gave them both a small smile.

There was an awkward silence, both of them staring at me. "I'm Sam-" the tall -very tall- one who helped me said "-This is my brother Dean" he pointed to the other one. Looking at them, they didn't look like brothers much, but there definitely was some sort of connection between them.

I couldn't help but wonder if they get mistaken for lovers, they were hot enough to be gay, that's for sure.

"I'm Alexandra" My voice still sound hoarse and confused.

As if reading my thoughts, Sam looked at me. "What happened back there?" He looked concerned.

Wow, with puppy dog eyes like that I bet he gets away with a lot of stuff. I shook my head out of that thought. This is not the time or place to be checking out the hot guys.

"I'm not sure-" I was having some sort of psychotic break down, maybe? "I guess it was low blood sugar or something" That could cause a girl to freak out, right?

"You get that a lot?" Dean said looking at me as if he could tell I was lying.

No. Never. But if I told them that I'm sure they would insist on helping me. Ether by taking me home or calling someone to come get me. They seemed to have the whole 'protective of strange girls in libraries' vibe to them. And I was finally realizing the full extent of how embarrassing the situation was, So I did I avoided his question and just smiled.

"Oh look at the time. I should get going, my mom will be here soon to get me. I don't want her to wait" I got up slowly, hoping I didn't land flat on my face.

YES! I made it! I thought triumphantly too myself.

"Thank you again for your help." I said giving Sam a giant smile and small one to his brother Dean.

I walked out of the library without so much as another word from them and I couldn't help but let out a silent thanks.


Thirty minutes later I was still waiting on the steps of the library. Which was very odd seeing as how my mom should have been here by now. She was never late, which was one of the reasons why I wasn't allowed to drive my car. 'Why waste your gas, when I'm going that way too' as she would say. I tried calling the house and her cell phone, no answer. Which made it even more odd and worrisome.

"Still here" a deep voice said from behind me, startling me. Please god, no. I thought turning around and frowned at the two guys standing that the top of the steps. I hadn't even heard the door open and shut.

Seeing them standing there was very intimidating. I wasn't sure if it was the thirty minutes of fresh air that cleared my mind of my little freak out. But I finally noticed how super tall Sam was and how broad his brother shoulders were. They both looked very fit.

"Yeah my mom's running late" I wasn't sure if they heard the uneasiness in my voice.

"You need a ride?"

I thought about it. I could get a ride from two nice -seemingly nice- hot strangers. Or I could wait for my mother who I doubt is coming and walk the six miles back to my house. I knew that Ashley's mom wouldn't let her drive me even if I asked nicely. Her mother never liked me nor did her father.

So do I walk or go with the strangers. I gave them another glance.

Yup. They were still intimidating, tall and pretty well built. I knew given the static I wouldn't have s hot against them. BUT, I needed to get home. My mom was never later. EVER.

And I couldn't fully get rid of the gut feeling that something was wrong.

That left me with one choice:

Hot guys it is.

"Yeah, I'd appreciate a ride" I said standing up wiping my hands on my jeans, hoping I made the right choice and I didn't live to regret this.


When we got to my house I noticed that all the lights were off. Yet, oddly enough both cars were in the drive way.

As soon as the car stopped -Or should I say Dean's '67 Chevy impala' as he so nicely told me when I mistakenly called it 'the old car over there'.- I got out nearly slamming the door.

"Thanks for the ride" I called as I ran to the door. Every step I took getting closer to the house, I felt my heart beat a little faster. Another little tug of my subconscious telling me not to go to stay back. That there was danger in there. But I ignored it and kept going.

"Mom! Dad!" I called as I opened the door and walked into the dark foyer. I frowned when I heard nothing. "I'm home!" I shouted waiting for a responsive.

"Mom? Dad?" I hit the light switch on the wall


Nothing happened. I frowned flicking the switch again while dropping my book bag on the ground.

Still with no light I made my way towards the kitchen to get a flashlight.

"Stupid fuse" I muttered to myself. And briefly thinking that my parents were out back on the patio and didn't see the time -since the power was out- and that's why my mom didn't get me on time.

As soon as my feet hit the linoleum in the kitchen I was flat on my back my head hitting the floor with a loud smack. I winced at the pain. Feeling the liquid seep through my clothes and hug too my skin I sat up.

"Ow" I said rubbing the back of my head wondering why mom or dad didn't clean up the water. I sat there for a moment letting my eyes adjust better to the dark. The moonlight coming from the patio doors and the kitchen window danced across the room letting my eyes adjust to the dark.

When it was possible to see I froze bringing my hand up to my face. My heart stopped as I saw that the water was red, blood red. Blood, it was blood, I'm sitting in blood.

"MOM! DAD!" I yelled getting up! Trying my hardest not to fall again. My feet slipped again bringing me down to my knees. This can't be happening, I swallowed a scream.

"MOM!" I screamed as I reached up awkwardly so I could hold on the kitchen island.

Then I saw it.

A blood curling scream erupted from me. My mother was laying there in the kitchen, with blood surrounding her, next to her, my father in his own pool of blood.

My mind told me to look away as it tried to block the image out of my mine.

So much blood. I started to walk towards them shaking. I had to save them. I had.. I have too.

So much blood.

Bile rose in my throat but I ignored it.

"ALEX!" I felt someone grab me pulling me away from my parents blood covered bodies.

I fought against them as their arms tighten around my body.

"No, No! NO! NO! Not them. Please god not them!"

I needed to get to them. I needed to save them.

"LET ME GO!" I screamed adrenaline rushed through my body letting me break free from my captor. Rushing forward I fell on my knees beside my mothers body my hands automatically going to my mom's face patting her cheeks gently.

"Mom, please mom wake up. You got to wake up now mom, please."

She's just asleep. That's all she's just asleep and this…this red stuff isn't blood. No. No not blood its something else.

"Dean get her out of here!"

"Come on Mommy. You gotta wake up now okay? You gotta wake up" I sobbed my shaking hands still on her face.

I felt someone behind me grabbing me pulling me away from my mom.

"STOP! STOP IT! I HAVE TO WAKE HER UP!" Why can't they see that she's just sleeping?

I was too weak to fight him, my mind and body felt as if it had aged a hundred years in a single moment. I couldn't do anything but cry this isn't real, that she's just sleeping.

"Stay with me Alex." I heard someone whisper in my ear but I forgot it a moment later, as if I didn't hear it. I wasn't even aware that I was being carried out of the house by a stranger.

I couldn't even feel the grass on my skin as he put me down on the front yard.

Mom, she was suppose to get me at the library, she's there now I bet, I bet she's waiting for me there! It's someone else inside. I have to go back to the library I have to wait for her there!

I started to move to leave only to be pulled back down to the ground making me lay down. "ALEX!" hands gripped my face forcing me face their owner.

"Alex, Can you hear me? Damn it answer me Alex?"

"She's in shock Dean."

"Thank you captain obvious"

I need to go, I have to find my parent's I have to, and too, I don't know I have to find them. Why won't he let me go? Why won't he let me find them?

"Alex, look at me"

"We have to call 911 Dean"

NO! why is he keeping me here.


"Shut up Sam!"

"Alex you have to snap out of this. Look at me damn it" I looked at his eyes wondering who he was and what he was doing before my eyes fluttered shut.

"Look at me!" I heard the male's gruff voice shout, a hand patted my cheek "ALEX!"

Nothing but blackness surrounded me.

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