The thing about hunting is it's never what you think; There is always some wrench that gets thrown into the hunt. Some puzzle piece that doesn't reveal it's self until it's almost to late. There is always some moment where you second guess everything you've learned because no hunt is alike. Monster are as individual as snow flakes, as people. And that, I've realized is scarier then anything I ve ever faced.


"When are you going to stop lying to us?" The accusation stopped me dead in my tracks, I turned towards Dean "It wasn't a lie." I spoke softly, emotion thick in my voice. "All you do is lie Alex." Dean said, his eyes seeing into my soul, burning me with his anger.

"That's all we've ever known you to do, why should we believe you now." Sam added, his eyes sad and helpless.

"I' was trying to protect you." I whispered, "the truth-"

"The truth is the only thing we ever asked of you." Dean pounded his hands on the table. And the one thing you could never give us! Damn it Alex! How could you?

"I DIDNT MEAN IT!" I cried going towards him, he backed up the rejection clear. "I thought If I told you, you'd worry. I thought I could handle it on my own."

"No." Dean said, his words clear and sharp. "You just didn't trust us. But you trusted him," the disgust he felt was obvious. "Maybe you should just go Alex."

"Dean..." my chin quivered, "You don't mean that." He said nothing, so I turned to Sam. "Sam," I bit my lip, wiped the tears that fell from my eyes, "Sammy "

"He's right Alex." Sam said quietly, "You don't belong with us." he looked away, ashamed his voice almost a whisper as he his said the five words that broke my heart. "You only make things worse."


one week earlier.

"So what exactly is this case?" I asked looking over Sam's shoulder at his laptop. "We're not sure, yet."

"Yeah," Dean snorted, "Sammy just sure it's a case." Sam sighed, running his fingers through his shaggy hair, "Dean, I told you. All the signs are here. People randomly changing, other's just disappearing ..." he trailed off

"Okay, I admit it's something," Dean said getting off the cheap motel bed, "But nothing we've found has pointed towards anything supernatural."

"Dean. Do you honestly believe five college students just up and ran away in the same town all in the same week." Dean shrugged, "People do weird things all the time. Lifetime had a movie about a bunch of chicks getting knocked up at the same time to be cool, and it was based on a true story."

Sam and I stared at Dean, mouths ajar. "What?" he asked, then looking suddenly embarrassed he mumbled "there wasn't anything else on."

"Okay, whatever it is" I began, not really want to think to far into Dean Lifetime movie habits- When did he even have time to watch them? I wonder curiously. "Needs to be stopped. Supernatural or not. So what's something they all have in common?"

Sam sighed, "Nothing that I can find. I mean, it's the same university, so there is a small common factor of classes, a few local bars, but nothing that sticks out that they would all go there."

"So different clique at school." I frowned, "Who was the first one to 'run away'?" "Kevin O Dell" Sam, bringing up the newspaper article of his disappearances, also the police report. "According to this his parents who don't seem overly concerned."

"The parents are the one that got ahold of the police?" I frowned, "Why didn't the school?"

"Well..." "The school told the police that he was on drugs, that it wasn't unexpected that he took off. It wasn t until the parents got ahold of his friends at school, after weeks of no contact did they file a report." Dean said, still laying on the bed. Sam and I turned to him again, "What? Just cos I don t think its supernatural doesn t mean I wouldn t look into it." he said frowning.

I turned back to Sam "And the last person who took off?"

"Sandy Conner" Sam, again brought up the report this time of her, the article had a recent picture of the teen. Black hair, dark eyeliner and black clothes "She was 'troubled' according to reports. Her parent's believed she worshiped the devil." I raised my brow, "Why because she wore black clothes?" Sam shrugged. I sighed, "Okay, well other than the obvious the school being the only connection between them..." I trailed off, noticing the gleam in Dean's eye and the small smile on Sam's lips.

"What?" I asked.

Dean getting off the bed, "I think we need to cover all the ground. The school and the parents."

"Okay," I said, understanding but not really, "we can start interviews tomorrow, try and find more connection." Dean's smile got bigger, Sam chuckled, Slowly and confusedly I asked "What am I not getting here?"

"How do you feel about College?" Dean said. Then not letting me say anything, "Cause you start tomorrow."

"College?" to say I was surprised would be an understatement. He smile got wider, his eyes taking in my dark jeans, a white baggy t shirt, no make-up appearance "You look sixteen so it might be hard..."

"Hey," I snapped, "Just cause I don't dress to show off my h-" Sam put his hand over my mouth stopping me from speaking. "It ll be easier for you to get information, with your look-" I thought about biting his hand "You' re more approachable, almost innocent"

I rolled my eyes, he stopped covering my mouth. "Yeah, yeah. I get it. I look like a kid." I grumbled. I sighed glancing at the clock, I better go school shopping I said snidely.


I started at my steam filled reflection, I could see it. The roundness of my face, that made it seem as if I never lost my baby fat. My wide innocent eyes, that made me look more naive.

Even with all that I had seen in the past year.

And sure, I never dressed my aged. I never got 'dolled' up. Who was I suppose to impress? Dean and Sam? Bobby? Or the monsters we hunt?

I opened my duffel bag, There wasn't any need for dresses or skirts. For nice shirts and blouses that would only get bloodied and torn. So what if hoodies and jeans, plain t's were all I wore (with the occasionally tank top and shorts if we happened to hit a hot state during summer.) That didn't I was any less girly did it? It just meant that I was, well, practical.

"Logan hurry up!" I growled, the sudden knock on the bathroom door causing me to jump.

"Open up Cinderella, your fairy god mother is here." I could here the amusement in his voice. I opened the bathroom door, but not before making sure my towel was firmly in place.

"It took you long enough Logan." I growled, grabbing the bag out of his hand "Sam and Dean will be back with breakfast soon." I could almost hear him roll his eyes, "And we can't have them finding me here can we."

I snorted, "I don't care if they find you here Logan, they can kick your ass for all I care. I just don't want them seeing the clothes. If they want a sixteen year old teenage girl, they might as well get one" I smiled "rebellion and all." Logan smirked, "So lets see it."


"Wha-what did-" Sam stopped his sentence short, frowning. Dean stared at me uncomfortably, "Where did you get that" He paused horrified "That thing?"

"What this?" I asked innocently, twirling in my dark purple empire waist sundress, that was a bit to short and showed a bit to much cleavage, yet looked innocent enough. Especial with the nice pure white ribbon that I had tied into a bow for a headband.

I knew I looked like some young virginal sacrifices ready to be offered to some god. I couldn t help but smile. "You told me to play the part."

"Yeah," Dean said growling "dressed."

"I am dressed Dean. Just not in baggy t shirts and jeans," I walked the few steps toward him and grabbed the bag of food out of his hand getting my stuff out. "Its to cold out for a dress," he grumbled, Sam gave him a disbelieving look but didn't say anything.

"It's 65 degrees out Dean, I'd hardly call it winter." taking a bite of my bagel with cream cheese and jelly, before saying "You wanted innocent Dean, I m just doing what you said."

"That isn't innocent." he said glaring. "Then what is it?" I asked, pretending to be totally confused by the reaction that they were having.

"Look Alex," Sam said butting in, "Guys see..." he stopped and motioned to my outfit, trying not to actual eye it. it meaning my cleavage. "that. And they don't see innocent girl, they see..."

"A conquest." Dean all but shouted, Sam frowned but nodded in agreement.

"Ah," I said, "I see." Victoria Secret is a god send. Dean and Sam nodded, "You're saying guys like when girls look innocent," nonchalantly "sweet? they take it as-"

"Hot." Dean said then frowned looking away. "some guys, anyway." Oh, I said, like that concept was completely foreign to me. I glanced at the clocked and tried to hide a smile,"Well, I don t want to be late. Guess I ll just have to go like this."


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