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Two weeks later, August 17th.

The knocking came loud and late, the sleep still evident on Remy's face as she answered the door.

"Allie?" a slim hand rubbed a tired cheek, "It's like…2:30 in the morning."

The blonde just stared at her. "Is Foreman here?"

"No, he's in Chicago for a conference. Are you okay?"

Before she got an answer the blonde lunged towards her, the open door forgotten as there lips met, Hadley's eyes wide and glossy in surprise, Cameron's closed, jammed tightly shut. Thrown by the motion it took a few moments for thirteen to respond, pushing the shorter doctor away to arms length, Remy's hands holding her shoulders tightly.

"Cameron, what the hell are you doing?" her eyes glistened.

"I don't know…" she took a step back away from the brunette's grasp. "That's not…I don't know anymore."

With that she turned around and stormed out of the silent house, leaving a stunned Remy Hadley to her thoughts.

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