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Notions of Strength

Tesla frowns at the sleeping Orihime.

He could snap her in half easily. For some reason, this doesn't please him as much as it should have. He attributes this to yet another change that he's gone through because of her.

He'd always regarded humans as rather frail creatures but she seems to have a strength all her own. After all, anyone who managed to cling to the hope of rescue in the face of such odds was certainly tenacious. Other people might say delusional but he shied away from attaching that word to her even though he wasn't sure why.

One day, he knows her friends will come for her. He's not worried about them succeeding, but the thought that leaving might be what she wants creates a tight feeling in his chest anyway.

She seems to sense his thoughts and wraps her arms around him tighter.

Orihime isn't really asleep.

This is not what she had imagined her future to be like even a few months ago. Kurosaki would have been in it and maybe even orange-haired, scowling children. But now Las Noches has sunk into her and she will never be able to leave it fully.

Tesla is Kurosaki's complete opposite but somehow that's okay. Perhaps it's because he has never failed to be anything but polite to her. Whatever the reason, it has suddenly become hard to picture life without him.

He's not visibly strong like Kurosaki but he must be tough because he's Nnoitra's fraccion. Tesla said Nnoitra was the fifth Espada so that means his fraccion would be fairly powerful, right?

Abruptly, this has become important. She knows Kurosaki will attempt to rescue her because he's Kurosaki and that's what he does. Tesla would try to stop him but if he wasn't strong enough, he wouldn't survive. All at once, it becomes very easy to see Tesla with Zangetsu through his chest.

However she isn't sure if she still wants to return and that scares her a bit. The real world wouldn't have Tesla. She doesn't understand why that has became important all of a sudden only that it has.

OK, so it's the disjointed thoughts of Tesla and Orihime as they ponder their not!relationship. Why are they in the same bed then? Umm... Because the plot requires it, yeah that'll work...

What am I smoking? Go read nendo-chan's Every Reason instead which is a much better written TeslaHime oneshot collection and explains why this pairing is awesome.