In case you are curious about how in the world I thought of a story such as this, it all began in English class after reading the final chapter Of Mice and Men. Me and a group of friends were talking and one was like, 'It would be funny if Lennie was like Michael Myers and just came back from the dead and became a serial killer.' and another was like, 'Yeah and he'd just go around petting dead puppies and asking people if they were George.' So my mind doesn't just think of these sick and odd stories on its own, although I did make up most of the details.

I would also like to just say that I obviously didn't make up these characters. John Steinbeck did, and I give full credit to him. Although I did think up my own personalities, behaviors and appearances for the characters, credit goes to him for their original creation.

In case you are also confused about what a Luger is, it's a gun. Just a gun. I don't know whether its a rifle or revolver because, as you can see, I'm not very gun savvy.

My last thought is that I'm very sorry if I somehow offended you personally by making or referencing to the fact that Slim was a homosexual. I don't know why I always imagined him this way, but I did. This was not a personality trait originally given to the character by Steinbeck, just a detail added by my sick and twisted mind.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading this story and there are many more to come.