All Hell Breaks Loose
Part Three

For the last three hours we'd been researching what was so important about Wyoming and the places Ash had marked on the map.

I'd been looking up the coordinates for the places covered by the x's on the map, and then researching the places. There had been five x's; they each marked the location of an abandoned church. Like, mid 19th century churches. They'd all been built by Samuel Colt - the demon killing, gun making Samuel Colt.

We'd been researching for so long my eyes were crossing on their own, blurring the pages in front of me. God, I was tired. The emotional toil of the last thirty or so hours had worn me out.

"I don't believe it," Bobby said, staring at the open book in his hands.

"What?" I asked, looking up hopefully. If he'd found something then it would mean that I could stop searching. "You find anything?"

"Yeah, I'd say so," Bobby replied. "The churches are built on top of railway lines."

"So?" Dean asked.

"So…Samuel Colt built them, too," Bobby explained. "The lines connect church to church." The map was still on the table where Ellen had put it earlier. "It just happens to lay out like this."

Bobby picked up a black marker and connected the x's on the map; he made the shape of a star…a pentagram.

"Tell me that's not what I think it is," Dean said.

"It's a devil's trap," Sam said. "A hundred-square mile devil's trap."

"I've never heard of anything that massive," Ellen said.

"No one has," Bobby said.

I grabbed the map and looked at it, wondering why exactly Samuel Colt had done this.

"And after all these years none of the lines are broken?" Dean asked. "I mean, it still works?"

"Definitely," both Sam and I said.

"How do you know?"

"All those omens Bobby found," Sam explained. "I mean, the demons, they must be circling and they can't get in."

"Um…" I started. "What exactly do the demons want? I mean, what's there?"

"That's what I've been looking for," Dean said, looking at me. I turned my attention to the map. "And, uh, there's nothin' except an old cowboy cemetery right in the middle."

"Well, what's so important about a cemetery?" Sam asked. "What's Colt tryin' to protect?"

"Nothing," I said. "Well, I mean, except the world."

"That's not cryptic at all," Dean said. "What d'you mean?"

"When Jack talked to me, he was weird. It was like he needed me to come to Wyoming with him. When I didn't, he must've changed his mind because he ended up coming to Cold Oak. Now, there's no way a demon is getting through that thing, right?" I asked, looking at Bobby.

"No. That thing's so powerful you practically need an A-bomb to destroy it. No way a full-blooded demon gets across."

"Okay, if they can't get in then the only logical conclusion is…" I started.

"The lines are to keep them from letting something out," Dean finished. "And Jack thought you could stop it."

"But if the demons can't get in then we're safe, right?" Ellen asked.

"The demons can't get in but Jake can," Sam said. "That's probably what Yellow-Eyes wanted in the first place."

"Well, then we should get there first," I said firmly. "So we can stop him from doing whatever he's gonna do."

Out in the yard I chose to be difficult.

"I wanna take my dad's car," I said.

"Why?" Sam asked curiously.

I shrugged. "I just do."

Dean looked at the ground guiltily. He knew why I didn't wanna be in the car with them. Well, him.

Bobby, who had the keys in his pocket, handed them over and told me the car was in the back.

"Okay. I'll, um, follow you guys, I guess."

When I reached the Charger I got in and started it up, pulled around front and followed after the Impala and Bobby's truck.

I didn't listen to any music…I just thought. A lot.

I remembered the first time I'd seen Dean, met him, in my high school parking lot. He'd fixed a flat tire, which I'd found out later that he'd let the air out of. Dean had been there when I'd found my mom. Well, Sam had been there, too, but Dean had been the one to comfort me.

I remembered the life-altering moment Sam and Dean had asked me to come with them and I'd said yes. Dean had comforted me then, too, although it had been unknowingly.

I remembered the first time I shot a gun. Dean had taught me. Taken me under his wing, so to speak. When I'd started to shake, he'd told me I didn't have to learn if I didn't want to; he'd protect me.

I remembered even in the beginning when we barely knew each other, Dean had still been a mother hen to me, never letting me go anywhere without him.

Now, looking back, I realized that from the day I'd met him, I'd slowly been falling for him. Hard. And now? Now I was so in love with him I couldn't see straight.

I jerked myself out of my thoughts when I realized the others were turning into a gas station, and I looked down at my gas gauge thing. I was running on E. Ironic, considering that's how I felt right now.

I pulled up to a pump and got out, went inside and paid twenty for gas. Dean came in behind me. I ignored him.

"Aly, we need to talk."

I clenched my jaw. "I'm not ready to talk to you yet."

"Too bad," he said, grabbing my arm.

"I'm serious, Dean. Unless you wanna fight, I can't talk to you right now. We'll…talk later."

I slipped away from him and I left to go fill up the car. Sam was already doing it.

"Hey," he said as I walked up to him.

"Hey. Thanks." I gestured to the pump.

"No problem." He sighed. "What's goin' on with you and Dean?"

"You should ask him," I said simply.

"Did he…do something?" Sam shrugged. "I mean, I've seen you upset, but you look wrecked. Ever since I woke up you've looked wrecked."

"Dean and I are fighting. It's pretty bad."

"You're not fighting, though. You're avoiding him."

I sighed, impatient. "Yeah, I am, okay? Because…if I talk to him right now, I know I'll say something I'll regret. Best to just not talk at all."

By nightfall, we were at the cemetery, and I'd gone through most of my memories of Dean in the time it had taken to get there. And I'd cried while driving, swerving every now and then.

But now, we were walking through the creaky gates of the cemetery and I stopped moving, period. I felt the most powerful evil I'd ever felt. What was here?

"Wait," I said to the others. We all had guns, but I wasn't sure a gun would kill whatever this was. "Something's here."

"Something?" Ellen asked. Good thing I'd explained to her and Jo about my abilities back in Nevada a few cases back.

"Something strong," I specified.

"Jake?" Sam asked.

"No, he didn't feel this way before. It's something else."

We moved cautiously through the graveyard until we got to this mausoleum looking thing. I stopped again.

"There. Whatever the demons want it's in there."

I took a deep breath to steady myself. I hadn't felt this amount of power since I'd met the trickster, and even then it hadn't been this evil.

We heard the approach of a car, and we all started hiding. We needed the element of surprise. Not to mention, if Jake really was here, he needed to get far enough in so we could trap him, and kill him.

Turns out, Jake was here, and I'd been right; the mausoleum - or whatever - had been the target. It's what Jake headed for. And then we surrounded him.

"Howdy, Jake," Sam said, pointing his gun at Jake. We all were, actually.

Jake seemed shocked. "You were dead. I killed you."

"Yeah?" Sam seethed. "Well, next time, finish the job."

"I did," Jake yelled. "I cut clean through your spinal cord, man. You can't be alive."

Sam glanced at Dean and at me, and I could see the puzzle pieces coming together in his brain. He had figured it out. Sam clenched his teeth together, and took the safety off the gun.

"What are you gonna do? Kill me?" Jake mocked.

"It's a thought," Sam said heatedly.

"You had your chance. You couldn't."

I cocked my gun. "Well, if he doesn't then I will." After all, all of this was his fault. If he hadn't killed Sam then Dean never would've made the deal.

Just then Jake's whole demeanor changed. He turned evil. And he looked at Ellen, who was standing between me and Dean.

"Hey, lady, do me a favor. Put that gun to your head." Jake's eyes flashed red for a second.

But Ellen did what he wanted. Her hand was shaking, her expression was defiant, but she pointed her gun at her own temple.

"You can control minds," I said softly.

"How?" Sam asked.

"That Ava girl was right. Once you give in to it, there's all sorts of new Jedi mind tricks you can learn."

"Shoot him," Ellen said, her voice trembling.

"You'll be mopping up skull before you can get a shot off," Jake warned. "Everybody put your guns down. Except you, sweetheart," he finished, looking at Ellen.

Dean and I glanced at each other, an unspoken agreement between us. We'd save Ellen even if we didn't have a weapon.

Bobby was the first to lower his gun, then it was Dean, then me. We dropped them to the ground. Jake glared at Sam and then Sam made a gesture of surrender, raising both hands and dropping his gun on the ground.

"Okay," Jake said. "Thank you."

I'd never wanted to kill somebody as badly as I did Jake.

Jake turned around and Dean and I reached for Ellen. Dean grabbed her arm and pointed it toward the sky just as she pulled the trigger. She was safe. Dean took the gun away from her just in case.

Then there were four more shots and I jumped during the first one. I hadn't expected it. Sam had shot Jake four times in the back. Jake fell to the ground, and Sam positioned himself in front of Jake.

He was looking at Jake coldly, murderously. I had never seen Sam look like that. I didn't like it, but I understood it. Sam had figured out what Dean had done and he wanted Jake to pay.

He shot Jake three more times in the chest, and then he looked up. Bobby and Dean looked worried. I, however, was more focused on the doors of the mausoleum. Jake had inserted a gun in the doors. There was a hole - a keyhole? - where the gun had fit and now the lock was turning on it's own. When it stopped it was in the form of a pentagram.

"Oh no," Bobby explained.

"Bobby, what is it?"

"It's hell."

I grabbed the gun from the door. It was the Colt. The one the yellow-eyed demon had gotten from John before he'd died.

"Take cover now!" Bobby shouted.

All five of us ran behind different tombstones as the doors to the thing burst open. I peeked behind mine and saw a large black…something come out of the other side. I wasn't sure, but I thought it was demon smoke. And from the way my weirdar was going off…I was probably right. Demons were getting out of hell.

The black smoke rose into the night and took off in every direction.

"What the hell just happened?" Dean yelled.

"That's a devil's gate," Ellen said. "A damn door to hell."

This had been why Jack had wanted me to come to Wyoming. Looking back, I probably should've listened, because like Bobby had told Dean. This was end-of-the-world big.

I got out from behind my tombstone and quickly went to Dean's.

"Here, take this," I said, handing him the gun. "I'm going to go and try to close the gate."

I tried to get up, but Dean pulled me back down, crushing his mouth to mine. I grabbed onto him, kissing back with all I had. And then it was over, and I was getting up again.

Sam, Bobby and Ellen followed me. Sam and Ellen took one side, Bobby took the other. I stood in the middle. I saw that the inside of hell was just like what old preachers would preach about. Fire and brimstone…everlasting torment.

I pushed. With all my heart, I pushed. I shut out everything else. I saw Sam's mouth moving but I couldn't hear him. The only thing I focused on was closing the door. Bobby and Ellen jerked forward as the doors went forward a few inches. Sam wasn't there anymore, I didn't know where he'd gone.

A dizzy spell hit me and I fell to my knees but I continued pushing and the gate continued closing and then suddenly a voice said stop. It was kind and soft.

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw John Winchester. I gasped in shock, my concentration broken. Did this mean he was free? He wouldn't go back now?

I looked around at the others. Bobby and Ellen were still working on the devil's gate. Sam was being held up against a tree by an invisible force. Dean was on the ground and…the yellow-eyed demon had the Colt pointed at him.

I flung the gun away with a whoosh of my hand, and the demon glared at me. But it didn't matter because Dean was safe. For now.

John and I shared a look and I nodded, getting up and going to help Bobby and Ellen. John would take care of his boys.

Slowly but surely we got the gate closed and it locked itself. A shot rang out and I swung around. Dean had killed Yellow-Eyes. Finally, the thing was dead.

John and Dean were looking at each other, John's hand on his shoulder. Sam and John nodded at each other, and then John looked at Dean again. When he took a step back I could tell all three Winchester's had tears in their eyes. Sam's had spilled over.

I longed to go to them, but this was a family moment, and…not to mention, Dean and I were not okay. Despite the kiss we'd shared, things were not okay. I'd thought we were all gonna die, so it didn't count.

John disappeared in a flash of light and only then did I go to Sam and Dean. They were looking at the smoking body of the demons in disbelief.

"Well, we can consider his ass kicked," I said, toeing the demon with my shoe.

"Yeah. We can check that off the to do list."

"You did it," Sam said, almost happy.

"I didn't do it alone," Dean said softly.

Sam looked toward the gate. "Do you think Dad really…do you think he really climbed outta hell?"

"The door was open," Dean said hopefully. "If anyone's stubborn enough to do it…it would be him."

"Where do you think he is now?" Sam asked in a small voice, sounding like a child.

I was beside Sam - avoiding being beside Dean - and I grabbed Sam's arm. "He's where he's supposed to be. Where he was always meant to be. He's not in hell. Not anymore."

Sam smiled at me and looked back at Yellow-Eyes. "I kinda can't believe it. I mean…our whole lives, everything…has been prepping for this, and now I…" He laughed softly. "I kind of don't know what to say."

"I do," Dean said, squatting and leaning over the body. "That was for our mom…you son of a bitch."

Dean had whispered the last part but I heard it anyway. And now he was getting up, and he looked at us.

"We should get goin'. In case anyone heard the gunshots."

I looked toward Bobby and Ellen. They were still by the gate, exhausted. I gestured with my hand to let them know we were going. As we were walking, Sam started speaking.

"You know, when Jake saw me…it was like he saw a ghost. I mean, he said he killed me."

"Well, I'm glad he was wrong," Dean said.

"I don't think he was." Sam looked at me. "What happened? After I was stabbed?"

He'd asked me because he knew I couldn't lie very well, so I looked away.

"Sam," Dean began, exasperated. "We just killed the demon. Can we celebrate for a minute?"

"Did I die?" Sam asked, voice strained. He was holding back tears. "Did you sell your soul for me, like Dad did for you?"

"Oh, come on! No!"

I stopped walking and glared at Dean's back. "Stop lying!" Dean and Sam looked back at me. "Stop lying to him."

Sam looked at Dean and when he talked his voice broke. "How long did you get?"

Dean looked at Sam and then at me. "One year," he said. "I got one year."

My breath caught. "A year? But they usually give you ten."

"Yeah, well, not for me."

"You shouldn't have done that," Sam said, and I could tell he thought that Dean had done a stupid thing. "How could you do that?"

"Don't get mad at me,' Dean pleaded. "Don't you do that. I had to. I had to look out for you. That's my job!"

I felt like having a conniption fit. I wanted to stomp my feet, storm off into the night…scream. That's what I wanted to do. Scream and cry and pout because everything sucked now.

"And what do you think my job it?" Sam asked.

"What?" Dean blinked in surprise.

"You've saved my life over and over," Sam said. "I mean, you sacrifice everything for me, don't you think I'd do the same for you?"

A look came over Dean's face and I could see that no, Dean didn't think that, didn't think he was worth that, didn't understand why he would be.

"You're my big brother. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. And I don't care what it takes, I'm gonna get you outta this. Guess I gotta save your ass for a change."

"Yeah," Dean whispered. Though I could tell he didn't think it was possible.

We'd reached the cars a while back, I just hadn't noticed. Ellen and Bobby were already there. They'd passed us when we'd stopped.

"So…the yellow-eyed demon might be dead, but a lot more got through that gate," Ellen said.

"How many, ya think?" Dean asked.

"A hundred," Sam estimated. "Maybe two hundred. It's an army."

"Hm. Makes sense," I said. "Yellow-Eyes needed a leader. Now we know why."

"Hope to hell -" I flinched "- you're ready," Bobby said. "'Cause the war has just begun."

Sam squared his shoulders, Dean grinned, I sighed.

"Well, then," Dean said. "We got work to do."

Dean had this shit-eating grin on his face. At any other time I would've found it cute and brave. Now, I found it annoying.

"Well, we can catch the demons another time," I said. "I'm tired and I wanna sleep. I'm going back to Bobby's."

The three hour trip to Bobby's went the same way as the trip from Bobby's had gone. Me, thinking about Dean. He'd recently told me he couldn't live in a world without me in it. I guess that didn't apply when he was grieving.

When we arrived at Bobby's I went straight upstairs and Dean followed behind me. Oh, God, was he gonna try to talk to me again?

At his bedroom door I stopped and turned around and was confronted with his green eyes that conveyed everything he was feeling. He was sorry. He loved me, but he had had to save Sam.

I noticed his forehead had a cut on it. I hadn't noticed before. "What happened?"

"Got thrown, hit my head."


I lifted my hand to his forehead and gently sent my healing warmth into him and watched as he healed. He took my hand in his and squeezed.

"I'm sorry."

I clenched my jaw. "I know. It doesn't change anything." I sighed. "Look, Dean, I'm really tired, okay? I just wanna go to bed.

"Yeah, okay." He reached to open the bedroom door and I stopped him.

"Don't. I moved my things back to my old room." Dean took a sharp breath and a pained, betrayed expression came across his face. "I just…I can't. Right now." Tears stung my eyes. "I'm sorry. That's just the way it is."

Dean looked deep into my eyes. "Aly," he whispered brokenly.

"Good night, Dean," I said firmly, turning to walk away. I had to get away. I knew that if I looked at him again, I'd be forced to stay with him just because of the fact that I couldn't stand to hurt him.

Once in my room, I closed and locked the door. I sniffled once of twice and ran my hands over my face. I felt the metal of the ring Dean had given me and a few more tears fell.

I slipped the ring off my finger and looked at the sapphires closely. I clutched the ring in my fist as I felt a pressure building inside me, trying to push its way out.

I went to my bed - my lonely bed - and curled in around myself, letting the first sob escape. I felt I was in physical pain now just thinking about Dean dying.

He had a year. A year to live and that was it.

My hand grasped tightly at the ring, and I continued to sob.

Okay, so here endeth Season Two. LOL. I already have half of the first chapter for Season Three written, but I'm not sure when exactly I'll update. Anyway...yeah. I'm not sure that I got Aly's character spot on for this part, but this is how I pictured her reacting. I mean, considering she likes to go off in her own little world when things go wrong, this is what I came up with.