Pairings: Draco x Harry. Side Pairings: Pansy x Hermione. Ron x Blaise

Warnings/ Disclaimers: No warnings really... I'm going to try to keep it clean...ish. Ah, but I do not own Harry Potter.

Summary: DxH. Harry felt like a change anyway... So when Draco insults his clothes for the umpteenth time, he decides to make a bet. He'll impress Draco with his clothes by the end of the semester or wear whatever Draco wants...

"You have no style," Draco Malfoy stated with a sniff, as he appraised what the addressed person was wearing. It was awful…and tacky! He had thought Gryffindors were all about pride and whatnot…So why they let this raggedy prat with no taste be their image was beyond him. Harry Potter and everyone gathered in the hallway around them glanced at the offending articles. The Slytherins snickered, their agreement obvious and fueling Draco to want to say more. The Gryffindors seemed embarrassed for Harry and offended. The Malfoy heir half expected an inner beauty speech or some other rubbish to start spouting from the Gryffindorks. Harry lifted his eyes slowly from his clothes and stared into Draco's with a cocked eyebrow and smirk.

"You always go back to the same thing, don't you? Dead parents, ratty clothes, 'loser' friends, and bad potion skills: it gets a bit old after a while, no? Less hurtful, more pathetic. And here I thought you were supposed to be smarter than that." Harry sent him a mocking pitied look, batting his eyelashes, his smirk still in place. The Weasel's smile increased after Harry had finished, thinking this was a victory for his friend yet again. But of course, Malfoy didn't plan to let his prey go that easily. Before he replied, he briefly wondered when Potter had managed to not let his anger get the best of him and actually think up a biting comment. It made him that much better a rival, he had to admit.

"Ah, my apologies, Scarface," Draco sneered. "I didn't realize you had gone and become smart enough that I don't have to dumb down my insults. It's such a relief! You have no idea how trying it is to hold back intellect and speak like a simpleton so losers can understand you."

The Slytherins egged him on until they looked at The-Boy-Who-Lived. Potter stood there, examining his nails without a bit of interest in what Draco had said. The latter felt a vein flowing with angry blood and glared hard at the target of his insults. He felt a desperate urge to punch him hard in the gut added to a few other painful attacks. But! That would make him the brash idiot this time wouldn't it? So, forcing his tense arms at his sides, he glowered at his rival, waiting for what would happen next.

Blowing on his nails nonchalantly, Harry looked around lazily at the expectant faces. Hmm, what to do now? Should he take apart one of the many insults Malfoy had sent his way since they had ran into each other in the hall? Let's see, he had insulted Harry for the explosion in Potions today, had used many of the 'nicknames' he had lovingly given the Golden Trio, and insulted his clothing choices. Which now that Harry had a good look at them, were pretty threadbare. A crimson sweater that looked 2 or 4 sizes too big hid his torso's shape but revealed the white undershirt underneath through holes that didn't have patches on them. Loose tan slacks hid his lower half's figure also, with the frayed ends rolled up so he didn't trip on them.

Harry could not care less about his wardrobe if he tried. He wore what was comfortable, despite knowing that maybe the Wizarding World would like their hero to dress a little better. It wasn't as if he had no choice but to wear these clothes. He had plenty of money for new ones should he so choose. Glancing slothfully into the aggravated eyes of his enemy, an idea popped in his mind. The brunette couldn't help the happy smile that slipped onto his countenance.

"Hey, how about a bet, Draco?" A shiver of anger and some other unknown feeling ran down Malfoy's spine at the sound of his first name falling so easily off that person's tongue. His hard look intensified, but the curiosity was evident too. Harry noted the interest and took it as a sign to continue.

"I was in the mood for a change anyway… So how about this: I'll try out a new style. Everyday I'll wear something unlike the last. If I can't find something by the end of this semester that impresses you then next year…I'll wear whatever you like. If I do impress you, you have to wear whatever I want. Sound good?" Harry had a large smirk on his face and one bony hip stuck out, a hand atop it.

Draco's mind halted. He wondered how the heck it had gone from a verbal fight to this bet. It did show a lot of creativity on his rival's part. But why did his nemesis look so hot right now, confidence and cockiness shining through his pose? This thought was quickly stomped down and incinerated in white flames. Looking around, he saw that his House was looking at him eagerly, waiting for him to accept the challenge or make a snide comment. Clearing his throat, he regained the composure expected of the Slytherin Prince.

"You've got yourself a deal, Potter," the blonde drawled. He got a thousand watt smile in return before Pansy strode over to Granger's side and whispered something. The genius nodded and whispered excitedly back. Everyone except the two women stared on in confusion. Pansy clapped her hands together and announced that Granger, Potter, and her were going shopping now before grabbing both their hands and leaving. The Weasel looked confused and hurt to be left out, trailing slowly behind them. The remaining teenagers shrugged it off as another weird Hogwarts mystery and went back on their way.

Blaise started talking eagerly about how there hadn't been much excitement for a while and shouldn't this be a load of fun? Draco had to agree with him there… The thought of all the horrendous outfits Potter would probably dress in made him want to throw his head back and laugh. But he didn't. Because he is a Malfoy, hilarious mental pictures or not. He did, however, share the image that had come to his mind of Weasel and Potty bringing out ugly outfits one after another, while Pansy and the mudblood clutched their heads in annoyance with Blaise. Together they laughed and joked more about how entertaining this bet would be.


Pansy marched over to her Gryffindor friend. (She said friend loosely since they were more like co-conspirators.) She leaned in, brushing aside the soft, curly hair and whispered in her ear. She pointedly ignored the strange looks she knew she was getting.

"This is perfect. We'll dress Harry in sexy outfits and make both of those idiot boys realize their feelings for each other."

Hermione grinned, turning to whisper happily in her ally's ear. "Sounds like a plan. I think Harry's almost out of denial finally."

Pansy had been thinking the same thing. Lately it seemed that Harry's words were more of flirtatious banter than poisonous insults. Though the same couldn't be said for her oblivious Draco. She got everyone's attention before stating where they were going and pulling along her shopping partners down the hall. She was sure that using some Slytherin charisma she'd be able to get a pass for leaving Hogwarts. Besides, all she had to do was bring up the potential that this could bring Malfoy and Potter together if the charisma failed. Everyone in the school not too oblivious to the sexual tension was dying for the horrid atmosphere to disperse. If you took too deep a breath around the two, you could choke on all of the hormones and desire.

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