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She ate the dog food

"You just ate dog food!" Spike said, his voice full of bemusement.

"No. I didn't." Faye said, as she casually threw away the empty can of dog food, never glancing back to see if it fell anywhere near the bin. It didn't. It fell near Spike's feet.

"Yes you did. I just saw you." Spike persisted, leaving the empty can near his feet, his eyes following Faye as she moved away from him.

"No, I didn't." She said, without looking back at him.

"Look, I just saw you throw away that empty can. You ate the damn dog food!" Spike found himself shuffling behind her, following her without realising it.

"No, I didn't." She still didn't look back, and Spike found himself getting angry. He wasn't sure whether it was because she was blatantly lying, or because she wasn't annoyed.

"Stop lying Faye. You ate the damn food. Just admit it." He was surprised when she stopped and turned around to face him. It seemed to appease his anger a little.

"No, I didn't." Her voice was very level and Spike's anger began peaking again.

"You're such a liar! Why won't you admit that you ate the dog food?" He snapped without understanding why.

A slow smile spread across Faye's face, a very small smile. It was sweet and mysterious and confusing and a little cocky and so many other things that Spike couldn't decipher. "You're hallucinating." She left him gaping. She always left him gaping. She always left him staring at her in disbelief and bewilderment and amusement and she always left him wondering whether he should slap her or walk away or do something equally insane to leave her gaping. He didn't have to make a choice this time because Jet walked in.

"There you two are. Wasting time and money, no doubt." He looked at them both, unimpressed. "I've got a bounty."

"How much?" Spike stretched himself lazily, aware that Faye was still looking at him, with that smile of hers. He realised now that there was amusement in that smile too. He wondered what else there was in that smile.

"Only a million." Jet hurriedly continued speaking, expecting Spike to refuse such a small bounty in an instant. "I know it's a small fry, but we need the money. We're desperate for the money. Damn it, we don't have any food, so no bitching from you two, ok? I want the damn bounty, I want food and I want no complaints." He glared at them both, even though Faye still wasn't looking at him. She was looking at Spike with one of her kaleidoscopic smiles, containing fragments of so many different things that Jet could think about it for hours and still find something new in them, at the end of those hours.

Spike yawned widely. "Fine, I'll do it. But only to stop you whining at me. God, Jet, you're such a woman sometimes." He was careful to not look in Faye's direction. Instead, he linked his hands together behind his head, and walked past Jet, whistling casually for a good measure. He would never admit it, not even to himself, but he didn't want Faye being hungry enough to eat dog food, even if she infuriated him by denying it. Damn it! He knew she ate the dog food!

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