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If I said I was happy, I'd be lying.

"Mommy! Don't leave me! Please!"

If I said I was pretty, I'd be lying once more.

"Brown hair, brown eyes? You're just an average nobody. What makes you think you'll stick out of the crowd? Or the world, no less?"

If I said I was innocent, I'd be lying again.

"You are my whore, understand?"

If I said I was fearless, I'd still be lying.

"No! Stop! S-Stop! I'm sorry! Just p-please don't hurt me!"

If I said I was fine, I'd be lying.

"I'm not oh-fucking-kay."

Over and over and over again.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

I'm a liar.

But isn't everyone?



"Where the hell is he?!" I hissed, strutting the hallways in search of my boyfriend. It was almost the end of the school day and I still haven't seen him.

"I have no clue, Rose." My best friend, Alice, sighed exasperatedly.

"He just stood me up! When I see him, I will shove my stiletto so far up his a-!"

Royce King, get ready for some pain.


Here I am, walking through the school hallways, looking for my boyfriend.

The boyfriend who stood me up yesterday at the movie theater because he was sick.

The boyfriend who I find is not sick at all.

You know why?

Because here I am witnessing my boyfriend making out with this random slut!

"Rosalie!" His cheating self gasps. Like he thinks he'll get away with this?

"Alice, I swear to God, I am going to shed blood right now."

"It's not what it looks like babe, seriously!"

"You asshole!" Alice shrieks, her green eyes flaring.

"We're over Royce!"

"But Rosie! I-"

"Royce baby, let's take this somewhere els-"

"Shut the hell up Lauren. Rose, you've got it all wron-"

I put my hand up to cease his talking. I calmly walked over to him any batted my lashes.

"You love me, right?" I said huskily to him.

"Of course I do."


I brought my arm back and punched him square in the nose. I felt something crack under the pressure of my fist and smirked.

Karma's a bitch.


There. Saved by the bell.

How could he? How could he? I thought he loved me?

I felt the dreaded tears prick the back of my eyes.

"Rose, wait!" I hear Alice's voice behind me, but I keep on walking. Why would he feel the need to cheat on me? I was one of the most popular girls in Forks High School! And the most gorgeous!


Why? Why? Why?

I feel so confused, so rejected, so pathetic.

So livid.

I have to go to the bathroom. My make-up is starting to smudge.

Shit. Shit. Shit. The tears are about to pour down my face and I could feel my face turn blotchy.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale!" Alice yells after me.

Not now.

I'm starting to hyperventilate. People are staring.

Why are they staring at me?!

I'm almost there. Just a few more steps and I'm home fre-

"OOF!" Someone just bumped into me. Really? Really?

How dare they!

"Watch where you're going, whore!" I scream defensively, directing my furious eyes at the girl picking up her textbooks off the floor. Her back was facing me, and she didn't seem to notice my glare.

The brunette, from what I could tell, froze; her hand in mid-air from reaching for her last book.

She turned her head slowly and gazed up at me. Her brown locks were messy and tangled, but they still manage to cascade down to her waist.

Her skin was pale and her clothes were torn and baggy. Her chestnut eyes were covered with thick rimmed glasses that covered almost half of her face.


Her eyes.

Her pools of brown and speckled gray were full of shock, regret, desperation.


I blinked my own sapphire orbs as I tried to comprehend the flickering emotions in her eyes.

More people were starting to gather around and watch, so I cleared my throat. Before I got the chance to apologize, the girl I have yet to recognize swiftly picked up her belongings and scrambled her way up from the floor. She hurried past me, but I heard her whisper something as she went.

"I'm sorry, Miss."

I barely heard her with the way she said it so quietly.

"What is your problem, Rose?!" Alice angrily shouts at me before directing her scowl to the students surrounding us.

"WHAT?!" With that said, the students scatter, not wanting to face the wrath of the pixie. Alice whipped back her attention to me, her eyes still flaring and her short black hair wilder than ever.

"Who was that girl?" I ask after a moment as both of us proceeded to walk out the school's entrance. We seated ourselves into Alice's yellow Porsche and headed down to the mall.

"Haven't you heard? She's the new transfer student, Isabella Swan." She spat back at me, sneering. "I can't believe you called her a whore! I talked to her at lunch and she was so nice. Not to mention shy!"

"I-I didn't mean to." I put my head down in shame. "I was just so angry and caught up in the moment, Alice! I mean, I saw Royce getting it on with another chick!"

"Shut up Rosalie! How many times have I told you Royce was a good for nothing son of a bitch?! Besides, you had no right to take your anger out on Isabella!"

I sighed in defeat, knowing Alice was right. She always is.

Once the mall was in view, Alice's eyes lit up. Every other negative emotion diminishes when we go shopping.

Alice and I pick out the nearest parking spot and get out of the car.

We hook arms and skip off into the building.

"Rose, we should be friends with the new girl." Alice chirped as we browsed through numerous areas.


"You know how our school is merciless and stereotypical. She'll be mocked for looking like a 'nerd' and that's just wrong."


"What did she say to you when she passed you?"

"How do you know she said something to me?"

"I know everything, Rose. I saw the appalled expression on your face when she ran away.."

"She.. She apologized for colliding with me."

"That was very considerate of her. I told you she was nice!

Alice continued to rant about pointless topics. This Isabella girl was very interesting.

Her eyes.

She was a mesmerizing figure, with the way her eyes were filled with unusual feelings. I felt guilty, believe it or not, for lashing out on someone so innocent.

She was the new girl, for pete's sake! She didn't know her way around and she probably didn't have any friends with her appearance.

Maybe if we gave her a makeover..


"What's up, Rose?"

"We're going to be Isabella's friends."


"And we're going to give her a makeover. God knows it's what's best for her."

Let the friendship commence.



I shuffled my feet along the sidewalk, doing my best to slow down my arrival to my home.

If you could even call it a home.

My neighborhood reeked of poverty, danger and neglect.

Don't forget the melancholy, the fury and the avarice.

I walked through the dark alleys with caution, clutching my backpack as if it were my only hope in making it out unharmed.

What hope?

I put my black hoodie to use; lifting the cloth up to shield my face from unwanted stares.

The hungry stares.

I barely escaped the crevice of the alley before I saw hoodlums and rapists of all sorts gathering from where I just was.

I had to walk faster if I didn't want to lose my virginity.

What's left of it anyways.

I walked up to the run-down complex where the apartment I owned was located in. I ran up the stairs, only stopping when I was on the second floor.

Room 13.

I am the epitome of bad luck and clumsiness. How ironic.

I unlocked the door and went inside. I made sure the door was fully secured behind me before I headed to the kitchen.

"Time to finish my homework.." I mutter to myself in a hoarse voice.

It's not like I have anything better to do in my fucked up life.

Phil wasn't around to torment me, so maybe I could relax for a while.

Just for a bit.


My name is Bella Swan.

And I am 17 years old.

My happiness is gone.

Hope; I no longer hold.

I wait for the dreaded dawn.

Everyday to unfold.

My past goes on and on.

Yet, I have a story to be told.



I slammed my head against my bedroom desk. I could not figure out my Literature homework. Adding to that, I didn't have any inspiration for the song I was supposed to have for Music!

I kept on banging my head on the desk until I heard a rapping on my door.

"Eddie!" She couldn't just wait for me to open the door for her?

"Alice, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" She just shrugged and sat on my bed across from me.

"Did you hear about Royce and Rosalie? I should kick his ass.. No, I should get Emmett to kick his ass. He'll be furious to know that Royce broke Rose's heart."

Alice continued to ramble and I just nodded at her words, playing along.


"Royce cheated on Rose? With Lauren? Lauren Mallory?"

"Yes, Edward! You would have known if you listened!"

Damn, she caught me.

"Why? Lauren is a slut! Who knows how many STDs she has.." I ignored her previous comment, asking about Royce's choice.

Was he stupid? Rosalie had the looks, faithfulness and dignity!

"I know! Once Jazz hears about this, he's gonna flip!"

Oh damn. Who knows what Jasper will do?


Hi, my name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Alice, as you can see, is my little sister. Emmett is also our sibling. Jasper is also an older brother, to Rosalie that is. Emmett, Jasper and I are seniors in Forks High School; the girls are juniors.

Not to be arrogant or conceited or whatnot, but the five of us are the most popular kids at school. We're not 'famous' for being snobby or bad role models.

Sure, I'm a ladies man, but I'm not a jerk. Or a man whore in that case. I'm the school's baseball and basketball captain, and an aspiring piano player. I've been voted to be the most successful in my future.

Mary Alice Cullen and Rosalie Lillian Hale aren't queen bees, they're just known for being the best looking females and the most talented dancers in the school. They participate in extracurricular activities. Like drama club, for example. Alice and Rose are on the yearbook team and dance committee.

Emmett McCarty Cullen is the school's star quarterback for the football team and goalie for the soccer team. Not to mention the king of pranks and official class clown.

Jasper Whitlock Hale is probably the smartest kid in the school. Especially in History. He's the school's striker in the soccer team and a very gifted guitar player. He is also my little sister's boyfriend.

That's pretty much it.




I flinched and backed up into the small corner of my poor excuse for a room.

He's here.

My door slammed open and I found Phil grinning like a maniac. In his hand was a bottle of tequila.

Oh no.

He's drunk.

He swayed his way over to me, slurring profanities.

"Are you ready for another beating, bitch?"

The day wore on with my muffled screams.

No one will hear me.

I endured the pain as best as I could, biting my tongue as I felt his boot make contact with my ribs.

I think he broke 2 of them.

The air left my lungs as his fist connected with my stomach.

Pain, pain. Go away. Come again another day.

Hours on end, and my beating was not over yet.

Ring. Ring.

The phone.

"Damnit!" He cursed and threw the bottle at my knee. The bottle broke into shattered pieces and I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent my screaming and whimpering.

"I'm done, slut. Be grateful." He left to answer the phone, closing the door with a resounding bang.

I laid on the floor, too numb to move. I felt the dull ache of Phil's previous blows to my chest, stomach, ribs and back. There was a small voice nagging inside of my head, ringing in my ears.

The glass.

I got up as best as I could, not wanting to worsen the pain in my ribs.

I pulled of the shards of cut glass littered across my entire left leg. I put them in the wastebasket besides me, wincing every time I yanked one out.

I dragged my body to the bed and stuck my arm under it. I had to find the first aid kit and wrap up the large cuts on my leg.

I could taste the blood on my lip, since I bit too hard. The alcohol I was using to clean the gashes stung like a bitch.

The carpet was stained with small pools of crimson regret. I started coughing up the metallic tasting substance, wheezing from my caved in ribs.

I hope nothing was punctured.

So much blood.

I finished wrapping my leg up, so I used the wall as a support.

Get up, get up.

I limped sluggishly to the bed and fell on it. I heaved dry sobs into my pillow.

Because I don't know how to cry anymore.

If there's ever a chance that I meet anyone that has the guts to care about me, I'll make sure that they know.

About my worthless life.

I'll make sure that I protect them.

From my monstrosity of a step-dad.

And I'll make sure that I tell them my story.

Because, one day.

"I will be heard."



"Come on Edward! You have to give me a ride to school!" Alice whined, poking me in the ribs to quicken my pace.

"Alice, I'm eating cereal. Can you friggin' wait?" I loved my sister to pieces, but sometimes she got on my last nerve. "Why can't you go with Emmett? Or Jasper?"

Alice's Porsche was at Rosalie's house. Her dad was a mechanic, and Alice's car needed a tune up.

"Emmett already went to pick up Rosalie and Jasper went to school early for his guitar practice." Alice said nonchalantly. I groaned.

"Fine! Let's go." Alice grinned. She gave me a quick hug before sprinting out the door to my Volvo.

"Weird pixie, that one is."

"I HEARD THAT!" I chuckled as I grabbed my keys off of the kitchen counter. She made me wonder about her sanity sometimes.


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