A Gundam 00 and Transformers Crossover

"Gods of otherworldly metal descended to Earth… but this time, humanity fought back."

Author's Note: This crossover is set after episode 8 of Gundam 00 Season 2 and after the 2009 movie Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and the franchise's forthcoming final movie. It is 2312 AD, and three hundred years have passed since the defeat of Megatron and The Fallen. The Autobots, having departed to their destroyed planet of Cybertron for several centuries, return to Earth, only to find an entirely new and unfamiliar world. Familiar names such as Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes have all but passed into history. Humanity has moved on in the Autobots' absence, creating three Orbital Space Elevators that draw endless energy from the sun – a reflection of technological perfection that Cybertron itself attained eons ago. Optimus Prime is impressed. The young race that he loved certainly has progressed far…

But war has not ceased, and the hubris of human nature is as strong as ever. The world has been united against a mysterious faction called Celestial Being, which uses four powerful Mobile Suits called Gundam to intervene forcefully in world conflicts. The homecoming Autobots find themselves caught between Celestial Being and the tyrannical A-Laws, a global military alliance dedicated to silencing dissent against the united world government. As they come under heavy fire from the armies of the A-Laws, Optimus Prime and his Cybertronian troops discover that there is a far more sinister force lurking behind the A-Laws – a group of superhumans who seek to transcend humanity itself, and to move Earth life beyond the stars, conquering any – including Autobot and Decepticon – that would oppose them.

Were the ancient and courageous Autobots once again called to defend Earth from an imminent invasion? Was a Decepticon-Federation war inevitable? Was an alliance with Celestial Being necessary to prevent such a war of cosmic scale? Only time would tell. But for now, even as the Autobots struggled to survive the relentless pursuit of the A-Laws, the fate of man and machine was balanced in the hands of a young Kurdish Gundam pilot codenamed Setsuna F. Seiei…

Welcome to a new era of contact between Earth and Cybertron.




Prologue: Evolution

Earth beats with a sentient heart, though it is not of a metal core. It is the final hope of our Cybertronian race, on which rest the dreams of all our people… the dreams of those that survived the cruelty of the past millennia. Carried on the metal wings of protective sentinels, washed away by the blind, starry eddy of space, we made our home here centuries ago – how lazy the ages pass. It was on this planet that I watched over another species, one many times smaller than my own. They claimed dominion over the flesh-made life of this distant blue orb, but I could see that they were as lonely and lost as any other wandering being.

They are called homo sapiens.

The name of Megatron struck fear into the conduits of every peace-loving sentient in the universe. He was the galaxy's bane, its death. Only one being could match him.

His brother. His antithesis. Me.

I am Prime.

Even after so long, humans are a young species; they still have so much to learn. But I can see the spark of goodness in them, as clearly as I feel the spark of Cybertronian life pulsing within my chest. And upon my return to this planet after two centuries, I can at last see their potential blossoming to new and ambitious heights.

Let me show you.

Come and take my hand. You complain that my finger is too big. That's fine. Jump onto my palm. I will hold you close to me. Don't be afraid.


We hurtle past the glimmering eternities of this solar system. We initiate landing sequence, and our Protoforms burn with a celestial flame as we break into the gravitational field of the human homeworld. I can barely recognize the satellites that surround this blue planet, enfolded by beautiful swirls of white. It is here that I glimpse mankind's achievement: from Earth extends three monolithic structures; reaching like a set of claws towards the burning star they call their Sun. It is too late to stop and look. But the electromagnetic waves that are hurled back and fro across this planet reach my transmitters, and I instantly understand. Their history, their greatness, their predicament, is all revealed to me through their global communications, through their endless, frenetic frequencies. Those claws are what they call the Orbital Elevators. They draw their sustenance from their star through those structures, drinking from a limitless wellspring of light and life. No longer are the skies filled with the toxic fumes of their reptilian predecessors' remains. It is a new world, a renewed world. Within moments, I realize humanity's dream of two centuries.

Aeolia Schenberg. Celestial Being. World unity.

To traverse space itself, just like we do.

They have reached for the stars, the stars that we once fled to. They hope to colonize the furthest extents of their galaxy, of Andromeda. They still call our homes quasars, for they cannot understand the infinite depth of the universe, far deeper than their deepest seas. We shoot into the atmosphere and down towards the distant land hugged by blue. I feel a great surge of yearning and emotion charging within my spark.

I have come back to my second home, but it is not my old home.

I am vulnerable to detection – my Protoform is in reality my true form, my naked Cybertronian body as it is. I must find a vehicle of a similar mass to scan – any will do. My comrades around me – they do the same, searching for any vehicle that will provide us a mode of transport. We manage to assimilate several strange Earthen modes, but we are not successful in escaping detection.

We have come under attack by humans.

On the horizon fly giant machines of war that match, and even surpass, our size. What are they? Are they Decepticons? No, they cannot be. They do not speak, they do not taunt, nor do they answer our troubled questions. I can only detect human transmissions within. They unleash a hail of missiles and proton beams upon us. Their firepower is staggering – at least, compared to their counterparts three centuries ago. We send encrypted messages to them, fleeing and fighting back half-heartedly as we do so. But an entire division is in pursuit of us. We are surrounded, and I prepare my troops for two possibilities: diplomacy, or a reluctant struggle for survival.

If the world has changed, mankind has also changed. I knew from the very first moment we shot past the atmosphere and into the blue airspace above the sandy ground of the nation they call Kurdistan. Truth be told, I was amazed, impressed… but I was also concerned. For their wars seem more brutal than ever. Everywhere I turned my optic sensors, they scanned images of terrible, disheartening events – villages blown apart, their inhabitants lying dead on the hot ground. I glance at the human children weeping across the yawning desert, and I draw my ion blaster. These looming blue machines of war – why they have done this to their own species, I cannot understand. I will never understand. Outrage infuses my spark. I remember an age when Autobot and human united against the Decepticons, against the tyranny of Megatron.

But what is this travesty?

And then, I look up. Four lights glimmer in the sky. My voice box crackles in astonishment as they hurl themselves against the grey war machines. They are magnificent things, each dappled in a different hue of colour: blue, deep emerald, bright orange, and white and dark chrome. They swoop down from the shimmering firmament and upon the fleet, their weapons more than a match for our hunters. The blades of the blue one tear into the enemy giants. A giant rifle from the other blasts two more into shreds. And even more remarkably, the orange mechanoid… transforms… into a jet fighter to pierce puncture holes in the attacking fleet. My sensors detect the transmission of a pilot to another. I am taken aback yet again by the… youth… of the humans inside those titans.

"Setsuna! Cut me a path!"

"Copy that, Allelujah."

"Tieria – get rid of those annoying flies that are shielding my true prize, will you?"

"Very well, Lockon Stratos. Buster Cannon!"

I whip around to help them, but I am not needed. An orb of brilliant energy completes the rout, fired by the man that had shouted out the name of "Lockon Stratos." It happens so quickly, even with my upgraded optics. No longer are there any hovering mechanoids; they have crashed into the sands of the desert, swallowed up by a sea of yellow. With little more than an ambush, the newcomers have utterly defeated our pursuers.

I am amazed.

It seems they are protecting an even larger ship, and it descends to Earth. It slowly descends upon us. I am wary, but as humans emerge from their gargantuan vehicle, I can see that they are just as staggered as we are, as curious as we are. I see the pilots of the mechanoids lowering themselves from their cockpits, too. My database quickly scans their DNA readings. The pilot of the blue one is of Kurdish origin, the pale one, of Irish descent. The one in the orange… I frown. Origin: unknown. Perturbed, I nevertheless switch my scanner to the purple-haired, androgynous pilot.

Origin: also unknown.

I shake my head. By the Allspark! They truly have come this far in a mere three centuries? Are these really the little humans I protected, who now control giant war machines and pilot ships comparable to ours?

What is important is that my Autobots are safe. I kneel before this small gathering of tiny people, whose ancestors I protected centuries ago. My faceplate slides into the sides of my helm. My wavelengths are loud, louder than I hoped them to be. I configure my sound system so as to not hurt the human ears. "My name is Optimus Prime. I am the leader of the Autobots, and we come in peace. Thank you for saving us against those war machines – I heard you calling them A-Laws over the receiver."

And from below, a feminine, resolute voice tinged with just a hint of shyness, responds.

"I am Sumeragi Lee Noriega, and we are Celestial Being. And this is our ship, the Ptolemaios II. I think we're in for a long talk."