Perry Gets Busted

Chapter 1

"Ring Ring!" The doorbell rang. Phineas and Ferb were making a bubble soda volcano while Candace was eating her pancakes. Lawrence was drinking his morning coffee and reading the Dansville Times, Linda was on the computer playing Solitaire, and Perry was in the corner of the kitchen fast asleep.

"Can you get that sweetheart?" Linda asked her teenaged daughter, keeping her eyes on the screen. "Mom's kind of trying to win at the moment."

"Sure whatever." Candace sighed and put her fork on the syrupy dish. "I'm done with my pancakes, and I got nothing else better to do." She pushed herself always a little from the table and stood up. She grabbed a napkin from the table, and wiped her face. Then she put the napkin down and went to open the door. It was Jeremy; in his hands were their pet poodle.

"Hi J-J…" Candace was in a trance, she couldn't find the right word to say! "Hi J-Jer…"

"It's Jeremy." He said, unsure of Candace's condition. "Uh Candace, are you ok?"

"Oh sure!" Candace punched herself back into reality. "Never better, morning Jeremy! So what brings you here?"

"Well we're going to Hawaii for a week and wondered if you could do some pet sitting for us while we're gone."

"Pet sit you?" Candace asked. "Sure, I'd love that allot! It'll be heaven; it'll be you, me, you, me, 24/sev…"

"Uh Candace." Jeremy said. "I'm not a pet and I'm going along with Suzy and our parents."

"Of course you're not a pet!" Candace teased. "I was just fooling!" Jeremy laughed a little. "Of course I'll take care of Perry!" Jeremy stopped and looked at her.

"Candace, Perry is your pet! So you don't have to pet sit him, he's already yours."

"Oh yeah!" Candace said, feeling embarrassed. "So who our we pet sitting for?"

"You forgot about our pet already, haven't you?"

"What pet are you talking about?" Then Candace snapped back to reality when Jeremy showed her the black poodle in his hands. The dog licked her face and barked happily.

"Oh yeah, I remember you." The teenaged girl said, her face dripping wet. Jeremy sensed that she wasn't real thrilled with this idea.

"Candace?" He asked. "If you don't want to pet sit for us it's quite alright, we can…"

"No no!" Candace told him. "It's quite fine with me, she can stay." Jeremy looked puzzled.

"Are you sure? I know how Suzy's dog can be a little troublemaker to you sometimes. So we can…"

"No it's fine, let her stay!"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive I am!"

"Well okay." Jeremy handed the little poodle to Candace. "Take good care of her."

"I will." Candace promised. Jeremy leaned towards the poodle.

"Well bye girl! You behave now okay? We'll be back in a week." The dog licked him, and he hugged the little poodle. When he was done, he ran towards his parents van where Suzy was waiting for him.

"Bye girl!" Little Suzy shouted.

"Bark, bark!" The poodle barked goodbye.

"Bye Candace!" Jeremy called from behind.

"Aloha Jeremy!" Candace waved to him. "Have a good trip!"

"I will!" As soon as the two got in the van and the car left the street, Candace went back into the house and shut the door. The dog leapt from her grasp.

"Now listen you!" Candace pointed at their guest. "Jeremy's counting on me to pet sit you while he's gone, so you better behave! Don't go…" Suddenly the little dog took of her shoe and run in the kitchen.

"Hey that's mine!" Candace shouted after her. "Give me back my shoe right now!" She chased after the running dog into the kitchen.

"Give…me…back…my….WHOA!" Suddenly Candace tripped on the boys's red liquid that just exploded from their volcano. She fell to the floor! Phineas leaned over the table to make sure his sister was okay.

"Candace are you okay?" He asked. His sister just glared at the now tail wagging happy poodle.

"Have fun while you can!" She told the dog. "Because…" She then collapsed and sighed. "Oooh it already been two minute, and already this dog is killing me!" Lawerence and Linda giggled a little, and then continued what they were doing.

The poodle happily pranced around. When she saw the platypus snoozing in the corner, she dropped the shoe from her mouth and went over to him.

"Finally my shoe!" Candace cried, running to her shoe to put it on.

The dog pushed back Perry's eyelid with her paw to reveal his sleepy eye. The platypus then shook it off. The eye closed back down. The poodle then panted and waited for Perry to wake up.

Hearing this annoying pant, Perry then woke up and starched and yawned. The happy dog then began barking loudly.

"Ugh! Would you stop that?" Candace groaned, putting her shoe on. "It's really getting on my nerves, and you woke Perry up! Nice going!" The dog stopped barking.

Perry then looked at his watch to realize he was late! He tried to go, but the panting dog blocked his path. He tried going on the other side, but the dog blocked that path too! He went back and fourth between sides. No matter how he tried, the dog was still in his way!

"Oh go and play outside with Perry." Candace stood up when she was done tying her shoe. "But kindly leave me out of it!" The poodle watched and panted as the girl stormed out of the room. Perry saw this as the perfect chance to escape and dashed off.

The poodle looked at the spot where the platypus once was. She then saw Perry running outside and began to follow.

When Perry was outside; he ran to the side of the house. He looked around to see the dog wasn't stalking him. The dog was no where in sight. Perry sighed and wiped his forehead in relief.

Phrew! Finally the pest is gone, now I can continue my business. He quickly put on his fedora, whipped out a remote, and pressed the button. A platform then appeared in the little slit. Perry went onto the slit then onto the platform, and the elevator lowered him down to his secret hideout.

The dog went to the side to find out Perry was no longer there. She decided to sniff around. She sniffed until she found the slit in the wall. She looked down, suddenly a platform came up. The dog looked around outside, no one was watching what she just discovered. She decided to investigate herself, so she jumped onto the platform, and then the platform carried her down.

The poodle looked around when she stepped off. Where was she? What was this strange place? Then she herd voices, she went towards them. She hid behind a wall then saw Perry in a fedora on a seat having a meeting with an old man with a mustache on a screen. She listened contently.

"Hello Agent P." The older man greeted. "I see that you're late, sleeping in perhaps?" The dog watched as the platypus nodded.

"That's quite alright Agent P." He said. "We all need our breauty sleep once in a while." Perry looked at him. The man cleared his throat and read from a piece of paper in his hand. "Anyways, Dr. Doofenschirz has just brought supplies for his new evil machine." He looked back at Perry. "So we need you to stop him. Good luck Agent P. Agent P saluted then went off. The poodle saw Agent P strap on his jetpack, and went to him with two barks and a pant. Perry looked at the dog, and slapped his face.

"Who's your friend Agent P?" Monogram asked. Perry just ignored him as he turned his jetpack on. "You know Agent P, secret agents are meant to be secret you do know that right?" Perry nodded.

"Good now, Karl come and look at Perry's new friend!" Perry sighed as the dog leaped up around him. The machine blasted off and went rampant. Perry tried to control it as the dog barked and jump aboard. Karl then showed up.

"What is it sir?" He asked. "I was mopping the floors when you…" Then he looked at the dog trying to get a ride with Agent P.

"Oooooh! Perry I just love your new playmate! She's perfect for you. What's her name?" Perry looked annoyed now. She's not my friend! I want nothing to do with her. She just followed me here; I don't even know her that much! When Perry got the machine in control, the dog jumped on at the last second as it went up and out.

"Good luck Agent P." Monogram said.

"Yeah and take care of your new friend too Agent P." Karl added. "She's very cute to not like."

"You said it Karl." Monogram told him and put his arm around his intern. "I bet Agent P and that dog will be best friends forever."

"You really think so sir?"

"No, not really, well maybe. Now continue mopping! The floors won't mop themselves you know." Karl grabbed his mop and continued mopping the floor.

"Yes sir."

On the way to Evil Incorporated, Perry looked serious as Suzy's dog panted looking at the world down below. The dog then pressed a button on the jetpack to make them go faster, Perry shook his head nervously but it was too late. The jetpack then flew super fast to the place. Perry sweated with fear, but the dog just panted happily enjoying the ride.

When they reached their destination, they crash landed into the building! Dr. D looked at them surprised.

"Perry the platypus?" He asked. "Why the crash landing?" He looked at his now wreaked roof. "You do know you have to pay for this right?" Perry just groaned in pain. Then Dr. D noticed the dog. "Oh Perry, you found a friend? What's her name?" That did it! Perry went to business and attacked his enemy, pinning him to the ground.

"Ahhhhhh Perry! Why did you do that! I just wanted to know who you friend is I swear!" Perry sighed, loosed his fist, and stepped off. What was he doing? He was so frustrated right now, that he couldn't control it. Dr. D stood up, dusted off his pants, and looked at the now broken Jet pack.

"Bad news Perry." He said to the platypus. "But it looks like you might need a new jetpack." Perry looked at his busted jetpack and ran to it. Sparks flew everywhere and then it exploded. Perry looked shocked as he picked up the remains. Suzy's dog just snickered to herself.

Perry then looked mad; he threw the pieces to the ground.

"Uh oh." Dr. D observed. "You're one mad green platypus aren't you Perry the platypus?"

Perry looked and lunged himself at the dog. The dog quickly hid behind as Perry tightened his fist. Dr. D knelt down and patted the dogs head. He looked at Perry who was ready to fight.

"Perry!" He scolded. Perry looked at him surprised. "Don't blame your vehicle wreck on this dog; she's just too cute and innocent. Isn't that right girl?" The dog barked and licked his face. The doctor just laughed as he picked her up. The evil Doctor then noticed Perry's glaring eyes.

"Oh, I see! You claim that this dog is a pest and has been stalking you isn't that right Perry the platypus?" Perry nodded. He went over to a button on the wall. "Well no matter how much you want me to believe you… I can't!" He then pressed the button and then a cage fell on Perry trapping him! Perry tried to get out but couldn't. Dr. D went over to him laughing.

"I'm sorry Perry." He confessed. "But I just can't help you, this dog is just too cutsy-woosy to be a pest!" Perry glared as he tickled the dog. Dr. D looked at the platypus and picked up a red laser remote.

"Anyways I had my share of pests too Perry. Those darn street kids just get on my nerves whenever I go to the market and buy my evil supplies. Anyways that's why I invented this!" He pointed to the remote. "My pest-away-anator! You see all you do is point the remote at the irritator and poof! The pest disappears to Jupiter, and then all of your worries are over!" He then laughed evilly. Perry then turned his hat into the blade and threw it, slicing off the bars. Dr. D stopped laughing and looked.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that part." Once Perry got his hat back on his head, he attacked his nemesis; making him drop the remote and the puppy to the floor. Perry ran towards the remote.

"Wait Perry!" Dr. D shouted. "That remote can remove your pest problem!" Perry froze and looked at the remote. Should he use the remote on that annoying dog? No, she was annoying to the extreme; but he can't let that happen to Suzy's dog! No matter how much he wanted to, he knew it was the wrong thing to do, he just couldn't do it. Slowly Perry whipped out his ray gun, and blasted it to pieces!

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Dr. D yelled, got up, and ran to the remote. He picked up the remains as Perry put his blaster away. "You destroyed my solution to all of my pest problems. There, there babies, Dr. D is here, it's all right." As Dr. D rubbed the remains on his left cheek, Perry went for the door (after remembering a certain dog has totally dismembered his only transportation.) The poodle ran to him barking. Perry turned to her madly. The dog stopped. Perry continued walking as the dog followed close behind.

"Can your little friend come back soon?' Dr, D asked. "I mean

CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!!! No really, can you invite your friend?"

When the two got back (after Perry put his hat away) to the back yard, Perry went to sleep under the shade of the tree. The dog just snickers to herself as she ran towards the house. She just couldn't wait to tell Mrs. Flynn what just happened. She couldn't wait to show everyone and bust Perry.