Chapter 4

Under the sun, Perry wondered where to go. Should he go and try to live with another family in another city, state, or even outside of the United States? No, the news of him being an agent might've aired all over the world by now; he couldn't put his new family in jeopardy, they might do the same thing to him that Phineas did, he can't risk that again. He was on his own now, without a family to keep him safe from harm; he had to provide safety on his own.

Then he stopped as he remembered something. Wait, he had a 2nd family! He almost forgot about his platypus family with Meredith, Andy, Amy, and Abby. So, he didn't have to live by himself after all! He could go see how his platypus family was doing and protect them from the three anacondas! Now he just had to find them, so he started walking down the street, careful of upcoming cars.

Meanwhile back in the backyard, Mitzy was licking all over Phineas's face after she had fetched a stick in the air. Phineas laughed.

"Okay that's enough girl." Phineas laughed. "Stop it!" He then gently pushed the dog of off him and looked at her. "Okay, we got to go make sure Perry's all right." He went to his feet as the dog snuggled his feet. Phineas laughed again.

"I'm serious girl." He told the dog. "Perry!" the boy called the platypus's name. No Perry. "Oh Perry!" He went all around the backyard.

"Well that's weird." He said when he came back. "Perry's not out here. I wonder where he can be. Hmmm, maybe he's inside the house. Ferb help me find him." So the boys went inside to search, Mitzy fallowed.

"Perry, where are you boy? Oh Perry? Mom, have you seen Perry?" Lynda was baking a strawberry pie. She looked at them.

"No." She told them. "I'm afraid I haven't. Have you dear?" She looked at her husband who was drinking coffee while doing the crosswords in the newspapers.

"No I have to say I haven't." He replied. "Why, is he lost?"

"Yeah, we can't find him anywhere."

"Well try again and if you can't find him we'll call the pound and make same flyers." Lynda said.

"Okay mom, come on Ferb!" Lynda put the pie in the oven as the boys went to search some more.

Ten minutes later when Perry still could not be found, the boys decided to check one more place, Candace's room.

"Well Ferb." Phineas told him. "Here we are Candace's room. Think Perry's in here?" Ferb shrugged.

"Well it's worth a shot, after all Candace and Perry get along well together." So the boys entered her room. Stacy was doing her nails as she sat on a pink fluffy chair. They approached her.

"What are you two doing here?" She wanted to know. "Can't you see my nails are being painted?"

"Sis, have you seen Perry anywhere?" Phineas asked her.

"No." She answered. "I haven't seen him, now I'm busy so get out of my room or I'll tell mom."

"Have you searched his bed?" Stacy asked.


"We looked everywhere but we can't seem to find him."

"Have you checked his hideout?"

"Stacy! Don't butt into this, Perry's fine!"

"Candace, you need to know what's more important. Nails or the fact that Perry is missing." She put the nail polish in the zip lock bag and zipped it shut.

"Yeah, but Stacy." Stacy ignored her friend and looked at Phineas.

"Perry got terminated from his job almost a week ago."

"Oh poor thing. Well, when was the last time you seen him?"

"Well the last time I seen him was this morning with my friends."

"What did you say to him?"

"I said," Then he looked sad at the floor. "I said he was a lamemapus and I hated him."

"Why did you say that?" Phineas sighed.

"I don't know. I guess I was so mad at moving from Isabella and our friends that I went overboard and blew it. Man, I wished I'd never have said those nasty things. Perry must hate me now."

"Well what do you think?" Candace butted in the conversation. "That Perry was just going to be happy that you called him stupid? If I was Perry and you said those to me, I would pack my bags and find someplace else to live. I want a family to say kind stuff to me and forgive my mistakes, and not the opposite." Phineas looked at his sister then back to the floor.

"Yeah you're right. Poor Perry. I feel like a jerk" Then Ferb nudged him.

"What is it Ferb?" he looked at his stepbrother who was holding a piece of paper.

"Hmmm, what's this?" He took the sheet and read it to himself. Then he gasped. "Oh no! What have I done?!"

"What?" Stacy asked. "What is it?"

"What does it say?" Candace wanted to know. She, Stacy, and Ferb paid close attention as Phineas read out loud.

"It says 'Dear Phineas and family, I have packed my bag and headed out. I am no longer part of this family; you have said you hated me and a lamapus, I just can't stand that! So I'm going to a place where my new family can respect me for who I am and respect my dreams, not like you all! Sincerely Perry. AKA Agent P (Because you already ruined my dreams, so you might of well want to know my agent name) P.S.S This was all Mitzy, Mitzy, MITZY'S fault, not mine! I'm hoping that I will never see that stupid dog ever again Farewell. P.S. I may never ever come back!'"

"Poor Perry." Stacy said. "If he was in my family, I would have never have done that to him."

"I wish we had our time machine back." Phineas said sadly. "You know, to change what I've done."

"Perry is one smart platypus." Ferb observed. "If he can write that latter in plain English!"

"Well you can never know what your platypus is capable of." Stacy told him. "If he can be a secret agent, he can do anything!"

"Well that's true." Ferb agreed. "There's no telling what that platypus can accomplish."

"Boys!" Lynda called from downstairs. "Candace! Time to take Mitzy back to the Johnson's and head out!"

"But mom!" The boys headed downstairs.

"Well I guess this is goodbye then?" Stacy said to her friend.

"I guess." Candace dreaded to tell her. "I'll write or tex to you everyday though!"

"Probably tex more then write."

"Yeah right, whatever."

"Well Candace, you were a great friend, and I hope to see you in the near future. Good luck!" With that, the girls shook each other's hands.

"Yeah goodbye."

When Stacy left the room, Candace looked like she might cry. Mitzy barked and went to the door. Candace looked serious as she eyed the happy dog and blocked the dog's path with her foot. The dog stopped and looked up.

"Hold on missy!" She sounded mad. "It was YOU wasn't it? You really busted Perry and blamed everything on him. He had nothing to do with all of it, he was innocent all those times wasn't he?" Mitzy yapped excitedly in agreement. Candace gasped in shock.

"And you're not one bit sorry are you?" Mitzy yapped again. "I knew it was odd; Perry couldn't have broken my cell phone, it was you all along! You're a trouble maker all right, you have gone way too far this time! You are evil with a capital E! More evil then that loco doctor that Perry fights with. You are evil to the extreme, and bad, bad, bad!" The dog just licked Candace on the cheek. Candace shirked. "I'm telling mom!" The dog then stole Candace's shoe right off her foot and zoomed downstairs. "Oh no you don't missy!" Candace raced after the dog downstairs. "Come back here!"

The two raced downstairs, Candace almost bumping into her mom!

"Whoa, slow down!" She told Candace. "What's the hurry? Did the boys build one last imaginary something and you're going to then show me absolutely nothing but the boys safe and sound?"

"No Mom." Candace told her. "This is even worse."

"What's more worst, Jeremy breaking up with you because we're moving?

"No." Candace said. "Mitzy took my shoe!" Lynda just looked at her.

"Okay." She said in disbelief. "You can help the boys and their friends make flyers for our missing pet, I'd hate to leave him behind. Figures that platypus picked today of all days to run away." She and Candace went into the kitchen to see how the kids were doing. Their printer was printing the last copy of fifty "Have you seen our platypus?' printer papers.

"So how's it going?" She asked them.

"Mom?" Phineas said to her. "Will we ever see Perry again?" He had tears in his eyes. "I feel like a jerk, I didn't mean to make Perry roam. I…I…" He sniffed and wiped away his tears. Lynda went to hug her son.

"There there baby." She consoled him. "It'll be all right; Perry'll come back, you see. We'll find him."

"Do you think he'll ever forgive me mom? What if he hates me and never come back?"
"He'll forgive you dear, he's smart."

"Well I guess that's true. But still what if…"

"Come on!" Isabella told them all interrupting. "Let's go find Perry before you guys move."

"Ok." Phineas stopped his tears. "Come on everybody, I did something wrong and I won't rest until I fix it, let's find Perry!" The kids all cheered and all of them went outside to put flyers up and search. Lynda just went upstairs to finish packing.

Mitzy dropped the shoe and went outside. Candace rushed to her wet shoe and put it on. She then got out her cell phone to call Stacy about a very urgent problem.

Meanwhile, Perry walked for what seemed like hours before he sat his stick down beside a stone and sat on the stone. He sighed. Were his siblings in the United States or were they in back in Australia? He thought weather he should hitch a ride on an airplane to his original continent until he heard something like someone or something kicking a rock from beyond the bushes. He decided to investigate, so he stood up and went to the bushes to take peek. He couldn't believe at what he saw!

For he saw his younger sister Meredith kicking her foot at a gigantic boulder.

"Ow!" Meredith cried as she hurt her foot while kicking. She hopped on one foot. Her sisters and brother were watching.

"Tell me again, how will this train me to be like Perry?" She asked.

"You got to be strong Mer." Amy told her. "Just like our oldest bro."

"Yeah." Abby added. "If Perry can do this, so can you!"

"How do you know Perry can bust in gigantic boulders by kicking them?" Andy wanted to know.

"Yeah." Meredith added putting her webbed foot down. "How?"

"Because Perry's strong and he can do anything." Amy answered. "Now just continue kicking."

"Yes sis." Meredith looked at the rock, sprang towards it and kicked as hard as she could.

"Owie!" She yelped and hopped on one foot again. Amy sighed in disgust.

"Oh boy, this will take forever." She muttered to herself watching her sister hop in pain.

That did it! Perry had enough of this and went in.

"I am strong." He admitted, coming towards them. "But I'm not super strong!"

"PERRY!!!!!!!!" His siblings shouted and all rushed by his side.

"Seriously guys." Perry laughed. " Who do you think I am? Platypus Chan?"

""No!" Meredith laughed. "Of course not! So how you doing bro?"

"Yeah!" Andy added excitedly. "Are you kicking humans or animal's butts like there was no tomorrow?"

"How's the agent service treating you Perry?" Abby wanted to know. Perry rubbed her youngest sister's head, making her laugh.

"PERRY!" Amy shouted, Perry looked at her. "How's it going? Are you living your dream?"

"Oh it's doing swell." He just said.

"And how about your dream job?" Perry rubbed her sister again, pretending not to hear.

"PERRY!!! HOW'S YOUR LIFE AS A SECREAT AGENT???" Perry then looked sad, he knew he had to tell them.

"Perry?!" Amy raised her eyebrow.

"I got terminated." He told them sadly. His siblings gasped in horror.

"But Perry." Spoke Meredith. "Why? Why did you get fired, why?" Perry looked at her sister's pleading eyes. He sighed and touched her shoulder.

"Because sis, a stupid dog came into my life and tore it apart."

"How did the dog do that Perry?" Abby asked.

"She busted me and showed my owner's mom what I do; she didn't like it, so I got fired from putting the agency on public TV."

"Just like I do!" Amy blurted out. "Busting! You know it's what I do best!" They all looked at her. "Ok, sorry. I'll stop talking now!"

"Poor Perry." Abby said to him. "You must be so heartbroken, after all that was your dream job." Perry looked at her then down at the ground.

"Yeah." He agreed. "Why did that stupid dog have to come into our house? Why, why, why? Oh well, we got to leave the past behind us I guess."

"Hey!" Meredith suddenly blurted out and started pulling Perry's hand forward. "Come on bro! We just saw a hilarious vid from a human technology devise. You just got to see this, You'll crack up! Come on!" Perry laughed.

"Meredith, what is this all about? What the hack had gotten you suddenly energized?"

"Just a lame vid." Amy told him, then to Meredith. "Mer, it's not that funny."

"What are you talking about?" Meredith said. "It's hilarious!"

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."

"No it's not!" Meredith let go of Perry's hand and marched up to Amy, looking mad.

"Yes it is and you know it"

"It's not that funny Mer."

"Yes it is!"

"No it's not!"

"That's it! How about we settle this Perry's way?"

"I'd love too." The two were about to fight when Abby stopped them.

"Ok that's enough." She told them. "Cool it, fighting never solves anything."

"It works with Percival." Andy said.

"But, Perry fights all the time." Meredith reminded her sister. "That's how he fights."

"There's a reason I do it." Perry told her. "You can just talk to Amy and handle you conflicts out peacefully, but I can't do that to my human nemesis."

"That's because your talking only sounds like a really low device like the humans use to break the cement to them."

"Well, you got a point there. But, fighting with my bill, hands, feet, tail, and even my fedora is what I do in my job or use to do. That's why I got so interested in it, because of all the action that's involved. There's some times when it's ok to fight turbulent and sometimes not. It just depends."

"Oh, aw right!"

"Just watch the vid Amy." Abby told her. "It'll make Mer happy."

"Ok, ok. Show us Mer." The youngest platypus brightened up and ran to a tree. The siblings fallowed. There they saw a laptop on out in the open. It was plugged in the wall of a house.

"This." Meredith spoke to them. "Is a device the humans use to find info, and vids or whatever they're looking for. The humans call it a compu…compu…"

"It's called a laptop." Perry corrected her.

"A laptop?" Meredith asked confused. But the humans called it a computer."

"Technally it's called a laptop." He exclaimed. "Because you can unplug it, it's mobile, and can easily fit on your lap. That's why it's called a laptop."

"Wow Perry." Abby spoke up. "You know better then the humans do!"

"Well yeah, our bro's smart!" Said Andy. "He's knows everything! Sheech, the humans invented the laptop, give it that name, yet they call it a computer? That's pretty wacko if you ask me."

"So Perry, what's that box with the moving pictures that humans watch that persuaded you to be an agent in the first place?" Meredith wanted to know.

"That's called a television set." Perry answered. "TV for short. And they watch it for entertainment, get educated, or if they want to know what's going on in the world. They can also get news from the internet, newspaper, or from a magazine."

"What about the thing on wheels that almost eliminated me?"

"That was a school bus sis. It takes human kids/teens to and from a place called school."

"What's school?"

"A place where human adults called teachers teaches them important stuff. They teach things like math, reading, writing, history, and other stuff they'll need to be smart in order to survive when they become adults. I know this because my owners go to it for nine months every year."

"Wow! That hamster was right; you can learn allot from another species. So bro what about…"

"Ok!" Abby interrupted. "I'm sure there's a billion stuff that Perry can tell us about humans; but shouldn't you show Perry the vid Mer?"

"Oh yes!" She piped up. "The video! Perry, you'd going to love this, watch!" She pressed play. On the screen was a video of Dr. D riding on his skateboard in his underwear.

"Hey I've seen this before." Perry realized as Dr. D shouted his line and fell in the toilet.

"You have?" Meredith asked.

"Yeah, my old boss Major Monogram showed me."

"Did you laugh?"

"Well I was about too until my boss stopped me."

"He has good taste." Amy said. "Because we both agree, L.A.M.E!"

The vid brought Perry back memories when he was still in the agency. Good times, good times! Then he remembered something. He remembered what he had brought along that day, the Universal Delete Button. That made him start wondering, is that invention the key to get rid of this gigantic mess and the key to get his job back? Perry pondered this until Andy nudged him.

"So what made you decide to run away bro?" he asked.

"Oh, one of my owners Phineas called me a lamemapus and said he hated me." The other platypuses gasped.

"Oh Perry. That's terrible!" Abby told him. "We'll never do that to you."

"Yeah!" Meredith added. "You can count on us!"

"Thanks guys.' Perry smiled. "I knew you'll respect me for who I am, that's why I chose to live with you all." His siblings smiled.

"So Perry, any human games we can play?" Andy asked him.

"We can play America's favorite pastime with seaweed."

"How do we play that?" Meredith asked.

"I'll show you, come on!" So he tied some seaweed tightly together into a ball, grabbed a wide stick; and they walked to begin their game of baseball.

"Find anything guys?" Phineas asked meeting back with his friends at Danville Park.

"Sorry Phineas." Isabella told him. "Nothing."

"We have failed." Baljeet said. "We feel so ashamed."

"Ha, ha!" Buford laughed. "You failed, you're a big failure!"

"You didn't find him either Buford. Doesn't that make you a failure?" Buford stopped laughing, and looked at the ground ashamed.

"Guys." Stacy said to them all. "We can do this, just don't give up hope."

"No we can't." Phineas sounded sad again as he welled up tears. "We'll never find him. And if we did, he'll hate me forever. It's hopeless." Candace went to comfort her brother.

Suddenly Dr. D's blimp hovered above them. High winds started as the kids looked up. They screamed as all of them got suck up into the blimp. Then the winds stopped and the blimp flew away.

"Where are we?" Isabella asked when she awoke. She stood up; all of them were in a cage. "Hay, what happened? Who trapped us all in here?" The kids then herd an evil laugh; they all looked as the evil Dr. D walked towards them. They all gasped.

"Who the hack are you?" Stacy wanted to know.

"I'm glad you asked." Dr. D told her. "Well I'm not surprised that you asked. Anyways, I am Dr. Doofenschirz and I…"

"Hey you look familiar." Buford pointed out. "Weren't you on Danville News the other day?"

"Ooh yes, I remember." Baljeet remembered, "He was being interviewed when we saw what Perry does when he mysteriously wanders off."

"I'm flattered I got to be on TV." Dr. D said. "Just imagine me Dr. Doofenschirz on TV! I never got to be on TV before, the camera must love me. I remember when I was a little boy; I always wanted to appear on TV, but nooooo! I was never on TV because my family was poor. We were so poor that we couldn't even afford a television, so as my only entertainment, I had to dress as a gnome and…"

"Um, is this going to end sometime soon?" Isabella interrupted. Then Dr. D started to cry.

"You don't like my sad story!" he wailed.

"No, no." Isabella told him. "We like you stories, well actually we just want to get out of here so can you…"

"I knew it! You don't have the time to listen; you just want to be free! Perry the platypus would've listened to my stories all the way through! Well I guess he was trapped in my traps when I told him, so I guess he had no other chose. But still, it'll make a guy really happy if you'll just listen to his stories! Even Perry knew that!" Dr. D continued crying.

"Um, can we get out?" Buford asked. "Or are you going to continue crying?"

"You kids just don't have the patience to listen to a guy's story do you? You guys just don't have the patience like your pet platypus does, I miss Perry the platypus! Which is why I kidnapped you, you know to fill the void, so I'll have something to remember my nemesis by! Pretty smart huh?"

"Get us out of here!" Phineas yelled. "You'll never take us alive!"

"You rather I take you dead?"

"Uh no."

"Then I got to take you alive. Here, play with this beanie baby platypus and pretends its Perry." He threw in the pink platypus beanie and went away. Phineas grabbed the beanie.

"How can we pretend this is Perry?" He asked. "This is pink and Perry's green."

"Just imagine its green ok kid?" The evil doctor left the room.

"You're not Perry are you?" Then the boy squeezed the beanie. Then a voice box inside the beanie echoed from inside. It made a high pitch giggly sound. The kids shirked,

"Hi, I'm Maurice Sandak's Little Bear! Wanna play?"

"Yeah, that's defiantly not Perry!" He said and threw the beanie into the bars of the cage. He shuddered then put his hands on the bars.

"Ha ha, I love you! We're going to be the best of friends; yup, yup, yup!"

"Oh Perry." He said. "WHERE ARE YOU?????" Then he burst into tears.

Meanwhile, Meredith has just hit a home run!

"Run Mer, run!" Abby shouted as the youngest platypus ran the bases. The others looked up as the ball sailed below Dr. D's blimp.

"Homerun!" Meredith yelled when she touched her webbed foot on home. "Ya- hoo! Victory!" The others congratulated her when Perry spoke up and went closer.

"Hey hang on a sec, I know that blimp!"

"Wow I get a blimp cheering for me! Just like in professional sports stadium, right Perry? I must be special like that."

"No, it's not a sport blimp! It's my nemesis Dr. Doofenshirz's blimp. I wonder what it is doing here." Then up on the blimp, Perry saw Dr. D walk up and speak in a megaphone.

"If you are out there my friend… I mean nemesis. I have something to tell you. I have kidnapped your kid owners and friends and locked them up in a cage!" Perry was wide eyed as Dr. D laughed evilly. "So if you want to save them, err, save them!" He laughed as he went back inside the blimp. Perry's siblings all gasped in shock.

"Perry, he's taken your human family!" Meredith said. "You got to save them!"

"Yeah!" Andy added, kicking, punching, and swishing the air with his tail. "Come on bro, show us your moves!" He looked at Perry who was eyeing the sky. He stopped at what he was doing and looked at his oldest brother. "Bro?"

"Didn't you hear what the insane loco guy said Perry?" Abby wanted to know. "He kidnapped your owners and their friends, aren't you going to take action and rescue them?" Still, the oldest platypus just eyed the sky.

"Well don't just stand there Perry!" Amy told him. "I thought you wanted nothing to do with doing nothing all day, save them!" Perry turned around and walked to where they played baseball.

"Come on guys." He told them. "Let's play ball.

"What???!!!" All of his siblings were shock by this news.

"But, but what about your human friends?" Meredith asked. "Aren't you going to save them?"

"No." Perry answered.

"Perry, why?" Abby asked. "Why won't you save them?"

"Because I don't need to."

"Why Perry?"

"Yeah bro." Andy joined in. "How came?" Perry got irritated and looked at them.

"It's kind of complicated ok?" Perry shouted. "It's just between me and me alone."

"But Perry, why?" Meredith wanted to know. "Why can't you…"

"They made me mad ok Mer?"


"You can tell us Per." Abby told him. "You helped us, now we'll help you. Now what's wrong?" Perry looked at the ground.

"I already told you. They called me lame and despise me."

"Perry." Abby said. "I know your owners made you mad, but just because a member of the family yells at you doesn't mean they don't want you. I'm sure he didn't mean it and loves you deep inside."

"No, he did."

"Perry when we're mad at you, we still love you."

"Yeah!" Amy added. "Just like you and me! You might make me pissed at you sometimes, but you're still my bro and I forgive you and I still love you."

"But they called me stupid and hate my legendary gut."

"Perry." Abby said. "Family members are going to be angry at one another at times, you got to just rise above and forgive."

"But, but…"

"What about second chances?" Meredith questioned. "Aren't you going to give him a second chance?" Perry sighed and rubbed her sis's head.

"You're right." He told her. "I got to give them a second chance, thanks Mer."

"You'll welcome!" Perry stopped and looked serious. He looked at his brother and sisters.

"Ok guys." He told them. "Ball's over. Ready to kick butt and see what your brother can do?"

"Yeah!" His siblings cheered.

"Now that's the Perry we know!" Abby said. "Aw right Perry!" They all went to climb up a tree and all hopped and went into the blimp.

"Okay guys." Perry told them when they hid behind some boxes in the room. Phineas and friends were comforting Phineas still moping in the large cage. Dr. Doofenscmirz was checking to see if he had 'evil love' letters on his computer.

"Now when I give the signal, you all…" Perry started telling them. Then Meredith blurted out.

"HAY! THERE'S YOUR ENEMY PERRY, THE LOCO DUDE! LET'S GO AND…" Before Meredith could finish, Perry and Amy put their hands over her mouth. They told her to be quiet.

Perry looked to see if they have heard the exciting loud chatter, luckily no one seem to have notice. Perry looked back at them.

"Okay, look like we're safe. Now we know Mer don't…"

"Hey look Perry!" Isabella shouted from inside the cage.

"Meredith!" Perry said at her. "What have I just told you?"

"Perry, I didn't do that."

"Oh yeah?! Then who was it?" The other prisoners looked up.

"It's Perry!" Bajeet cried.

"Perry!" Buford said, bumping Bajeet aside. Ferb tapped Phineas, Phineas looked up and felt rejoice when he saw his pet.

"Perry!" Dr. D logged off and went towards them.

"What's all the racus about?" Dr. D. ordered to know. "Can't you see I'm trying to find love over the internet?" Then he noticed Perry.

"Oh hi normal Platypus." He turned back to the kids. "Anyways, it's really rude to…."

"That's Perry!" Isabella interrupted. Then he looked back at Perry, imagined his fedora on his head, and jumped back.

"Perry the platypus?" Perry looked at all of them as they each shouted his name. Then Meredith shouted out and jumped up excitedly.

"Meredith!" Perry eyed her.

"Meredith, you're not helping." He told her. Meredith was back on ground.


"What are you doing here?" Dr. D asked him. "I thought you got terminated from your job." He then grabbed a remote with a red button. "Never mind about that. Ha, ha, I have you now!" He pressed the button, but nothing happened. He tried again, still nothing. He kept trying.

"What the? Gosh darn it, now why won't this lousy contraption work?" Perry rolled his eyes.

"Ah no offence evil insane guy." Isabella told him. "But isn't that the garage opener?" Dr. D looked at her.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Isabella pointed to the remote. Dr. D looked at it. At the top was a taped strip of paper that read 'Garage Opener'. Dr. D sighed.

"I label my stuff, yet the garage opener still haunts me, oh boy!" He threw it aside laughing guilty. "I knew that!" Buford rolled his eyes.

"Sure you did!" He said starcasicly. "You know you're not that bright are you? Even Perry's smarter then you and he's a platypus. How do you live with yourself?"

"You're right." Dr. D agreed looking ashamed. "This is all so embarrassing. But I won't be made into a fool any longer!" He grabbed the remote and pressed the button. "Good bye, Perry the Platypus!"

"Garage Opener!" Isabella told him. Dr. D looked at it and threw it away. He began looking in his packets.
"Now where is my 'destroy Perry' button?" He pulled out his garage opener again and threw it aside. "I know I have it somewhere, hang on!" Perry rolled his eyes, and attacked his enemy, he fell to the floor. "Ow! Perry not in front of the children!" Perry went on his nemesis's soldiers, and pecked him a few times with his bill. "Ow, ow! Perry, not now. There are children present!" Perry then stepped aside; Andy went up to Dr. D.

"There may be kids here bulb." He said then punched and kicked him in the jaw. "But we don't care, all we want is action!" Then it was Abby's and Amy's turn, when Dr. D stood up and backed away; the two put their tails together behind him, causing him to trip, accidentally freeing the kids. The kids cheered and ruched towards the platypuses. Phineias picked up Perry and hugged him tightly.

"Oh Perry, you saved us! I love you and always will!" He then placed him on the ground and looked at him.

"Oh Perry, I'm real sorry. I didn't mean what I told you. The truth is I love you for who you are and always will. Can you ever forgive me?" Perry pretended to think about this.

"He's not going to forgive you!" Bajeet said. "He'll hate you forever, it's hopeless!"

"Oh Perry!" Phineas grabbed the platypus's ankles and cried. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I just want you back!" The boy cried and cried. Perry smiled and hugged the boy in return.

"Oh Perry, you do forgive me!" Phineas hugged his pet as well. "Now that's my platypus, I love you Perry." The others awed at the sight, even Dr. D.

"Aw isn't that sweet?" Dr. D observed. "My arch nemesis and his owner hugging, how touching! It's making me want to cry!" Dr. D blew on some tissues that he had with him.

Perry then went and did one last kick at his enemy's jaw. The evil doctor fell to the floor and rubbed his cheek as all but Meredith went towards the exit of the blimp (that just landed.)

"Hey come back!" Dr. D stood up. "You'll pay for that! Now where is that button?" He checked his pockets until he saw Meredith offering him the remote. She chattered (here!) Dr. D grabbed it from her.

"Uh, thanks!" Meredith went away. "Now, I have you all!" He pressed the button and realized it was the garage opener. Dr. D fell to his Knees.


The others laughed and when Meredith joined them, exited the blimp.

Several weeks later, all was back to normal. Perry's platypus family went back to their burrow, Mitzy was back at the Johnson's, Perry had his job back, the family didn't move, and they all had forgotten this mess thanks to the Universal Delete Button. Best of all, Perry was safe and he'll always remember that his family (platypus or human) will always be by his side and love him no matter what. Perry smiled, all of his troubles were over and nothing could spoil this moment.

"Mom!" Perry heard Candace call to her mother. "Jeremy and family are going to New York for three weeks! Can we pet sit their dog I mean Suzy's dog?" Perry then froze as he heard that.

"Of course sweetheart!" The platypus heard Lynda say. "Suzy's poodle is welcome anytime!"

"Thanks mom!" Perry fainted in the green grass.

"Hmmmm, what's wrong with Perry?" Phineas asked his step brother. Ferb shrugged.

"I guess Perry is just dying to have Suzy's dog here for 3 weeks."

The End