He stared up at his Superior with slightly widened eyes. He had yet to give him pleasure? What more could there possibly be? He was certain that he was going to die from what he had just experienced; so if that wasn't ultimate pleasure then what was? He was slightly fearful of what possibly lay in store for him.

Xemnas wrapped his arms around his diviner's waist and flipped them over so that Saïx was straddling his waist.

Saïx stared down at his Superior unsure of what was going on.

"Now my beautiful little china doll…" He started while stroking his fingers up and down his pale sculpted chest. "I will grant you this opportunity this one time and one time only." He smiled up at him. "I will grant you my body to explore as you will."

Saïx just sat there not sure of what he was supposed to do. "Sir…"

"No; when in my bed you will not call me that." For some reason every time the word 'sir' left his lips it made everything seem so business like and he was beginning to get rather irritated with it. "You will call me…" His lips pulled up into a dark smirk. "Master" Yes he liked the sound of that. "Master Xemnas."

Saïx just stared at him. "Master Xemnas?" He questioned not sure if he liked the sound of it or not. It was similar to Superior but it seemed more domineering than Superior ever did.

"Yes Master Xemnas." He ordered. "No more sir or Superior while in my bed. You will address me as I desire you to; and you will not question me. Understood?"

Saïx gave a curt nod as he was an obedient servant to his Superior and always did as he was told. However all this kissing and foreplay had him more confused than when this whole thing started. What was the ultimate point to it all anyway; especially if it served to gain nothing for them? Granted the physical pleasure was amazing and nothing like he could ever remember feeling before; yet still, what was the reason for it?

Xemnas reached up and palmed his cheek; pulling him down until their lips were just a breath apart. "You think too much. Stop thinking and let instinct take control."

"I do not understand the reason." He stated causing their lips to brush.

"Not everything has a reason; like us for example. What is our reason for being; when we really shouldn't? This is the same as that." He then pulled him down all the way; slipping his tongue into his mouth and caressing every inch he could reach.

Saïx shivered when one hand tangled in his hair and the other began stroking up and down his back; tracing over every dip and rise of his spine. This kissing his Superior seemed to be rather fond of; was actually nice, now that he had finally gotten used to the feel of having another's tongue in his mouth.

Xemnas pulled back; making sure to suck his bottom lip enough to make it swell and turn a beautiful shade of red. He stroked his cheek with the back of his hand. "Now; I will put my body into your hands to explore as you will." He pushed him up, grabbed his hands, and placed them flat against his broad, sculpted, tanned chest. "Do as you wish for this is the only time I will grant you this opportunity."

Saïx sighed deeply; this was all so new and confusing to him. "Master Xemnas" He sighed again.

Xemnas stared up at him. "No Saïx; stop thinking and that's an order. Just pick somewhere and start then go from there. Instinct; let your instincts guide you."

He nodded. "As you wish Master Xemnas."

Xemnas nearly ground his teeth together. How did Saïx do that? No matter what he said it always sounded so business like and he did not like it one bit. Yet he knew that if he gave Saïx any other title to call him it would still sound the same. The diviner really needed to loosen up and he was hoping that by giving him his body to explore it would do just that.

Amber eyes looked over every inch of the being beneath him trying to figure out just where to start. He wasn't all that comfortable with his hands where they currently were; so he lifted them and attempted to find somewhere else to put them; but where? He looked down at his hands and stared at his fingers. "Let instinct guide me." He stated to himself.

A sliver brow arched as he watched the diviner try to sort all of this out. Really; he had no idea it was going to be this difficult to get Saïx to stop analyzing everything and just go with it. Yet this was a lesson and the only way to learn is by experience and self discovery; so he remained silent, even when amber eyes questioned him as to what he should do now.

What did his instincts want to do; he didn't know, yet he couldn't just sit here forever staring at him. 'Pick somewhere and start.' He repeated Xemnas' words to himself. His eyes roved over what he could see of his Superior and locked them on something that seemed relatively safe; his hair. He reached out a tentative hand and gently stroked his fingers through the silvery stuff. It was soft, flowed though his fingers nicely, and was a lot thicker than it looked.

He jerked his hand back like it had just been burned when Xemnas tilted his head into the touch. "Sorry Master" Saïx stated with a small bow of his head.

Xemnas looked up at him; part of him wanting to punish him for his reaction and part of him just couldn't believe that Saïx was so skittish. He sat up, slipped his right arm around his waist, and trailed his fingers through is cobalt hair. He could feel how tense the diviner was based on how his spine was as stiff as a rod and decided that perhaps now was not the time to turn things over to him. "When you are ready then." He stated and instantly felt him relax… somewhat anyway.

He pressed his face into his neck and began nipping at his pale flesh while his left hand abandoned his hair, trailed lightly down his right arm to his hand, where he grabbed it and brought his finger up to his lips.

Saïx watched as his Superior molested the tips of his fingers with his tongue and could feel that strange tightening sensation building up within his stomach once again.

He sucked a digit deep into his mouth and letting go of the hand in his mouth; he trailed his own hand down to the creamy left leg that was wrapped around his waist only to stop when his fingers caressed the back side of his knee. He didn't know if the sound that suddenly erupted from his little diviner was from the finger he had in his mouth or his own finger molesting the back of his knee. However he was going to find out.

He wanted to smirk when Saïx stared at his hand intently and began gently pushing and pulling his finger in and out of his mouth. Perhaps it was the finger in his mouth that caused him to make such a sound; then again… He slid his fingers up his thigh before trailing them back down to ghost them over the back of his knee and there it was again; that sound, the same sound he made when he toyed with the bottom of his foot. It was turning out that his innocent little berserker was rather sensitive on the left side of his body. Perhaps another exploring session was in order.

He slowly brought his hand up and grabbed the finger that was in his mouth; pulling it from his hot cavern and using his teeth to scrap along his palm down to the fleshy part just at the base of his thumb; nothing. So he continued and didn't get far when that wonderful sound erupted from his throat once again. 'Base of his toe, the back of his knee, and just above his wrist.' He mentally noted.

His body was on fire again and it was miserably uncomfortable yet it felt so good. His skin was tight, his stomach was turning in on itself, and his groin was burning for attention. How was Xemnas able to make him feel so much all at once? Was this normal for everyone or was it just him? He wanted to ask but he couldn't because asking questions seemed to upset his Superior and these strange spots on his body that Xemnas was finding made his head spin, spine stiff, and made his whole body buzz all over.

He moved his lips up his forearm and stopped when he hit his inner elbow. Not only did he get that lovely sound but along with it came a full body shudder. 'Hmm… extra sensitive at the elbow.' He smirked to himself then continued up his arm to his shoulder and worked his way to his left ear. Once he came to the pointed appendage he began nibbling his way up it and it wasn't until he got to the very tip did he get a reaction out of the diviner.

Saïx arced his back sharply, gripped tightly upon his Superior's shoulders, locked his legs tighter around his waist, and nearly spilled himself right there. The teeth and the tongue working over his ear was sending shockwaves of electricity through his body; nearly driving him to madness with the pleasure of it all.

Xemnas pulled back and stared at the being in his lap; shocked at his reaction and wondering why he didn't play with his left ear earlier, especially if this was the kind of effect it had on him. It was rather intriguing that the left side of his body was so sensitive and in such strategic locations. The scientist in him wanted to explore this further; but the more rational side of him was going insane with the need to find his own end. So he decided he would explore Saïx's sensitivity at a later date and would focus on ripping away his innocence for good.

He lifted his left hand up to the diviner's mouth and pressed his two fingers against his lips. "Suck on them." He whispered huskily.

Saïx slowly parted his lips and allowed the fingers entrance into his mouth. It felt strange having his two powerful fingers in his mouth but he was supposed to obey; so what could he do? Besides he was rather intrigued in what he was planning on doing next.

"Kiss them." Xemnas whispered with a small nod. "Swirl your tongue around them the same way I did to yours."

Saïx gave a small nod and did as he was told; by tracing the fingers in his mouth with his tongue.

He couldn't stop the groan that passed his lips at the feel of his hot and surprisingly smooth tongue trailed along the length of his fingers. He was definitely going to have to put the diviner's tongue to use in other places; but not today.

When he felt that his fingers were sufficiently prepared he removed them from his mouth, used his right hand to pull the diviner into a deep passionate kiss, and sought out his entrance with his wet fingers.

Saïx stiffened when he felt the tip of a finger pressing against his tight ring and attempted to pull away with the finger breeched the muscles and slipped inside him. His spine felt like it had a million knives stabbing him all at once.

Xemnas kept his diviner tightly locked into the kiss; knowing it was going to be painful for him, even at the cost of the sharp tooth that sliced his tongue open in the struggle to get away.

He swirled his finger around inside seeking his hidden little pleasure spot and once he found it he pressed against it lightly; and smirked mentally when Saïx's spine stiffened even further, but in pleasure. He swallowed the groan that passed from the berserker's throat as he continued to stroke over his magic spot waiting for the right moment to introduce his second finger.

He finally allowed him free of the kiss; both of them with red bloody lips, and when Saïx dropped his head back and growled in pleasure he pressed his second finger forth. He was so tight and hot he couldn't wait to feel himself buried deep within his heat. Yet with how tight he was concerned with how he was going to react when the time came. It would do no good for him to go into berserk mode; as much fun as it sounded to take him while in his berserker state, he didn't want to try it today. He was going to have to take things very slow.

Half of him was in immense pain the other half was writhing miserably seeking another round of release. He was torn between pain and pleasure and he certainly did not like how they mixed. He preferred everything to flow one way or another; no in-between, as he himself was. He was half alive and half dead. He could half feel due to the memories of feelings but he couldn't really feel at all. He lived in a world that was a shade of gray and the memory of hate was always at the forefront of his senses. He wanted either straight pain or straight pleasure; this way he was on one side of something pure for a change.

"It will hurt but only for a short time." Xemnas stated as if reading his thoughts. "Once the pain subsides it will be nothing but pure pleasure."

Saïx stared at him; eyes still hazed over from the pleasure his Superior was still giving him.

"You must trust me." He whispered with a nip to his neck.

Trust him… he could do that; couldn't he? He had trusted him with his life and with his hope of getting his heart back; so why couldn't he trust him with this? "As you wish master." He moaned out.

Xemnas smiled against his flesh at his response. "Yes" He growled with a nip to his neck; leaving a small red welt. He removed his fingers completely then reached over and grabbed the white ceramic bowl off the nightstand.

"What is that?" Saïx questioned when Xemnas took the lid off the bowl and revealed a bluish tinted jelly inside.

Xemnas looked at the being in his lap and smirked. "A distraction." He stated with a knowing glint in his deep orange eyes before he dipped his fingers into the bowl.

"I do not understand."

He slipped his arm around his waist and pulled him flush against his chest. "You will." He smirked before he trailed his jelly coated fingers over his tight entrance.

Saïx stiffened in the spine when the cool jelly coated him and a warm tingling sensation began to build from where the jelly touched his flesh. Again he flinched when the fingers pressed into him and began coating his insides with the substance. He was beginning to feel warm; really warm, from the inside out and when the fingers were removed the warmth turned to a burning sensation.

Xemnas grinned when his little lover began rocking and grinding against him in an attempt to ease the burn. "You like that?"

"What is it?" Saïx panted as he squirmed miserably.

His lips pulled up into a deep smirk. "It is a special jelly that I acquired from Agrabah. Does it burn?"

Saïx nodded his head and growled as he shifted uncomfortably in his lap. "Make it stop." He demanded pitifully.

"I will my little diviner; I will." He grinned as he set the bowl back on the nightstand. He turned back to the being in his lap and spotted the small sheen of sweat breaking out on his forehead as he continued to writhe about trying to ease the aching burn. He reached behind his diviner, lined himself up, and began pressing into his tight burning heat.

He could feel the pain but the burn inside felt ten times worse than the stretching pain ever could. His whole body felt like it was on fire and he was going to suddenly combust if it didn't stop soon.

A deep hiss passed his lips when he breeched his tight ring and slid himself home. His arms slid up his back, his hand hooked over his shoulders, he pressed his face into his shoulder, and held them both still. He was so damn tight it was taking every ounce of self control not to spill himself right then and there; not to mention Saïx's writhing about, it wasn't helping in the least.

He was so full and so expanded that the burn slightly subsided; yet when he first filled him it eased the burn tremendously and he could have sighed in relief, but now… Now he was just sitting there, the burn was coming back ten fold, and he wanted relief once and for all. He tried to shift and move but the strong arms holding him wouldn't allow him any movement and he was getting irritated. Forget the titles, forget who was in charge here, and forget the position they were in. He wanted… no needed relief and by damn he was going to get it. "Xemnas" He growled through clenched teeth.

Said being lifted his head and locked stares with wild amber eyes causing him to arch a brow. "You…" He trailed off when his little berserker interrupted him.

"I do not want to hear it." Saïx growled. "Either relieve the burn or I will kill you." He growled causing his deep cobalt hair to begin to stand on end as he was growing more and more agitated by the second.

"My poor little berserker." Xemnas teased. "So much pressure and no way to relieve it."

Saïx grabbed him by the sides of his face and got so close their noses were nearly touching. "Do not mock me." A deep rumble rolled through his chest. "I will take much pleasure in ridding you of your life if you do not ease the pain."

Xemnas couldn't keep the wicked grin off his lips as he locked stares with his diviner. "Very well." He stated as he grabbed him by his hips, lifted him up, and let him fall back down.

Saïx dropped his head back and nearly purred in relief with each rise and fall he made on his Superior's hard silky length. The burning was dulling down into a deep warming sensation that along with the spasms of pleasure coursing though his body was nearly sending him into some kind of euphoric cosmos.

Xemnas leaned forward with his hand securely holding onto his diviner's sides and pressed him back until he was lying down so that he was now hovering over his writhing lover. He trailed the tips of his fingers up his sides, along the length of his arms, until he reached his clawed hands; where he promptly laced their fingers together and locked them above the diviner's head.

He continued a slow pace of long gentle thrusts as Saïx pressed his feet into the bed and arched up to meet him each time he slid himself home. He leaned down and captured his lips within his own to save them from the torture the diviner was inflicting upon them by biting his bottom lip in pleasure.

Saïx tightened his fingers around the fingers holding his in an attempt to stay grounded. So much pleasure was coursing through his body that he was certain he was going to fade into the darkness if he didn't hold on. So many sensations were shooting though him that part of him thought that it should be painful although in a sense it was; it felt so good it hurt.

Xemnas jerked his hands free, placed them on either side of the diviner's head, lifted up and stared down at his pleasure filled face. He nearly smirked when Saïx wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him in close and tight in an attempt to get him as deep as possible. He tested his diviner with a few hard thrust that came fast and grinned when he arched his back off the bed and moaned his name loudly. He decided that it was time to really give Saïx a thorough fucking; he wanted to hear him scream in pleasure and pant his name, begging for his release.

He sat back on his knees, grabbed his diviner by the waist, and lifted him up so that he was once again sitting in his lap. "Now it's time to make you scream." He purred in his left ear before he nibbled upon the sensitive tip; getting that odd erotic sound out of him. He lifted him off his lap, turned him around, and set him on his hands and knees before grabbing him by the hips and powering his way back home.

Saïx didn't know what was going on. One second he was ready to die from the pleasure of it all and the next everything stopped and for no apparent reason. When his Superior whispered in his ear; the words made no sense to his foggy mind. He tried to sort out what he was saying only to lose it when he felt that bolt of electricity shoot through his body when teeth graced the tip of his ear. Then before he knew it; he was on his hands and knees being filled once again and being pounded into at a maddening pace.

Xemnas moaned deeply in pleasure as he gripped tightly onto the diviner's hips. He was so damn tight and hot he didn't know how much longer he could hold out; not to mention the sound of skin slapping against skin that seemed to echo throughout the room. It only enhanced the pleasure ten fold.

Saïx gripped the sheets tightly; shredding them further with his razor sharp claws. Between the friction and the burning he was sure he was going to die; it was far too much for one man to take, and damn if he couldn't take it any more. Yet every time he was close to that philosophical death; Xemnas would stop him with a tight squeeze around the base of his cock, and it was getting painful. So much so in fact he was ready to kill for it.

A wicked grin pulled on the silver haired man's lips as he watched his lovely little diviner writhe with the need to release; which he was going to refuse him for the moment. He didn't want him to cum until he was ready for it; and not a moment sooner. "Worry not my little pet." He grunted out and gave a particularly hard; almost brutal, thrust. "Your end will come soon." He gripped his hips with a bruising force and began pounding into him like a mad man.

Saïx grunted almost painfully as he was nearly thrown across the bed with every inward thrush; and he was sure he would have been thrown against the far wall had Xemnas not had such a tight hold upon him. It was painful to be sure; yet at the same time the intense burning pleasure shooting up his spine seemed to cancel the pain out. He dropped his head back and nearly howled with the force of the pain and pleasure; causing his hair to begin to stand on end when he caught sight of the large moon just outside the window, watching them and glowing brighter, seemingly in approval.

"Yes…" Xemnas moaned; his deep voice rolling over the both of them. He slid his hand up the back of the diviner, locked his fingers into his wild cobalt hair, and jerked his head back sharply. "Announce the name of the one who owns you." He ordered with a small jerk of his hair and a tighter grip upon his hip; nearly breaking the skin.

Saïx could feel the scar on his brow becoming jagged and his fangs lengthening as the madness within pressed itself to the forefront of his mind. His amber eyes began to glow a deep lemon yellow as his pupils shrank down to the size of pin points. His claws lengthened; easily ripping a large section of the mattress apart. "Xemnas" He snarled as he stared up at the large moon.

Xemnas smirked and gripped tighter upon the silky strands of hair tangled within his fingers. "Say it again and make sure all worlds hear your submission to me."

He had to obey; there was no way he couldn't. All the pain and the pleasure he was feeling all at once demanded he obeys and he knew that once the name left his lips he would finally be able to explode into oblivion.

Xemnas couldn't hold it in when he heard the diviner howl out his name and spill his seed; causing him his spasm and tighten his body. The muscles wrapped around him squeezed tightly to the point where it nearly felt painful pulling from him his hot seed; filling his lovely little berserker to the limits.

When the shuttering of both their bodies subsided they collapsed down onto the bed; panting and waiting for the tightening and tingling coursing through their bodies to subside.

Xemnas wrapped his arms around his diviner, pressed his lips against his pointed ear, and gave it a small lick. "What else would you like to learn?"

Saïx smirked his dark smirk as his eyes glinted. "How to dominate you."

At that Xemnas grinned and pressed his pale body tighter against his own. "Perhaps one day you will." He nibbled upon his ear once again. "For now we will rest; so that you will be ready for our next lesson."

Saïx drew his brows slightly. "Next lesson?"

Xemnas grinned wickedly as his deep copper eyes glinted in the pale moon light. "You still have a lot to learn." He whispered. "And I am going to teach you what it means to belong to me." He trailed his finger across his lips to silence any words he was about to say. "You belong to me now; doubt it not. And I will never let you go." He whispered dangerously in his pointed ear. "Things that belong to me will always be mine and my possessions are well taken care of."


Alright that's it out of me... I'm done... Tapping out of this one. Hope you enjoyed. Much love for you all. Keva