Coming to an Understanding
by Firechild (tuxedomars at hotmail dot com)
Rated: G

AN: This fic revolves around two characters from the Dracul Arc from the Sailor Moon Musicals. Sorry, no senshi involved. ^_~
Vampiru and Mandrake have a conversation about food.

Mandrake paused by a door he hadn't noticed before in Dracul castle in his search for it's residents. Upon opening, he saw a familiar thin red head sitting at a small table, a book in hand. A lone plate and cup stood on the table. Mandrake didn't look too closely at the goblet, knowing what its contents contained. But what did interest him was what was on the plate.

"....Salad, Vampiru?" he whined, letting his presence be known in the room.

The redhead looked up over her book, eyebrow raised. "...I have to eat something."

"But but....the plants...," he whimpered slightly. He slid into a chair across from the vampire. "How could you?"

"Because they go well with a nice red wine vinagrette," said Vampiru dryly, closing the small leatherbound book with a snap and looking over to the plant king. "What did you expect me to eat?"

Mandrake looked thoughtful for a moment before he began to speak. "Well, to be honest...I didn't know you did."

Vampiru sighed. "I am still part human, and unfortunately it does come with it's perks and drawbacks." She picked up a fork, to which Mandrake whimpered. Vampiru rolled her eyes and sat it back down. "Fine, I won't eat in your presence." Mandrake nodded his thanks, still keeping his eye on the plate.

"Do a lot of plants?" he said, not looking up.

"Yes," said Vampiru. "Or at least, they should. Humans need the nutrients they contain to live."

"Nnn...," said Mandrake. "I guess...since they need them to survive, it's not that bad."

"Good," said Vampiru, picking back up her fork. "I'm hungry." She looked back over to Mandrake, her own dark eyes questioning.

"Come to think of it," said Vampiru. "What do you eat, Mandrake?"

Mandrake looked over to the vampire perplexed. "Eat? Well, I...I..." He paused, looking confused. "I don't know if I do."

Vampiru snorted. "Figures." She grinned cheekily and picked up some of her salad on the fork, holding it towards the plant sitting in front of her. "Want a bite?"

Mandrake's eyes went as wide as saucers. "But but but....," he whimpered. "That's cannibalism!"

Vampiru laughed aloud and ate the bite of salad instead. "Welcome to my world."