Disclaimer:This is a derivative work. All BtVS characters belong to or were created by Joss Whedon, and Mutant Enemy. The Sailor Moon franchise was created by Naoko Takeuchi.
Spoilers: Buffy Seasons 1 thru 6 (AU after). Sailor Moon - it's all fair game.
Summary: Buffy encounters the unexpected, even for Sunnydale. A woman in a seifuku. And she wonders whose geek fanboy fantasy she's fallen into.
Pairing: None to start with.
Author's Notes: A series of ficlets. Eventually an arc. Infrequent updates as the muse strikes.
Word count: 1,824 (1 of ?)

Ignoring the slippery feeling from the blood pooling in her left shoe, Buffy just barely kept her balance. It wasn't the weight of her cargo but her awkward grip on the girl that was making her walk like a one footed zombie. It was a good thing they knew her there, she thought as she staggered into the ER.

"Help!" Buffy yelled as soon as she was safely past the security guard and into the ER, bustling with its normal amount of early Saturday morning chaos. Looking around for a familiar face in the chaos, Buffy spotted Dr. Beckett, who always seemed to be there when she dragged in some barely breathing survivor of an encounter with Sunnydale's more lethal night life. Catching her eye, he motioned her and her burden over to one side of the room.

"Hey Doc," Buffy mumbled, carefully laying the injured girl down on the closest gurney while attempting to keep her hand clamped on the girl's seeping wound. The only thing keeping her from bleeding to death for the last few miles had been Buffy's hand applying pressure to the hole at the base of her throat.

"What happened?" he asked while cautiously sliding a thick pad of gauze over Buffy's hand. "Nurse!" he yelled, attracting the attention of a nurse before allowing Buffy to remove her hand.

Glancing quickly at the doctor looking over his shoulder, a small Asian woman with dark, blue tinted hair, Buffy shrugged noncommittally. "Not sure. It was some kind of wild animal," she said, knowing he would understand what she wasn't saying.

"Wild animal?" the nurse asked, joining them.

"Are you all set?" Buffy asked, ignoring her question.

"We've got her," Doctor Beckett said, giving her a nod.

Buffy nodded in return, stepping away from the gurney. "Thanks," she said before turning to leave. She'd barely taken a step when a firm grip on her arm halted her.

"Where are you going?" a female voice with a faint accent asked her.

Turning back around, Buffy found herself looking into dark eyes level with her own. She frowned a moment before answering. "Home."

"Not until someone examines you," the doctor said, pointing at one of the examination rooms with her other hand.

"No one needs to examine me," Buffy told her, trying to pry her hand loose without giving away her true strength.

"You are bleeding," she countered.

"Doc?" Buffy said, giving Doctor Beckett a hopeful look as he and the nurse started to wheel the girl she'd brought in down the hall.

He shook his head at her, his eyes reflecting amusement at her predicament. "Doctor Mizuno is running things tonight."

"But..." Buffy grumbled. As much as she disliked hospitals, she occasionally needed the services of the Sunnydale ER and couldn't just leave if she wanted to stay in their good graces, even though she really couldn't afford to have them fix a simple scratch right now. Although her father's insurance still covered Dawn, a minimum wage job and health insurance were not things that went together in her own case.

"We'll put it on your tab, Buffy," He said, having known her long enough to understand her reluctance. "She'll take good care of you. Go!" he said before turning back to his new patient.

As soon as she started towards the examination room, the doctor released her arm. Stepping into the room several steps in front of her, Buffy hopped up onto the exam table, just barely suppressing the urge to pout. It wasn't that she had anywhere special to be. With Dawn out of town for the rest of the month at the riding camp she'd guilted their father into paying for, she had the house to herself. But she couldn't enjoy the welcome solitude if she wasn't there. Or the long, hot shower she'd been so looking forward to.

Ami followed the leather clad woman into the examination room, frowning at the trail of blood she was leaving behind. It didn't take a genius of her caliber to know that something strange was going on. Dr. Beckett hadn't seemed too surprised at the sudden appearance of this woman in the ER. Or that she was carrying someone who was seriously injured. In fact, it was almost as if she were a regular visitor.

"Please remove your jacket Miss Buffy," Ami said, pulling on a pair of rubber gloves.

"Just Buffy," she corrected as she slipped it off, throwing it onto a nearby chair. "Most of it isn't mine," she muttered defensively, looking down at her blood covered blouse. "Throat wounds bleed a lot."

"You'll need to remove the blouse also," Ami told her, hoping her patient was correct that it was the girl's blood and not her own, dismissing her odd comment for the moment.

Buffy shrugged gingerly, a sign to Ami that the woman wasn't injury free. Moving slowly, Buffy unbuttoned her blouse and grimaced as she started to slide it off.

"Stop, please," Ami said, when it was obvious that the blouse was stuck to her side in several spots. Picking up a pair of shears, Ami moved closer and gently started to cut around the large bloodstain covering Buffy's lower back and left side. "Please stay still," she admonished her patient when she started to fidget, carefully helping her remove the remains of the blouse. The young woman sat there, shivering in the cool air, a large patch of bloodstained material stuck to her side. Even though they were approximately the same height, her fragile looking appearance made Ami feel gigantic.

"I'll return in a minute. Please do not leave." Ami told her firmly before leaving the room in search of a free nurse. Approaching the waiting room desk, she looked at the small cluster of nurses standing around waiting for something to happen.

"What do you need, Dr. Mizuno?" the head nurse, Watson, asked.

"Assistance with my patient. Please," Ami said.

"Is Buffy being difficult again?" one of the other nurses asked with a grin.

"Difficult?" Ami gave her a puzzled look. Other than the original reluctance to be treated, her patient had been well behaved so far.

"How'd you get her to stay?" another one asked curiously.

"Why wouldn't she stay?" Ami asked, looking at the small group for an explanation but receiving only silence from the group for an answer.

"Okay..." Nurse Watson said. "Donna, looks like it's your turn," she said, nodding at the oldest of the group. Opening the closest filing cabinet, she pulled out a slim folder and handed it to Donna. "Here's her updated file."

Sighing, Donna took it and followed Ami back to the examining room.

"Hey Donna..." Buffy said, greeting the gray haired nurse when she entered the room behind Ami.

"Causing trouble again?" Donna asked, handing the file to Ami.

"You know me. It's not officially Friday night in Sunnydale without a trip to the ER," Buffy said.

"It is Saturday." Ami corrected, automatically, watching Donna set up everything she needed without being asked. Opening the file she quickly read through the very brief information. The only thing out of the ordinary was a handwritten note listing different painkillers in higher than normal doses and how long they remained effective.

"This will hurt," she told Buffy, taking the large, disinfectant soaked cotton swab from Donna. Gently dabbing at the blood coated material, Ami slowly removed the scraps of blouse as they loosened, revealing three shallow cuts in her side. None of them were too serious and had already stopped bleeding.

Looking at the longest of the cuts, Ami wondered what had caused them. They were similar to claw marks but the edges looked almost surgical. "They will need stitches and you will need a tetanus shot," she said.

"Had one of those last week," Buffy told her, her face blank as Ami applied a local anesthetic. "Don't need another."

"It isn't in your file," Ami said.

"There are a lot of things not in her file," Donna muttered. Intercepting the glare Buffy directed at Donna, Ami wondered what she was missing as she carefully lined up the edges of the cuts, using small skin clamps that would hold them in place while she sutured them.

Even with the note in her file, Ami was surprised at how quickly the local she'd used had worn off. She'd barely finished stitching the second cut when it was obvious that Buffy was feeling every poke of the needle.


"Yes?" she turned her head and focused on Ami.

"If you need it, you can have another shot for the pain."

"I'm fine," Buffy muttered.

"You have one more to go," Ami told her. "It will be painful."

"I'm fine," she repeated. "Finish with the stitching so I can go."

"Buffy?" Donna said. "You can always take a taxi home."

"And it's almost dawn," Buffy said. "I can get home on my own. Just finish."

Ami shook her head. "You remind me of an old friend," she said quietly as she started stitching the final cut, trying to ignore the tremors going through Buffy's muscles with every poke of the needle. "Pain is not something to ignore." She wasn't surprised that Buffy seemed to ignore her comment.

Stepping back after she'd finished, Ami gestured for the nurse to cover the sutures with a protective layer of bandages. Tossing her gloves in the medical waste receptacle, she pulled out her prescription pad.

"Nurse? She'll need a shirt," she said when the stitches were completely covered.

"I'll be right back," Donna said, leaving the room for a minute. She quickly returned, carrying a large plastic bag and a scrub top. She helped Buffy into the top before putting her blood soaked coat in the bag. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you what to do with the coat." she told Buffy, holding out the bag.

"Nope. I'll get that taken care of," Buffy said, standing up. Taking the bag she tucked it under her arm on her uninjured side.

"Here are prescriptions for painkillers and an antibiotic," Ami told her, handing her the prescriptions. "Don't forget to make an appointment before you leave to have the stitches taken out."

Ami wasn't surprised when she simply nodded and left the examination room.

"She won't be back," Donna told her. "At least not for that."

"Why not?" Ami asked as they followed her out of the room.

Donna shrugged. "You were lucky she let you do that for her. She usually takes care of minor injuries like that on her own."

"Minor?" Ami stared as the nurse, without answer her question, headed back to the receptionist desk.

"Stubborn superheroes. More trouble than they're worth sometimes," Donna muttered almost too low for Ami to hear.

"Superhero?" Ami echoed, puzzled. Turning, she caught a glimpse of Buffy strolling out of the ER, her clothes the only sign of where she'd just spent the last hour.