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Great Moves Need Thinking

Temari was in Kohona for a week. Gaara sent her to take a break, but Temari was bored. She was laying on the grass enjoying the breeze. Temari only had two days left and nothing planned. And someone else was also bored. Kankuro always bugged her about a certain person in the Leaf Village. Then someone came over.

"Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in the Sand Village or something like that?"

"My brother sent me here to take a break." Temari answered.

"Whatever. You seem bored."

"I like the breeze, just like you like the clouds Shika." Temari said.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru said.

"It's boring here." Temari brought up.

"Just move out of my spot." Shikamaru said.



"Why do you say that?"

"It's none of your buisness."

"Fine, I got one just for you. Lazy-ass." Temari retorted.

"*Sigh* Whatever."

It was quiet for awhile between the two. Shikamaru layed next to Temari. She didn't say anything. About twenty long minutes Shikamaru broke the silence.

"You ever played Shogi?"

"What the hell is that?" Temari asked.

"It's a game."

"No really. I thought it was a store or a food." Temari replyed sarcastily.

"You want to play a round?" Shikamaru asked.



Later at Shikamaru's house.

"So..where are your parents?" Temari asked.

"Mission." Shikamaru answered.


Shikamaru went to his room and got the game. Temari was left downstairs and was curious. This was her first time in Shikamaru's house. Once he got the game, Shikamaru headed back down to Temari.

"Are you hungry?" Shikamaru asked.

"Not really." Temari answered.

"Do you know how to play?" Shikamaru asked setting the game up on the table.


Shikamaru described to Temari the rules and why it's important to think very hard on the game.

"Okay. Got it." Temari said.

The game went on for over an hour. Shikamaru was enjoying how Temari was trying to think of where to move the piece. You can tell she was thinking very hard. Then when Shikamaru made his move..

"How are you so good at this game?" Temari asked frustated.

"200 I.Q" Shikamaru answered.

"Stop bragging about your I.Q."

"You asked. Anyway, where are you going to move your king?" Shikamaru asked.

"Hold on."

Temari was thinking of where to move her king. She couldn't go left because Shikamaru would move his bishop to the right and take her king. And forward was his king. And left was an open space and none of Shikamaru's pieces could go that way. And Temari could go backwards. So Temari went left with her king. Shikamaru was surprised by her move. Then the unexpected happened. Shikamaru kissed her. Temari broke the kiss.

"You planned that didn't you?" Temari asked.

"Maybe. And you have great thinking." Shikamaru answered.

"You to." Temari said kissing Shikamaru.

Temari was thankful Gaara sent her on this week vacation.

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