Rosalie was still glaring at me while Emmett immediately got off of me, brushing himself off, shuddering. He had his hand over his "area". She turned her eyes on him while he gave her one of his incident smiles. She rolled her eyes, looking back at me while I was still on the ground.

"I can explain—" I started, trying to get myself up but agony from my leg slowed me down.

"About what? How you're having an affair with my husband?!" She shouted that a window cracked right next to us. Emmett smirked but Rosalie hit him at the gut. He mouthed "ow" but she didn't see him.

"No, I was getting revenge on what Emmett did to me!" I glared at him while he was glaring at me.

"I can see the revenge, him on top of you is really going to get him angry." She said sarcastically, "Emmett, no more of our "fantasies" for a week!"

"But—Rosalie! Babe, I'm sorry, I don't even consider Bella attractive."

"Hey!" I shouted "Stop sucking up to your wife!"

"You shut up! Come on Rose, please" He gave her the puppy face while she walked away. He glared at me, "You really had to do that, take a naked picture of me!"

"That was for the tennis balls!" I shouted.

"I say no more tennis balls, lets jump on the trampoline and make a peace treaty. If I hurt you, then Edward can kill me, deal?"

"That's risky, because I'm very fragile. I have a better one, how about a scare off? Whoever scares someone the most, wins!"

"No, I was thinking an ultimate showdown of water balloons. We each get 200 balloons but here's the tricky part: they are filled with dye. I get the red dye and you get the blue dye. Whoever get the most dye on themselves loses." He challenged, grinning at me. I shuddered but then he'll probably call me chicken. I gulped, nodding my head.

"But if I get seriously hurt, Edward has ever right to hurt you as painfully as he wants." I threatened.

"Deal, let the games begin."

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