"Today was the worst day ever!"

I complained as I was sitting with Alice and Rosalie in Alice's room. "Why is that Bella?"

Alice asked

"He followed me everywhere!!! Except for the bathroom. I was talking to Angela on boys he was listening to every word." I said.

"God a nosy prick." Rosalie said. Alice and I looked at her.

"What he is." She said looking guilty.

"Yeah and I was texting Jake and he wanted to know everything I sent him." I said.

"Bella don't you feel controlled just a tad." Alice asked.

"Yeah I mean come on Bella, the dude is jealous. Everything you and Angela talked about he wants to listen. You and Jake texting he wants to know. He may be my brother, but I know for a fact that he is the nosiest, most jealous person on the face of the earth." Rosalie said finishing it off. Damn I didn't know she had it in her.

"Wow that has impressive." I said sighing.

"You know what you need?" I shook my head. " A night out with the girls." Alice said.

"Call Angela we are going to a club in Seattle." Alice added.

I called Angela and told her that we were leaving at 9:00. We were getting dressed when the door swung open. "You are not going anywhere." Edward said. Damn him why is he so nosy. "Damnit Edward why are you so fuckin nosy!" Alice yelled.

"I want to protect Bella." Edward snapped.

"By what listening to conversations, what she and Jacob are talking about. Following her? Edward that is not protecting that is being controlling, overprotective, and over jealous." Alice said.

"I don't care she isn't going anywhere and that is final." He said in a firm tone.

"Wait a minute who gives you the right to tell me what I can and can't do?" I said wow I am standing up to .

"I did and you are not going anywhere." He snapped. He snapped at me.

"Yes I am. You followed around me all day. I need to hang out with some girls." I said I was walking past him but he grabbed my wrist.

"Edward. . Cullen. Let. Me. Go." I said through clenched teeth. I am getting pissed. I loved him whit all my might but he is pissing me off. My arm was starting to hurt and I was trying not to hold in tears.

"Isabella. Marie. Swan. You. Is .not going. Anywhere." He said mocking me. God he is being a bastard.

"Edward let Bella go. Now." Rosalie said with very dark eyes. She is scaring me.

"Let her go." Alice said. Wow now both of them are scaring me.

"Ok I will but you have to promise me you are not going to leave." He said

"We promise." Alice said. He let go of my wrist. It was in pain so much. "Ow Edward you hurt my fuckin wrist!" I yelled as the bruised formed.

"Come on Bella let's see Carlisle and we will just chill tonight." Alice said while still glaring at Edward.

We went to Carlisle and he gave me an ice pack for it. I was so pissed. When we got to Edward's room we went to the window. I was scared now.

"Alice carries Bella we will escape through the window." Rosalie said opening the window by the Porsche that had luggage.

"Guys what are we doing?!" I whispered franticly.

"You need a girl- only vacation and we are doing it now." Alice said and we jumped in the car and drove off. This will be so cool!

"Rosalie, Alice makes sure your minds are blocked at all times." I said.

"Already covered, we are saying this that Edward hates." Alice said laughing. They were right I did need a vacation with just girls.

"I might like this" I said as we drove onto the highway.