The return of the black widow.

Toronto, Canada

8.08 (British time 13.08) Wednesday

Lauren King turned the computer off as she saw what time it was.

She gave Allie a kiss on her cheek and ran outside before Allie had got time to remind her that she was late, and then she tried to catch the buss. She ran to the bus stop in the corner and noticed that no one was there waiting for the bus, she had missed it.

As she was standing there wondering if she should go back home or wait for the next bus, a man came up to the bus stop.

Lauren decided to stay. Allie would have a lot to say about a missed bus so the best thing was not to admit it.

But if Allie went out to shop or something, and saw her waiting there she would know.

Lauren started to walk for the next bus stop. This day had begun in a very great way so she didn't really want it to end in any detention.

She and Tamsyn had been planning a joke for week, Tamsyn would play this trick on Josh and Rob today, Lauren had got the mail from Tamsyn this morning and Lauren was dying to finish school so she could go back home and read about it all.

She giggled as she thought about how scared Josh and Rob would be.

When Lauren had left the bus stop, the man took up a cell phone from his pocket and made a call. Then he followed her.

He caught up with her on a crossing were she was waiting for the cars to drive by.

Lauren was watching the cars as they drove by and wondered if they would make her miss another bus. The last car in the traffic jam was driving very slowly she noticed and it stayed right on the crossing and one of the backdoors was opened.

The next second the man from the bus stop had placed his hand over Laurens mouth and forced her into the car.