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H a s A w a k e n e d •

Ancient Dream

Glass Staircase

• Chapter I •

Sora gradually made his was up the glass staircase, following as it curled upwards. He let the side railing lead him. He could see no stop to the stairs from where he was, nor could he even remember starting out this gradual walk from the bottom. He ventured on, though the further up he seemed to be, the brighter the whiteness around him seemed to glow. It stung his eyes, but he felt there was someone up there. And his intuition was right when he heard a soft feminine voice.

"Can you help me?" Sora took this as a sign of trouble and jumped the steps three at a time. Even though he hastened his pace, he still had not reached the ending to the twisted stairwell.

"...Just one more time..." The broken speech gave him more motivation to head upwards. He kept up his swift pace up the stairs until he fell forward. Sora spotted a colored pencil that he had slipped on and picked it up. He gripped it in his gloved hand and continued forward, seeing many of these colored pencils littered all over the stairs, keeping in mind not to fall again.

He saw above his head, through the clear staircase, someone settled on a step towards the top. Sora slowed down his pace until he came to a complete stop, standing only a few steps beneath a girl.

"...Wake up..." She whispered as her azure eyes met with his own.

"Huh?" Sora questioned, not completely understanding the situation. He ran his hand smoothly through his spiky brunette hair, pulling it out of his eyes.

"Can you help me?" She cocked her head to the side as she asked. Her pale blonde locks following her head in a wave. Her expression held distress.

"Sure, what's wrong?" He looked at her in question. She fiddled with the edge of her clean white dress, muttering something Sora couldn't quite catch.

"Uh, what was that?" Sora asked while bending down, maneuvering his head so he could look at the pale girl face on. She slowly lifted her head, her eyes locking with his. The look on her face made him take a step back down the stairs. She was on the verge of tears.

"I need to wake up..." She whimpered. Her answer confused him.

"Wake up?" He repeated her. "You don't look asleep to me!" He put on a goofy grin, trying to cheer the girl up. Suddenly a strong breeze blew threw the room. Making their hair and clothing blow to the side in sequence.

"Can you help me?" Sora brushed his brunette hair out of his face and looked at her curiously, the strong wind still blowing.

"I promise I will!" He gave her a genuine smile and reached out his hand towards her seated form. "How shall we wake you up?"

She looked at his hand, not bothered by the wind, with an hesitant silence she softly said, "I want to see him...just one more time..."

Sora outstretched hand slowly dropped by his side.

"Him?" The wind started to die down and Sora's voice seemed to echo though the area. "Him who? Do I know him?"

"I need to... wake up." Her words came out softly. She looked down again, fiddling with a piece of paper that lay in her lap. Sora scratched the back of his head, trying to figure out the girls strange words. He looked off to the side in complete thought. "Yes, wake up... what should I do to help you then?"

The blonde girl gave Sora a distressed look.

"Can you help me?"

Sora looked surprised at her repeated question. With a nod of his head, he answered trying not to make the petite girl more upset, though he was loosing his patients.

"I want to see him, just one more time." Sora then realized everything she was saying was like a broken-recored. Her grip on the paper in her lap tightened. Her azure eyes watered up as she looked at him.

"I need to wake up."

Sora opened his eyes only to cringe from the bright morning light coming through the window. He stretched his hands over his face in an effort to block the blinding light, the light still slipping through his fingers.

He slowly sat up still in the clothing he wore from the day before. He moved so his shoes touched the ground, his back to the window. Still dazed in sleep he stared down at his clothing-littered floor. He lazily stretched out his arms and yawned. Sora then scratched the back of his head and stood up. He kicked clothing on the floor out of his way to clear a path out of his bedroom, and out of his home.

Once outside he had to blink a few times for his eyes to adjust to the light, he started his way to the nearest island across the waters.

Sora walked along the beach, kicking the sand as he went on his lazy attempt to search for his friends. With his arms entangled behind his head he spotted his pale haired friend sitting in his usual spot on the elevated piece of land above the water. Sora didn't waist anytime climbing up to the wooden dock that connected to where his friend sat.

"Riku!" The seated boy nodded his greeting, not turning around to face the brunette. Sora smiled and walked over till he stood next to Riku.

"Hey Riku wha--?"

"--Want to go another round?" Riku turned to Sora with a mischievous look. Sora looked at him surprised, his sea-blue eyes wide open.

"Yeah! You're on Riku!" Sora pointed his wooden sword at Riku. Riku scoffed and threw his own wooden sword into the air, catching it by the hilt. Sora took this moment to attack. He lifted the sword over his head as fast as he could, knocking Riku down. Riku fell backwards and onto his back. He shifted he body forward, kicking himself up and in the process kicking Sora.

Then Riku did a series of swings on Sora, one right after the other, giving Sora no way to dodge or defend himself. The brigade of hits pushing him back and over the elevated land they were standing on and into the water.

"Ah, man, no fair!" Sora brushed the wet hair out of his face, and raised his fist in the air at Riku. "I'll get you, yet!"

Riku squatted down near the edge to get a good look at Sora. His teal eyes glimmering in amusement.

"You can't beat the best!" Sora pouted as Riku laughed from above. He swam towards the shore, and back up and pass the dock to where Riku was again. Along the way wringing the water from his clothing.

Riku sat relaxed on the leaning tree on the elevated land. He was facing the ocean, his back to Sora. Showing that the fight was over.

Sora plopped himself tight next to Riku. He leaned back with his hands behind his head, taking in the morning sun.

Sora turned to Riku with his first initial question. "Where's Kairi?" Riku shrugged as he leaned forward. Not even glancing at Sora.

"Oh." Sora stared up at the clouds above him. Not really bothered by the light breeze blowing by.

"What--" Sora started, trying to find the words. "What did you dream about last night?"

Riku shrugged again. Not even thinking about it. "I don't remember. Why? You dream up something funny?"

Sora reluctantly nodded. "It was this girl--"

"--A girl?" Riku snorted out. He crossed his arms and faced Sora amused.

"Yeah, and she kept asking me to help her but I couldn't do anything for her. It was... strange. I don't know why I'm bothered by it."

Riku nodded processing the information. Sora sighed, leaning forward, he rested his face on his hand, elbow placed on his leg. Riku jumped up and bowed his head, pacing around, his silvery hair hiding his face. Once behind Sora, Riku let out a surprise attack, hitting him in the back of the head with his wooden sword, causing Sora to fall and holler in pain.

"I think," Riku started with a thoughtful look. Sora looked up from the ground. "That your too used to being the hero. And that there are people who you really can't help."

"Me, a hero?" Sora asked. Riku gave Sora a stern look, resting the wooden sword on his shoulder. "You depend to much on people needing your help." Sora winced at the blunt statement.

Sora stood up, wiping the dirt from his pants. He faced Riku only to see the other boy facing opposite. Using the open opportunity, Sora swung his wooden tool at Riku, and accidentally knocking them both off the dry land and into the ocean. After coming up to the surface Riku slapped the water in Sora's face. Though before either could say anything, they heard their names called.

A girl wearing a bright yellow dress, called from above. She was looking around for them.

"Selphie!" Sora waved his hands over his head, to get her attention. Pushing her curly brunette hair out of her face, she looked panicked.

"You guys, you gotta hurry! I saw Kairi in the woods back there! She was crying and I think I saw blood..." The boys below both looked at each other and raced for the shore.

Kairi sat on the leaf covered ground, holding her leg. Her cerulean eyes brimmed with tears. Pushing back her crimson hair from her face, she attempted to lift herself up, latching on the the tree next to her for support. Using her free hand she wiped the tears from her eyes. Giving a stubborn look, Kairi limped forward.

"Kairi!" Both boys called for her from behind. Surprised, she fell back again. Riku made it to her side first, grabbing hold of her wounded leg.

"Blood!" Taken back by his outburst, Kairi slowly sat up. She hissed at the pain from Riku's touch.

Sora came running to her side, a little behind. He held her chin in his hand.

"Your crying!" Frustrated, Kairi used her wrist to wipe away her tears. Looking back at her two friends who where a little to close for comfort.

"W-why are you guys here?" Kairi questioned as she scooted back from them, her personal bubble being invaded.

"Selphie said you were hurt and crying, and she was right! We need to wrap up you leg! It could get infected." Sora stretched out a hand for her, which she gratefully took. Standing up and keeping a hand on Sora, trying to keep her balance.

Riku wrapped a torn piece of cloth around her wound on her leg, stopping the blood.

"What happened?" Kairi turned toward Riku. She held her head down, ashamed.

"It's really nothing for you guys to worry about. It's my fault after all." She gingerly took her hand off Sora's chest and placed it back by her side. "You guy's go back. I'll follow once I'm- er, I'm done?"

Riku crossed his arms and looked at her in disappointment. Sora scratched the back of his head. Neither made a move to leave.

"Please, go back..." Kairi took a step to the side, limping slightly. Sora grabbed her arm stopping her.

"Kairi, why can't you tell us? We're you friends, we'll help you out." Riku nodded, agreeing with Sora's statement.

"I don't have the right. I did something selfish." She gave them a pleaded look. Making Sora feel guilty. He stepped aside for her, fiddling with one of the belts on his pants. Kairi gave him a small smile, she limped pass both of them. They watched her walk away until they couldn't see her anymore.

Riku kicked a pile of leaves in front of him.

"She just got by us so easily." he complained, his silvery hair shadowing his face.

"I don't think we were supposed to stop her." Sora fiddled with his fingerless glove.

"She's still injured." Riku stated as he started back towards the beach. Sora nodded, following Riku's lead back to the beach, looking back at the direction Kairi went.

Kairi sat atop a tree stump. Her wrapped-up leg fully healed.

"I don't know who to give it to." Kairi stared at the blank piece of paper, "I don't know him."

Sora sat at the top of a tree, looking at little seagull eggs. He watched them as they wobbled slightly, giving signs that they were going to hatch soon. And he wanted to be the first to see.

"You stay up there and those birds will starve to death." Riku hollered from below. Sora gave him an unbelieving look. "They'll smell human on there babies and won't come back."

Sora shook his head only for a piece of paper to slam right into his face causing him to fall from the tree and onto the ground, screaming.

Riku picked up the paper on Sora curiously. Flipping it over, he raised his eyebrows.

"There's nothing on it." His murmur caught Sora by surprise. Standing up, Sora leaned in to see the paper. Riku shoved the sheet into Sora's hands."See for your self."

Sora scanned front and back of the white sheet. It was all empty.

"Hey!" Kairi came running up to them, out of breath. She took notice of the paper in Sora's hands and have him a sudden hug.

"You caught it! Oh, thank you!" Kairi took the paper out of his hands. "How lucky!"

Riku looked at her healed leg.

"Did you complete your... thing?"

"Not yet." Kairi pushed her wine-red hair behind her ear.

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