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Temari stared at the test, shocked. There were two dark red lines on the thing. The Sand kunochi lifted her eyes from the test and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She put a shaky hand on her stomach and then let out a little squeal. She couldn't believe it! Shikamaru and she had done 'it' eight weeks ago, and she had thought that they hadn't succeeded in their quest, but then she had been waking up in the morning, running to the bathroom, and puking her guts out. Then she started having foot cramps. She also started sleeping a little later than usual, and Shikamaru had started to get worried and had started to press her to go to the doctor. Temari had had a feeling so she decided to try a test.

Suddenly she broke in to a smile. She was pregnant!


Shikamaru was coming home from a two-day mission and was glad to return home. He sighed. They would need to get ready soon if they were going to Suna. See, Shikamaru and Temari had a little bit of an agreement. They spent most of the year in Konoha, and then usually just before winter they made the 3-day journey to Suna and stayed there for the rest of the time. He thought it a bit of a drag, but it made his troublesome woman happy, so he endured it. He opened the front door to hear the sound of the shower running. He went over to the bathroom door.

"Hey, Temari, I'm home. Want me to get something out for dinner?"

"Hey babe. Yeah, can you get the chicken out of the freezer? Oh, and I have something big to tell you." Shikamaru blinked. "Okay." he answered. What could his wife what to tell him? Could it have to do with the puking and cramping and sleeping-in? Maybe.

He got the chicken out just as the shower stopped. He put the chicken on the counter to thaw and was going into the living room when a holy sight met his eyes. Alright, it was far from holy, but Kami, it was just as good. Temari was standing there, wrapped only in a towel, looking as hot as ever. The towel was a light purple, the best color on her, and reached just past her knees. Shikamaru suppressed a moan.

"Woman, are you trying to kill me? Not that I mind if you do it that way, but still." His wife smiled. Good. He was in a good mood. She wasn't quite sure how he would react to being a dad, so she wanted him in a good mood. She admitted to herself that it was a little unfair to do this to him, but hey, when was life ever fair?

"Nah, I quite happen to like you alive, thank-you very much, but I'm glad you don't mind. Just let me get dressed, then I'll start dinner, kay?" She started to walk toward their room when she felt her husband's hands on her shoulders. His sexy voice in her ear suggested skipping dinner.

"I'm not all that hungry right now. Actually, I just might lay down. Wanna join me?" he asked, tugging her hand in the direction of their room. She laughed and removed her hand from his grasp. She laughed a little more when she saw the surprised and disappointed look on his face.

"Sorry, Shika, but I have to tell you something important and I don't think I'll get the chance if we're 'laying down.' Don't worry, it's good news, but to tell the truth I'm not sure if it's safe to have sex right now." The Nara man was immediately worried anyway.

"Why? Is something wrong? Are you sick? You went for whatever your stuff was right? But, wait, you said it was good news, how could it be if you're-" Shikamaru's rambling was cut off by a kiss from his wife. He reacted immediately, his lips moving in harmony with hers, his arms wrapping around her waist. She broke the kiss abruptly, and stood back, a teasing yet sexy smile on her lips.

"I said don't worry. It is good news, but if you'd let me get dressed and start dinner, you can find out. So just relax, all right? Good." She added after Shikamaru let loose his tense posture. He stepped aside so his wife could get dressed. Though in his opinion, he wouldn't have minded if she stayed that way. His disappointment grew when Temari closed the door behind her. He hadn't expected she'd let him see her that way, but still.

After dinner was made and the couple had taken a few bites, Shikamaru asked what was the supposedly good news. Temari sighed, but then smiled.

"Well, Mr. Impatient, I hope our kid or kids don't inherit your impatience." At first Shikamaru didn't get it, but then it hit him. His eyes got wide and his mouth opened, then closed. After a few seconds, Shikamaru once again regained the ability to speak. Kinda.

"Y-you mean you're-And we're-that I'm-and you-and you're-" Temari slapped him on the back of his head. Then could he speak correctly.

"So, you're...pregnant? And we're going to be parents?" Temair nodded, hoping he would like it. But there was no need to worry. He jumped up from his chair and hugged her, careful of her stomach. Then he kissed her softly, then harder. He broke it off and stared at her, his eyes full of awe.

"If not having sex for a while is the price, then I'll gladly pay it. After all, you and the baby are worth it. Always worth it."

A.N- Well, ya like it? I did kind of made a little sexy, but Shikamaru and Temari are married, so their allowed.