Kira paced back in forth in the waiting room of Konoha hospital. Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura had been called and they all deducted from Jun's knowledge of it and the rapid growth, he needed to go into surgery. They'd been in there for fifteen minutes already.

Sasuke was also waiting. He was sitting in one of the chairs, following his daughter-in-law's pacing with his eyes. He grunted as he noticed her anxious look at the clock. He sighed when Kira glared at him, obviously hearing him the first time. He said to the worried woman,

"I know you're worried, but will you cut the pacing c*ap already? You're giving me a headache." Kira rolled her eyes and responded with a witty but half-hearted retort,

"You don't have to look, genius." It was Sasuke's turn to move his eyes in the annoyed, circular motion. Just then Sakura came out, looking exhausted, but satisfied. Kira was on her like a vulture on a carcass. The medic backed up a bit, her teal eyes slightly widening in alarm. Sasuke told his probably second best friend and former teammate,

"Don't worry about her, she's been worrying the whole time."

"While he's been doing nothing, just watching me. And I thought Naras were the lazy ones." She was answered by an annoyed grunt, indicating that she should shut up or he'd do it for her. Her choice.

Sakura just shook her head and said with a smile,

"Well, if you two are done bickering, would you like to see him?" The words were barely out of her mouth when Kira sped past her, almost knocking her off balance. Sasuke grabbed her arm to keep her steady.

"Arigatou, Sasuke." He nodded and then went to see his son, who, he was sure, would be in here longer that necessary because of his wife hugging the life out of him. Sasuke pried her off of him and told her to let the man breathe, for Kami's sake. She scowled, but stepped back.

Sasuke took to the chair by Jun's bed and asked how he was. Jun shifted his position, wincing slightly at the movement. He smiled reassuringly at his wife, then turned to his father,

"I've been better, but better than I was with that growth on my back. The surgery had seemed a little complicated to me, but I didn't think it would take as long as it did." Sasuke nodded and then turned his head to see his three grandchildren enter, Amaya holding Keiji's hand and Sora right behind her. They smiled when they saw their father, and went over to hug him. They nodded to their grandfather, and then hugged their mother. Then Sasuke saw Sakura beckoning him, so he told his family that he'd be back and followed the pink-haired medic out into the hallway.

There he saw Naruto, decked in his usual attire when he wasn't in the office. But Sasuke could see that this wasn't a meeting of friends, but not completely a Hokage-shinobi meeting, more like in between. The Uchiha figured that Naruto was going to tell him something that involved him more than the rest of the village, but the village it involved.

"Sasuke, I have some bad news." Sasuke raised an eyebrow. To anyone else, it would seem as if he didn't care, but his friends knew his better than that. "What is it?"

"Sasuke, has Kira told you what she..did?" He nodded. Naruto looked behind his friend to the happy family and hated to be the barer of bad news.

"Well, I just wanted to tell you that I'll be there and I'll have to go with whatever the jury rules." Sasuke smirked.

"We can handle it just fine, dobe. I don't need favors." Naruto smiled and he and Sakura laughed while there friend smirked again and rejoined his family.

At court in the Hokage Tower...

Kira sat uncomfortably on the defendant seat. She had refused a lawyer, saying she could defend herself quite well. Now she wasn't so sure. But then she reminded herself that she had a very valid reason.

She had sworn on her honor as a shinobi of Konohagakure and a member of the Nara clan to tell the truth. She was now waiting for everyone else to do the same, different to an extent.

"I call Uchiha Kira of the Nara clan to the stand," Naomi's lawyer called out. Kira sighed, but got up and sat down in the witness box. The lawyer, Kam-something-or-other, addressed her,

"Correct me if I'm wrong," he began, "But from what I understand, you asked around to know where the 'Swamp Country medicine woman' lived, is that correct?" Kira nodded. He continued,

"When you found her, you made sure it was her. Then you identified yourself, saying that she might know your husband. She had helped cure a fungal bacteria on his back. Then you assaulted her for no reason, harming her and killing her baby, and then when she was unconscious, you took her to the hospital. Is that correct?" Kira narrowed her eyes, but kept her cool.

"No. There was a reason and-Did you say baby?" Kam was surprised, but he nodded. Kira's eyes burned with fury. She turned to Naomi, and the woman shrank back, as if the intensity of Kira's gaze had burned her.

"And there you have it. Living-err, once living-proof of why I assaulted this woman. I know exactly who the father of that baby was. Would you care to know? My husband, Uchiha Jun. But he didn't know. He didn't mean to cheat. She drugged, him and then slept with him! That is my defense."

Everyone was shocked, and I do mean everyone. Naomi was ashen, terrified that her secret was now out in the open. There were murmurs throughout the courtroom, until Naruto slammed his fist down and ordered, "Quiet!" Everyone settled down after that.

Naomi sighed and stood up.

"May I say something, Hokage-sama?" Naruto nodded. Then she did something shocking,

"I drop the charges I have placed on Uchiha Kira of the Nara clan. She was somewhat justified in her actions, and I had no right to do what I did." Then she walked out of the courtroom, her lawyer begging her to reconsider.

Kira smiled and stepped out from the witness box. She went over to her husband and hugged him, then kissed him passionately. Sasuke smirked, things were just fine. The way it should be.

A.N-That is the end. I did have a sequel, but will delete it. Thank-you.