Teenage Trouble
by Firechild (tuxedomars at hotmail dot com)
Rated: G

AN: Hotaru tries to pull a fast one on Haruka. :)

Hotaru came walking into the living room and pulled on Haruka's shirt sleeve.

"Haruka-pappa, can I borrow you for a few moments?"

"Sure Hime," smiled the senshi of Uranus, who put down the sports magazine she had been reading.

The teenaged Saturn led Haruka to her bedroom, and cracked the door. Haruka looked inside and gasped. Clothes piled as high as what looked to be three feet in some places. It was like a sea of purple with various other waves of colour mixed in.

"Do you think you could cut a path to my bed?" asked Hotaru cheekily, a slight smile playing on her lips as she tried to look innocent and sweet.

Haruka just stared into Hotaru's violet eyes for a moment and shook her head.

"Clean your room Hime," the blonde said, heading back into the living room.

"But Haruka-pappa!" whined the black haired girl.

"I am not World Shaking your clothes!" yelled back the senshi of Uranus.

Haruka chuckled as the teenager slammed the door, grumbling as loud as possible. Her little princess was growing up.