Kingdom Hearts III: The Heart's Greatest Weapon

Chapter 1: The Legend on Destiny Islands

Deep within the realm of the Dark Meridian, a lone black figure stands staring out at the sea. He is a grim appearing figure, completely covered from head to foot in pitch black armor and a red cape on his back. A smaller Heartless, appearing as a knight, appears by his side and drops to one knee before him. The man glances at him.

"What news do you bring?" he said in a deep voice. The Heartless began chattering in an unknown language before he looked away, staring back out at sea.

"The Keyblade? It has....returned, has it?" he asked. The man chuckled and dismissed the Heartless. He glanced up at the moon.

"Hmm. I think it's about time that I see this new Keyblader. Maybe introduce myself a little..." he said. He reached for his sword by his waist and drew it. It was a massive sword with many black armor plates going as far as the tips, with jagged edges and a Heartless logo at the handle. Meanwhile, our story continues on Destiny Islands, where Sora is laying down at the beach edge looking up at the clouds.

"Ah. Nothing like kicking back, relaxing and watching the clouds roll by." Sora said. As he rested his hands behind his head, he soon saw Kairi looking down at him.

"So here you are." Kairi chuckled. Sora looked up and grinned.

"Hey Kairi. What's up?" Sora asked.

"Oh...nothing." Kairi said. She sat down besides Sora and sighed.

"Just wondering where you were. That's all." Kairi said. As she looked up at the sky, she could hear the waves rolling in and the seagulls cries overhead.

"It's really beautiful today, isn't it?" Kairi asked. Sora nodded without a word.

"Yeah. The kind of day that makes you just wanna forget everything and just relax." Sora said. But just as Sora felt like drifting to sleep, he got a ball chucked at him. He groaned as it bounced off his gut and into the sand. He looked back and saw Riku.

"Hey! Don't even think about it lazy boy." Riku said. Sora groaned.

"Riku....geesh. You didn't have to give me a wake up call." Sora said. Riku huffed.

"Oh really? And I suppose you would've kept yourself awake?" Riku chuckled. He glanced at Kairi who looked away.

"And what's YOUR excuse Kairi? I thought you said you were going to get Sora. That was half an hour ago." Riku said.

"Well, I was. But when I found him, I just decided to kick back too. Can't a girl relax now and then?" Kairi asked. Riku groaned.

"You two are just....ah, never mind. But hey, if you're not too busy, I thought we'd go check out that mysterious spot out on the other island." Riku said. Sora didn't figure out what Riku meant until Riku pointed towards the appropriate island.

"Oh right. The island where something crash landed a while back. I almost forgot." Sora said. Riku chuckled and soon started to laugh.

"I knew it. Sora? You're hopeless." Riku said. Sora sneered as he quickly got up and raced off, leaving Riku behind. He quickly stopped and looked back at Riku.

"Oh really? Then let's see you prove it Riku! Come on!" Sora called. As Sora started off again, Riku chuckled and chased after him with Kairi not far behind. But at the beach edge, the faint images of Roxas and Naminé appear.

"The's so beautiful." Naminé whispered. Roxas smiled.

"It sure is. I'm glad I get to share it with you." Roxas said. He rested his hand on hers in the sand and they looked at each other. Naminé looked away with a smile and Roxas blushed. As they watched the sea, Sora, Kairi and Riku were on a boat heading for the island. They docked at shore and turned to see a small forest of trees before them.

"Wow. The plants on this island sure grow big. We should've gotten the logs for our raft here." Sora said. Riku approached the trees and his Keyblade appeared.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get chopping. The forest is thick, so the Keyblade should probably make a good axe." Riku said. As Sora summoned his, Kairi extended her hand hoping for hers to return. She sighed.

"Kairi? What's wrong?" Sora asked. He glanced at her hand and instantly knew.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be able to call for your Keyblade too. Just give it some time." Sora said. Kairi sighed and nodded. Riku led the way as they entered the thick forest. When the paths ahead were blocked, Riku and Sora swung their Keyblades and cut the trees down.

"Man. It's a lot thicker than I thought." Riku said. But neverless, the trio pressed on and soon found themselves deep within the woods. Just then, Sora noticed something that caught his attention.

"Hey! Guys! Look over there!" Sora exclaimed. The others glanced to see what appeared to be a ship crashed in the ground. It was old and worn out, appearing as if it was made from strong metal. The plant life had grown around it as vines covered it from nose to rear.

"Is.....that what I think it is?" Riku thought. They approached it and upon closer examination, it appeared to be an ancient Gummi Ship.

"Hold on. Isn't this a Gummi Ship?" Sora asked.

"Gummi Ship? You mean what you traveled in with Donald and Goofy?" Kairi asked. Sora nodded and began to pull the vines off, revealing some kind of encryption on the ship's side. It was in some strange language that Sora couldn't decipher.

"Hey guys. Look." Sora said. On the wings were two symbols. The left wing had a heart and the right wing had a crown emblem on it.

"A heart....and a crown?" Riku said. Kairi saw the ship was severly damaged and it's visor was cracked. The wings were also damaged.

"It looks pretty beaten up. What happened to it?" Riku asked "Is this...Is this the thing that crashed down here all those years ago?" Sora remembered that the story was something had crashed landed on Destiny Islands at least twenty years ago. But looking at the Gummi Ship, it appeared like it was here longer than that.

"Okay. This is weird. Why would this be here?" Kairi asked. Sora had no idea, wishing he could call Donald, Goofy or at least King Mickey at Disney Castle.

"We can't. With the Heartless threat calming down, the worlds aren't connected anymore." Riku said. But just then, they heard a scurrying sound coming towards them. They turned to see Shadow Heartless emerging from the bushes.

"Heartless?! When did they get here?!" Sora exclaimed. They all bunched together with the Heartless closing in.

"Guess I was a bit wrong there." Riku said. The Heartless began attacking and Sora and Riku worked to fight back. Without her Keyblade to help, Kairi had to resort to protecting herself with a strong branch. But it couldn't damage the Heartless and she would've been attacked before Sora slayed any approaching Heartless.

"Thanks Sora." Kairi said. Sora nodded as the Heartless began closing in more. Suddenly, Soldier Heartless emerged from the trees also.

"Here comes round two! Look sharp Sora!" Riku called. But just as Sora braced himself, a lightning bolt shot out and scared the Heartless. It was followed by a flying shield striking them down.

"What the? Was that...?" Sora said. Tracking the shield with his eyes, Sora saw Donald and Goofy hurrying over.

"Donald? Goofy?!" Sora exclaimed. He hurried to his friends and they met with a big group hug. Goofy's additional weight toppled them and they just laughed.

"Sora!" Donald and Goofy laughed. Riku and Kairi watched with a smile as Sora reunited with his friends.

"Guys! What are you doing here? I thought you went back to Disney Castle." Sora asked. Donald and Goofy looked at each other.

"Well, we did. But the King sent us here on a mission." Donald said.

"Huh? The King did?" Sora asked. Goofy and Donald nodded as Goofy pointed out that they were receiving a strange S.O.S. signal coming from somewhere around here and his son, Max, was sent out previously to find it. They've had little contact with Max in a while and King Mickey sent Donald and Goofy to find him.

"You have a son Goofy? What does he look like?" Kairi asked. Just as Goofy was about to say, they heard someone yelling.

"Hey. What the?" Riku said. The yell grew louder as Goofy listened carefully. He laughed.

"Whaddya know! It's Maxie! I recognize his voice anywhere!" Goofy exclaimed. Sure enough, it was Max rushing past the group. He came screeching to a stop when he saw Goofy.

"D...Dad?!" Max gasped. Goofy chuckled.

"Maxie! There ya are son! What's all the commotion about?" Goofy asked. Max stopped to catch his breath.

"Run dad! There's some crazy psycho chasing me! And he's not that far behind!" Max shouted. Suddenly, the trees behind Max began falling. And from them, they revealed the black armored knight.

"Gah! He's here!" Max shouted. Sora and Riku gasped and gripped their Keyblades. The knight looked at Sora and chuckled.

"So, here you are....Keyblader. What a fortunate turn of events for me. However, I imagined you a bit bigger." he said. Sora huffed.

"Don't be fooled pal! Now who are you?!" Sora shouted. The knight reached for his blade and drew it. With some strange magic, it glowed and grew larger in size.

"Why should I bother....when you'll be dead soon enough?" he said. He pointed his blade towards Sora and the tip nicked his nose. Kairi watched nervously as neither Sora nor the knight moved.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" the knight asked. Sora looked firmly at his face.

"What? Don't YOU wanna make the first move?" Sora asked. The knight chuckled.

"If you insist. Although, one all I need." he said. Just as he drew his blade back to strike, a giant light shot outward from the Gummi Ship. The knight gasped as the light blinded him and a sudden burst of energy thrusted outward and blew him away. Everyone watched completely shocked.

"Okay. What just happened?" Riku asked.

"It....It was like some weird force protected us." Kairi said. Suddenly, a light was glowing inside the Gummi Ship's cockpit. From an opening in the glass, a strange light orb came flying out. It stopped and the others stared at it.

"What's that? A fairy?" Donald asked. Sora looked closer and thought it was Tinkerbell. But before he could grab it, the light began taking off again.

"Hey. Where's it going?" Max asked.

"Quick! Follow it!" Riku firmly shouted "Before whoever that guy decides to come back for another try." They quickly dashed after the light, following it through the forest. It took them a bit farther in than they previously were.

"It's quick. I don't think I can keep up." Kairi said. When the light finally stopped, Sora and the others were soon staring at a large temple like structure before them. Around the entrance were rock carvings, taking the shape of old Keyblades.

"What's this thing?" Sora asked. Kairi approached the doorway and rested her hand against a pillar. It suddenly began glowing as blue trails of light started glowing on the pillars.

"Wak! What's going on?!" Donald yelled. The ground began to shake a bit. But it wasn't an earthquake. Something was opening up within the temple.

"An earthquake?" Sora asked. Riku shook his head.

"No. I think something inside there just opened up." Riku said. He turned to the others, asking if anyone felt brave. Even with Max feeling a bit wigged out from his previous encounter, they followed Sora and Riku into the temple.