Kingdom Hearts III: The Heart's Greatest Weapon

Chapter 58: Fall of the Great Fool

Back in the land of the Outsiders, Zira was giving her fellow lions a speech. She told of Kovu's betrayal and the fall of Nuka.

"Simba and those of the Pride Lands have ROBBED me of my only sons! And now.....I call out for your claws and fangs to take part in our final battle!" Zira exclaimed "Together, we will DESTROY everyone in Simba's family!" The other lions growled.

"Tonight is Simba's LAST day of king! Come! To the Pride Lands!" Zira exclaimed. All the lions roared and followed Zira and Vitani towards the main lands. Vitani looked onward, flashing her fangs.

"I can't wait. They'll PAY for what happened to Nuka!" Vitani thought. Zira looked back at her army and snickered to herself, soon growing the same face as Scar. Back in the Pride Lands, Simba and the lions of his pride had left to take on Zira alone. Sora stayed behind with Kovu and Kiara.

"Gawrsh. There's gonna be a war!" Goofy gasped.

"Surely there has to be SOMETHING we can do!" Regal groaned. Sora wished he knew what to say since he tried talking to Simba earlier but it seemed as if Simba was ignoring him.

"If we don't find a way to stop this, the Pride Lands will surely be drenched by the smell of war and blood." Zazu said. Timon and Pumbaa began worrying, fear Zira would kill Simba.

"Simba's your king. He won't go down that easily." Presea said. Kairi sighed.

"This....This is just madness. Kiara! Kovu! You two HAVE to stop this! I....I don't want to see anymore people getting killed in a furious battle." Kairi said. Sora and Riku turned to Kairi.

"Huh? Kairi? What do you mean?" Riku asked. Kairi groaned, starting to feel a headache.

"I....I don't know. That just....That just came from nowhere. Wait. What....What is this?" Kairi said. She soon was groaning, collapsing in her place. Sora hurried to her side.

"Kairi! Kairi! Can you hear me?!" Sora called. He suddenly saw Kairi's paw resting on his, wanting him to stay at her side. In her mind, Kairi was still seeing the same nightmare that she saw in Notre Dame, the giant monstrosity tearing apart the city. Many soldiers charged towards it and attacked, but with one roar, the monster was absorbing the soldiers.

"No! NO!" Young Kairi screamed. The monster glared down at Kairi.

"Kairi! Run!" a voice called. But she stood there terrified as the giant monster turned her way.

"Princess Kairi! Your MINE!" the monster roared. It suddenly leaned back and fired a black wave of darkness from his mouth at her, forcing Kairi back to reality. She screamed and clutched Sora.

"Kairi! What happened? You okay?!" Sora asked. Kairi's eyes filled with tears and she nuzzled against Sora.

"Sora....what is wrong with me? What is going on?!" she cried. Sora looked down at Kairi and wished that he knew, only nuzzling her gently as she continued to cry. Kiara looked out at the empty lands around her.

"Kovu! We have to stop our parents! My dad once told me something, something I understand now. He told me that "we are one" when I was a cub. And....I'm starting to understand what he meant." Kiara said. Sora looked on at Kiara.

"But Kiara, are you sure Simba will listen?" Donald asked. Kiara nodded.

"Simba is my father. If we can just get him and Zira to listen to reason, we might be able to stop this war before it begins." Kiara said. Kovu nodded.

"Then come. Let us hurry!" Regal shouted. As the others went on, Sora asked Kairi if she wanted to come or not. Fearing what she just saw, she asked to stay behind. Riku told Sora he would protect Kairi.

"Thanks Riku. Don't worry Kairi. I'll be back." Sora said. He hurried after his friends as they left the Pride Lands. Kovu showed them the way towards the border line between their two lands. But what they saw ahead was not a good sign. The war had already begun and Simba was in a heated fight with Zira.

"We're too late!" Donald squawked.

"No we're NOT Donald! Come on!" Sora shouted. He charged towards Simba, dashing past the other lions.

"Simba! Hey Simba!" Sora called. But Simba would not answer. Sora tried again, accidentally getting swat in the face by Simba's swinging claw. He fell to his side.

"Sora!" Donald and Goofy exclaimed. Sora got back up and tried again. But he was constantly either hit away or shoved by the other lions.

"Why....Why won't you listen to me?! Simba!" Sora called. He suddenly saw Simba's eyes and the eyes of everyone else. They were glowing pitch black. Sora looked up and saw the Emperor, in full human form. He chuckled and sneered.

"That fool Zira. She has NO idea that thanks to this war, I'm using the darkness in their hearts to make them enter an endless fight! With both Simba and Zira gone, this world will be ripe for destroying." Mateus said. Sora growled and hurried over to Simba. Knowing the problem, he tried to call out to Simba deep inside. But Simba was unable to listen and, again, knocked Sora away. But as he did, Kiara and Kovu charged out to the battlefield. With their appearances, Zira and Simba finally stopped.

"Father! Listen to me! We don't have to fight! Don't do this!" Kiara shouted. Zira glared at Kovu, snarling.

"Out of my WAY you traitor!" Zira growled. But Kovu stood his ground.

"No mother! It's time YOU listened to someone other than yourself!" Kovu shouted. Zira snarled and growled.

"Remember what you told me when I was a cub? In the Pride Lands, we are one. Just look around you. What's to say that we can't live in peace with these other lions? We're all together now. Please, open your eyes." Kiara said. But behind her, Zira snarled.

"We are ONE?! You want us to live together after what this BRUTE did to Scar?! Never! You....You'll NEVER get me to side with you! Long live Scar! Long live King Scar!" Zira roared. At that moment, the Emperor felt a mighty spike of darkness in Zira's heart and a severe drop in Simba's heart.

"This is getting interesting. Very well Zira. You want your precious Scar back?! Well, thanks to your dark energy, here he IS!" the Emperor shouted. He suddenly turned pitch black and fired down below, causing a small quake behind Zira and the other lions. When they turned around, they saw a dark brown paw walk out from the dark beam. And what followed it was the evil Scar himself.

"It....It's Scar!" Sora gasped. Simba's eyes returned to normal, free of the Emperor's control. But suddenly, a giant bubble engulfed most of the lions on the battlefield. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Regal, Presea and Simba found themselves dragged into the bubble. And before them was the Emperor, Zira and Scar. Because of the magic, Sora and friends regained their human forms.

"What....What's going on?" Presea asked. Regal groaned.

"No time to ponder. Here they come!" Regal called. Sora drew his Keyblade and faced the Emperor. He chuckled and waved his hand.

"Know thy fate Keybearer! I am Emperor Mateus! One of the Legion of Chaos members! And, as of this day, your fate is sealed! With my lions at my side, you'll be dead within the hour!" Mateus laughed. Sora huffed.

"Yeah right! Just try it!" Sora shouted. Mateus chuckled as his own armor began to change. He transformed, wearing a black and orange armor with a long purple cape. He had transformed into the Dark Emperor. Sora's team charged forth as Simba tussled with the revived Scar.

"How long I have waited Simba! Now since you sent me plummeting into the great darkness, I'll see to it that YOU are dragged there with me!" Scar shouted. Simba growled.

"Not going to happen Scar! I'll NEVER lose to you!" Simba shouted. Sora swung his blade at the Dark Emperor, striking him in the face.

"Feel true power!" the Emperor shouted. He suddenly began raining dark balls down from above. Their impact was devastating the field and sending Sora and the others flying. But suddenly, Presea caught one in her hands.

"What?!" the Emperor gasped.

"Here! Catch!" Presea called. She threw it back at him and the blast hit home, inflicting heavy damage. Regal was busy trying to fight Zira with the lioness trying to claw him.

"Zira! Listen to me! You know not of what you are doing! Stop now before I am forced to subdue you!" Regal shouted. But Zira snarled and clawed Regal's leg, tearing the leg on his pants.

"I'll never forgive Simba for killing Scar! Down with Simba! Let Scar reclaim his rightful place on the throne!" Zira shouted. But Regal suddenly struck her in the face with a swift kick.

"You're being used Zira! Accept forgiveness from Simba! I know what pain you must feel! I once killed my own love with my bear hands and she was the sister of my friend Presea! But....Presea was able to forgive me and we have become near and dear friends! You still have a chance!" Regal shouted. Zira groaned and rattled her head, but Zira lunged for Regal and knocked him down.

"Ha! You think I'm a pushover?! I don't care about Simba anymore! All I want to see is his home world destroyed!" Zira shouted. Meanwhile, Scar and Simba were in a heated fight, rolling around the ground. Simba rose up from under Scar and slapped him in the face. Goofy came at the Dark Emperor with his Tornado attack, but the Emperor's darkness forced him away.

"What is this guy?!" Sora exclaimed. Presea stopped to catch her breath.

"He's....He's a monster." Presea panted. The Emperor laughed.

"Heartless! Come forth and devour these fools!" the Emperor shouted. Extending both arms, he started to summon multiple Heartless. Sora gasped.

"Oh no." he muttered. Donald gasped.

"Look at all the Heartless!" Donald exclaimed. The Emperor laughed and sent them towards Sora in waves. Regal had just pinned Zira to the ground when he was swarmed by Heartless. Zira and Scar were suddenly gaining power as well, feeling the dark energy surrounding them.

"I can feel it! The darkness! TRUE DARKNESS!" Scar laughed. He and Zira were soon growing in size, at least double that of Simba. Sora gasped.

"Gah! We're....We're outnumbered!" Sora shouted. Back at the Pride Lands, Kairi, Riku, Timon and Pumbaa saw a giant black spike appearing where Sora was. Kairi gasped, filling her eyes with tears.

"Sora! NO!" Kairi screamed. Back on the field, Sora was soon up against the walls by the Heartless. There were too many for him to break through.

""Sora muttered, feeling himself losing energy. His friends were pinned down by the Heartless too as the Emperor neared them.

"Now! Begone! Vanish into the great darkness Keybearer!" the Emperor exclaimed. But before he could strike, a sudden black streak came through the entire field, eradicating the Heartless in a clean sweep.

"What......What the?!" the Emperor excalimed. Suddenly, he heard the sound of someone drawing a blade. He quickly turned around, but he, Scar and Zira were slained in one silent swing from behind. He yelled loudly in pain.

"Gah! Im....Impossible!" the Emperor roared. He could feel his body beginning to disintegrate around him, their bodies turning into black smoke. Sora looked through the dark smoke and saw a strange figure standing there, wearing mostly black and red, before vanishing away in a dark corridor.

"Hey you! Wait!" Sora called. But he could not get a word in as he returned to the real Pride Lands, back into his lion form. The Emperor's spell over the other lions wore off as well, snapping them back to normal. Kiara was able to help Simba realize his own words and, together, they were able to bring the Outsiders and those of Pride Rock together. They all rejoiced together at Pride Rock, gathering to see Simba, Nala, Kovu and Kiara all roaring together into the sky.

"Gawrsh. What do you think happened back there?" Goofy asked.

"Beats me." Donald said. Regal was quite puzzled, knowing he did see someone in black behind the Emperor as his own darkness caused him to cave in.

"But....who was he?" Riku asked. Sora wish he knew. At his side was Kairi, trying to comfort Sora. But deep inside, Sora felt one thing. He felt ashamed that he was staring down his own death and was too terrified to fight back. He looked down at his paw.

"I can't believe it. I froze up. There were so many Heartless. I'm glad you weren't there see me like that." Sora thought. After the celebration, Sora quietly asked Simba for his aide in fighting the Heartless.

"I'm sorry Sora. I would like to help, but, my fellow lions need me. Together, Kovu, Kiara and I plan to lead everyone into an era of peace. But, just know, I'll be at your side. After all, we are one." Simba said. Sora nodded.

"Thanks anyway Simba. Good luck with your era of peace." Sora said. He and the others then began to leave, unaware that the same man wearing black watched Sora from a nearby cliff, completely in human form. In his hand was a strange weapon, bearing a similar appearance to a Keyblade. Under his helmet, glowing yellow eyes looked down at Sora. On the way back, Sora felt his Keyblade glowing and above them, the Keyhole appeared. Sora swiftly swung his Keyblade and locked it, securing the world's safety. The stranger watched Sora seal the keyhole and vanish.

"He has come far....but how long will he last NOW?" the mystery man asked.


Sora and friends have come far on their journey, making countless friends and saving many worlds. But this is merely the beginning of a even greater struggle coming their way. Sora's adventure is not even close to over. The time has come to reconnect.....

-- END OF PART 1 : The Heart's Greatest Weapon --

The Story Continues....